Why You Should Bet In March 2020

Sometimes, you have to bet on what we feel, what we think can do us good, for the changes, for the new ways of life, for the changes, for the changes of city, country, place, place … Sometimes, you have to bet on a new life and definitively put aside what does not do us good, or simply what we know will not be, that will not materialize, neither now nor ever. Here we leave you the most important thing, why you should bet in March 2020 according to your zodiac sign. For all:


ARIES: Bet on a good Aries vacation, for a few days of mental rest, of inner peace. You have to be strong and learn to live alone. Know that the physical aspect is as important as the mental one. And anyway, you have suffered a lot of stress with so many horrible episodes that you have lived in recent times. Bet on “healing”, for feeling good about yourself, or for making the wounds really heal. Definitely disconnect from everything and everyone and just look for yourself.

TAURUS: Bet on new Taurus relationships, for the new sensations and vibes that these give you … It is true that you are already back and perhaps, you do not feel like giving more opportunities to some people but you have to let yourself be carried away by your sixth sense. And no, everyone is not the same, and everyone will not end up hurting you, ok? Say yes to new opportunities, news, and radical changes. Really, sometimes, you just need that to change the chip. Let yourself be loved a little by those who have the same views as you, by those who want the same.

GEMINI: Bet on Gemini sincerity, say what you think, what you feel, what goes through your mind. And it does not matter if they disappear from your life or stay. Do not do things for a reason other than yourself, do them FOR YOU. Sometimes, just by trying to please, you shut up a lot of the things you feel. You do not want anyone to be confused but on the other hand, you are afraid to tell everything. Bet on being yourself / or, in the end, is what anyone will find. Better sooner than later.

CANCER: Bet to pamper yourself and take care of yourself more than ever right now Crab. Seriously Cancer, you have to relax your head, focus a little more on yourself and really disconnect. Because you do not disconnect, as much as you try it, you leave your phone aside, neither social networks nor anything. Put time on everything, and Crab goals, short-term goals, something you can achieve in no time. You need to take care of yourself a little more. A little bit more. You, yourself. With no one else.

LEO: Bet on you, Leo. It’s okay to always depend on others, to always put your heart at the service of others, to do with you what they want … Seriously, Leo, you have to start making the best decisions for yourself and for yours truly. You will not have a good time if you continue to be so generous. You can continue being the way you are but be a little more selective / or Leo. Please, there needs to be priorities in your life and not always let others be your priorities.

VIRGO: Come on Virgo, you have to bet on letting yourself be carried more by the people who take care of you and give you what you are looking for. Sometimes you cling to what is not good for you because you try to change others over and over again. You are too stubborn but sometimes, being like that costs you a lot of Virgo upsets. There are people who do not change, much less when they do not want to change. Take care of those you have, take care of those who take care of you and do not spend more time on other things Virgo.

LIBRA: Bet on what drives you Libra. Seriously, put obsession aside, if something gives you too much headache, put it away ASAP. You can’t keep an eye on what doesn’t do you well just because you have faith that you can make the rest change. Bet on your sixth sense Libra, if something tells you not to do something, don’t do it Libra. Instinctively move …

SCORPIO: Bet on your dreams, your aspirations, your professional goals, your goals … and say yes to everything that comes, to all the trains that pass, to all the opportunities that life gives you. Although at times you are afraid to change if you have to. Change your life if your body asks you to. You are going to go far, very far, but you don’t have to be afraid to bet.

SAGITTARIUS: Bet on being alone Sagittarius, for tranquility, for calm, for peace of mind, for your time, for you Sagi. In March you have to take into account that perhaps you will get out of many problems that you are involved in or that you get into. And yes, you are going to “break free” somehow. Therefore, you have to be aware of taking care of yourself and not going into the same thing over and over again. If you get out of any trouble, you really come out, and forever. Don’t get into eleven-rod shirts again.

CAPRICORN: Bet on the parties, on the Capri outings, to create more memories outside those four walls that you often lock yourself in. You have to start to be a little more sociable. Although sometimes it is difficult for you to understand others and you prefer to be alone or in bad company, you have to try to give some people a vote of confidence. Don’t be so hater Capri. Please … give me a chance …

AQUARIUS: Bet on the pretty people Aquarius, trust a little more of the others. Really, not everyone wants to hurt you and not everyone will make trouble for you. Bet on the people who bet on you and get rid of those who add nothing to you. Sometimes, you have to be a little strong to say this far, to stop them, not to let them come back into your Aquarian life. But you have to do it. There are people much more dangerous than Coronavirus, and it is not a joke. And you know who they are. Bet on the good guys.

PISCES: Bet on the Little Fish adventure. It has been a long time since you embarked on anything that removes you from within. Okay, it is clear that you must relax your mind a lot, you have to make it rest and you have to really reset it. But when you have it, get excited again, be more spontaneous than ever, and give yourself one more opportunity to get what you want. And let the butterflies reach your stomach and fly … Let them be free …

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