Why You Should Not Go Back To Your Ex Even Though They Beg You According To Your Sign

How many times have you told yourself? You repeat yourself over and over again that it will not change, but there is a part of you that has not yet fully said goodbye, the one that clings to the fact that that person is your refuge. The one who has to deal with the pain of no longer being by his side. And then one day you say no more, but … that message appears, that call from your ex begging for the many shared moments to return. They say getting back with your ex is like taking a bath and wearing your dirty clothes again. Yes, its absence has left you a wound, but trust, because sooner or later it will heal. Why shouldn’t you get back with your ex even if he’s begging you according to your sign?


Aries, I recommend that you hold on to your reckless part, the one that does not allow anyone to interfere with what you want. You should not go back to your ex even if he begs you, because it is the opportunity to regain the shine you had lost, your burning part. You are for the whole world to appreciate how beautiful you are. Take back your love of fun and embrace your independence, you deserve it. Don’t waste your energy on someone who no longer vibrates with you.


Taurus you are dealing with separation and it has cost you moments of defeat, tears, despair, but you are moving forward. It is not worth opening the doors of your life to someone who only alters you physically, mentally and emotionally. Focus on your stubborn part when he texts you. You know that you deserve much more, something stable, something where the commitment is more than visible. Don’t drop yourself like that or give your ex guns. 


Gemini know that you are synonymous with constant change, you fight every day with your vulnerable partWhy shouldn’t you get back with your ex even if he’s begging you according to your sign? You shouldn’t go back to your ex, Gemini, because by doing so you will remember why they broke up. It is not healthy to fall into a relationship where failure is constant, where insecurity is felt. You are not here to settle for someone like that. You are a priority, you are here to be loved with everything and your demons. Not at times, when you need it most.


Yes, saying goodbye hurts, so much that the cold runs through every corner of your skin. It hurts when sleepless nights are present. It hurts when you have to accept that it will no longer be part of your days. But you shouldn’t go back to your ex because you need to meet more people, give someone who has always been at the bottom of the canyon a chance. You are fun, loving and dedicated. You are not here to stay with crumbs, love yourself more than you love your ex.


Leo, you are the vibrant soul, the one that does not give up, the one that often feels that the heart cannot take it anymore, but still you look up. You have learned from insane loves, from those who betray, from those who do not commit. But you shouldn’t get back with your ex because you deserve so much more than falling into a vicious cycle and you know it. Not being by his side is synonymous with recovering your motivation and energy, do not let him become your shadow.


Virgo has cost you a lot of work to get out of the hole, just when you think that you are over, your ex appears and shakes your life from head to toe. Why shouldn’t you get back with your ex even if he’s begging you according to your sign? You should not go back, Virgo, because your mind is overwhelmed by so many thoughts. It is you who is tormented, who feels guilty and you come to the conclusion that you do not want to continue by his side, but you do not set limits either. Love is not easy and accepting that something did not work is breaking you but it is for the best.


Libra your noble part prevents you from removing that person from your life at any moment. However, you can’t put your emotions at risk just by feeling sorry for your ex . What your ex feels is their responsibility, it is not you who has the role of savior. There are those who would give anything to be by your side for a moment. Do not stagnate, because you are missing many opportunities for someone who only causes you tears and anguish.


Scorpio you are intelligent, you are much more than falling into a toxic relationship, in which one day they are happy and the rest of the week they live it like cats and dogs. Second chances are not for everyone and your ex has taken the measure of you, he knows that if he communicates with your emotional part, you end up giving in and that’s when he tears you apart . Don’t let him be in control of your mood, he’s just teasing you over and over again.


Sagittarius you are finally recovering the feeling of simply letting yourself go and not having to explain yourself to anyone. You are very determined when you put your mind to it, but giving your ex the power to change your life in the blink of an eye is not a good thing. It’s okay to want to do things on your own, it’s okay to give yourself space and not want to know anything . You shouldn’t get back with your ex, remember why it didn’t work out. Why keep wasting time?


I know that it is not easy to start over after having opened the doors of your entire life to a love. However, you are a determined, intelligent being and you do not need that instability in your life. Why give him the privilege of upsetting you like this? You have many other issues that you need to focus your attention on. You should not go back to your ex because it stresses you out, it has become a burden that all it does is distract you from your goals.


Aquarius you are much more than a relationship and you know it. If there is a zodiac sign that knows perfectly how to deal with and enjoy solitude, without a doubt, it is you. You should not go back to your ex because it does not benefit you at all and it only comes to cause emotional shocks from which you are not always victorious. You don’t have to be with someone who doesn’t give you the peace you need. You are a dreamer, intellectual, why continue with that person who only fragments you?


If there is something that you find it difficult to deal with, it is with failed relationships, there are times when you feel that you can’t take it anymore and it is dangerous, because you end up saying yes to everything. A part of you is not ready to let go and when your ex talks to you again, you may be tempted. You should not go back because you are just getting your inspiration back , that dreamy and tender side that keeps you at the bottom of the canyon. You are healing, you must be patient and not allow your ex to ruin the process.


Why You Should Not Go Back To Your Ex Even Though They Beg You According To Your Sign

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