Why You Have To Be The First Choice And Not The Second Course According To Your Sign

You are important, a unique soul, you are here to love and receive the same love, why do you keep settling for the leftovers? You have to be the first option and never the second course.  Sometimes, you stay where the messages do not respond, where they hide, where you have to make up that you are not happy. No, you deserve much more than that and these are the reasons why you should not give permission to enter your life again to someone who is not worth it. Why do you have to be the first option and not the second course according to your sign?


Where was that part of you that could handle everything? Your adventurous soul, ardent and eager to go out to break any obstacle in your life. It’s hard for you to give your heart away, don’t waste it on someone who just turns off your smile . Save all that energy for the right person, you are fighting against a huge wall, it is not there and the only person who will come out with a broken soul is you. You are love, you deserve to be loved with intensity, please do not settle for crumbs.


Taurus you are so obsessed with pleasing the other that you forgot about yourself a long time ago. Now you are like a soul lost in a corner, the one that hides the tears and pretends that everything is fine, even if it is not. Being with that person has caused your insecurities to overflow, so much so that now you think you really deserve it. You have to get out of that relationship that will not lead you to anything good. First love yourself, take back your pieces and then open the door of love.


Geminis can become so noble that you end up in the wrong arms. What happens is that you are very independent and that can be a double-edged sword, because you stay with people who have no interest whatsoever . It seems that you have to ask for affection to be given and that is not the end of a relationship . You deserve much more than something half-hearted, a love that does not understand gray, that is capable of stealing smiles and making you feel an incomparable calm, someone who is not afraid of seeing you fly, if not, what are you doing there?


One of the most romantic of the Zodiac, Cancer is the sign that has the kindest heart of all, who came to this Earth to squander protection in each of its steps. Being by his side is synonymous with home, the person who always makes you feel at peace with yourself. But do you get what you give? Keep in mind that love is not suffering, it is not sacrificing all the time. Love is a team, it is both getting up wanting to go out and enjoy the world. Is what they have that unconditional? You deserve to be paid with the same respect and kindness.


Do I read second course? No, no way, at what point did you get lost so much for this to happen? You are a sign that was born to shine, to be heard, loved, supported , stop settling for a love that only fragments your dignity and makes your self-esteem fall to the ground. You do not need someone to be with you to be, because you know how to deal with your loneliness. You have dreams, hopes, the desire to live to the fullest, why stay with someone who is not happy walking hand in hand? It is better to wait for someone who is the one to arrive.


Intelligent, beautiful, perfectionist. You are an exceptional sign, the one who has the gift of changing the life of whoever you want and for the better. Stop settling for negative crumbs, when you radiate positive energy in an incredible way. Why do you have to be the first option and not the second course according to your sign? Virgo, because you were not born to be anyone’s second choice, you don’t have to be the one who looks down , or the one who is satisfied with half kisses and few exits. You are the one who was born to be a priority, a beautiful soul, who has the strength to achieve everything you want. It is time to search within, to embrace your loneliness and get out of that relationship.


Sophisticated, fun and dedicated. Libra is the sign that has everything to be happy, it is the one who never gives up, who has an incredible resilience and gets along very well with his loneliness. If you end up in a relationship in which they have you as a second-table dish, it is because you are going through a bad time, because your dignity is on the decline, that’s when the negative parasites take the opportunity to become part of your life. The bad thing is that Libra has such empathy and a big heart, that, sometimes, they are still there out of pity. But, pity! That your life is going with someone who is not worth it.


Scorpio is a brave, mysterious, intense sign, but there comes a point where they know their weak side and lose everything. The moment they remove the mask they give the other power, especially if they are going through a vulnerable situation. That is the reason why they end up being the second option,they feel so insecure that they believe that it is better than being aloneand that is when they begin to give in, when settling for little is better. Do not stay, loneliness hurts at first, but then it shows that it was the best. You can!


You deserve to be the first choice, the person they are happy for, the person they want to be with, the person they miss. Why do you have to be the first option and not the second course according to your sign? Sagittarius, you are not there to fill other people’s voids, you do not have to repair people who are not ready to love, because they do not even love themselves. You are a lover of freedom, of your independence, of that spirit that always leads you to more, do not settle for less. Do not be afraid of true happiness, by staying living something that you already know, but that every day increases one more drop to your bitterness, is that what you want?


Capricorn is the zodiac sign that has perception in the pores, your bold and intelligent way of seeing life is unique. You are the type of love that truly gives, who honors the details, who can be completely lost for the person they love. Please stop giving so much love to someone who doesn’t deserve a second of your attention. There are bad people who come into your life disguised as loves, to show you who you should not be with and what you should not allow anyone else in your life. Do not stay, you are not happy.


The moment in which Aquarius ends up kissing the wrong lips, is when he is going through a bad moment, that is when the prey take the opportunity to steal his heart, just when he is in pieces. However, you are a very intelligent sign and you follow your intuition, deep down you know when something is not good , stop deceiving yourself, stop trying to change someone you do not want. You deserve to be the first choice, you deserve a sensitive, creative and intellectual love, please stop settling for beings that only turn off your magic.


A sweet, empathetic, dedicated, loyal sign. Any reason you should settle for a second table dish? There are none, no one deserves to be with someone who does not value it. Pisces is a soul that suffers the pain of others, it should not stay with someone who does not understand its sensitive part. Why do you have to be the first option and not the second course according to your sign? Because you deserve to be woken up wishing you the best of days, to be kissed unexpectedly, to show off in front of the crowd. Do not stay where they hide you, they humiliate you, they make you bitter. There it is not, you are the perfect person, that nobody makes you feel otherwise.


Why You Have To Be The First Choice And Not The Second Course According To Your Sign

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