Why you should stay single in March According to your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21  April 20)

You should stay in the single month of March because the stars you make exceptionally sensitive and vulnerable and you should not get into a position where you are deeply disappointed could. It is not difficult for you to stay single, because you are by nature an independent and strong personality.


Taurus ( April 21  May 20)

You should stay single in March because the experiences of past relationships are still in your bones. Your soul and your heart need a detoxification cure before you can get involved in something new.


Gemini ( May 21  June 21)

You should stay in March single because you have to first learn again, you put yourself in the first place and you no longer go into self-destructive relationships. Learn that self-love is essential to be happy and not a relationship.


Cancer ( June 22  July 22)

You should stay single in March because you should now invest more love in yourself than in someone else. In the past have you unfortunately always practiced the other way around, which should now but change.


Lion ( July 23  August 23)

You should stay in March single because you currently much with reflecting you are busy self and you want to develop. For this reason, staying alone can be an advantage for you and your life planning.


Virgo ( August 24  September 23)

You should stay single in March because you should draw your attention to other areas of life. You want closeness that is true, but not at any price anymore and certainly not if you are the only one who has to fight for it.


Libra ( September 24  October 23)

You should stay in March single because you are not 100% ‘re sure if you ‘re just interested in your heart and your investing time in a new relationship. Unlike before giving you yourself not as quickly back and go equal to it all. You have become more careful.


Scorpio ( October 24th  November 22nd)

You should stay single in March because you are going through a difficult phase of your life right now and you don’t want to make your life even more complicated with a relationship. You want to do the things that need to be done first, then maybe be ready and open to something new.


Sagittarius ( November 23  December 21)

You should be in the month of March Single remain because for you, a new relationship would only be a distraction from the things that at the moment for you much higher up on your standing priority list.


Capricorn ( December 22  January 20)

You should stay single in March because there is nobody who really excites you and brings you so far that you would be willing to change your current life so that this person has space there. There is no one in your of this “special something” has an environment that the flame of love in you kindled.


Aquarius ( January 21  February 19)

You should stay in March single because you have a lot of you have to work yourself before you you’re stuck all the energy into a new relationship. You are busy with many things at the moment and a relationship is not one of them.


Pisces ( February 20  March 20)

You should stay single in March because the experiences of your last relationship slow you down and do n’t allow you to open yourself up to someone new. You still need a certain amount of time to get involved in something new.


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