Why You Hate Talking About Your Emotions According To Your Sign

It’s very easy when you see the bubble from the outside, where you know nothing about the battles of each person you meet along the way. Without a doubt, judging happens naturally, they start with criticism, and comments that no one asks of them and when you least expect them, they’ve already ripped you to shreds. That is why, as you gain experience from bad relationships, you set limits. It is not that you have become the ogre of the story, but you hate talking about your emotions because they are not anything. Each zodiac sign gets choosy in its own way and that has helped keep them safe.


The truth is that when you are pressured you are the most hateful being in this world, you don’t like to feel obligated to say anything. When you do, you act twice as reserved, because you know that those kinds of people have bad intentions. You don’t hide anything, but you prefer to protect yourself and stay away from people who only want to know your weaknesses to defeat you. Don’t even try it!


A part of you would like to shout what you feel from the rooftops, but your sensible side tells you that it is better to draw a line because you never know the intentions of the other person. You are afraid of being embarrassed because you have become an expert in having everything under control. Although you are not always so invincible, there are times when you collapse, however, you prefer to take refuge in solitude.


There is no doubt, that it is not difficult for you to connect with people, you have the ability to put yourself in another’s shoes, and your intention has never been to humiliate, on the contrary, it is your humble side that has opened doors for you along the way. However, you are not going to give power to anyone. You know that there are many things that break you, but you shut them up because you respect yourself and you will not allow them to make you feel worthless.


It even seems like a joke when someone dares to describe you as a closed person. You are so transparent that you rarely keep what you feel to yourself. However, life has shaken you with some bad experiences and you understood that wolves in sheep’s clothing abound. Therefore, you are distrustful ahead of time, if someone wants to go to your deepest fears, they will have to earn the privilege.


Perhaps it is your pride, the strength of your character or it is simply your inner voice warning you that you cannot go through life as an open book because there are many who are going to tear out your pages without giving it a second thought. What terrifies you the most is talking about your emotions and having them minimized because it is hard enough to open your heart to still deal with cruel people who want to unload their traumas on you. They are wrong!


If there is something in this life that obviously bothers you, it is to express what you feel, because your head is an unstoppable snowball, your thoughts do not stop and make you feel like the most insecure person. In addition, you tend to follow your logical part more than what your heart tells you because it is not always right and there are times when it leads you to relate to the wrong people. You prefer to be discreet to prevent.


It is twice as difficult for you as the rest, because your heart is overwhelming and changeable, it rarely listens to reasons, what it wants is to live in the moment and at the same time, it runs away because it is terrified that it will be scratched again. It goes up and down and makes you feel unsteady most of the time. Therefore, there are times when you are the most sociable and talkative being, but others when you do not want to know anything about anyone and you disappear.


If anyone on this list is proof that looks can be deceiving, it’s you. People often get the idea that you are a cruel, scheming, and rather an impetuous person. At this point, you’re too lazy to show them that it’s not true. You care a lot about the rest, you help, understand, and advise, but they don’t always appreciate it. So you better keep quiet, so that your magic is only known by a few.


The last thing you want is to make a storm in a glass of water. Of course, there are things that break you, make you laugh, cry, scream, or get angry, but in the end, you are a human being like any other. If we add to that that you have a higher degree of intensity, things get even better. It’s not that you hate talking about your emotions, but you know that there are those who don’t deserve your best version and that’s why you keep quiet.


You are a little tired of those people who jump to conclusions long before they really know you. It’s true, you like discipline, you run away from the chaos and when it comes to working on a project you take it very seriously. But, that is not at odds with your sense of humor, you are simply very selective, you decide who to get a smile from and who to have fun with until the night surprises them. It is full of surprises.


You are such an independent person, that the last thing you want is to become a burden to others, and of course, you do not do it to victimize yourself. Actually, there are times when you hate becoming the center of a conversation because they tend to give their opinion without knowing what you are going through. Therefore, you pretend that everything is fine, even if in your room you face a continuous fight with the pillow every morning.


Perhaps it is true that you are the one who puts up a barrier long before things happen. However, it is not for pleasure, it is because of the background of other links you have had. Sometimes, couples, friends, or family, are the same ones that show you that you never finish meeting people and that it is better to be very cautious. Your sensitive side is too valuable for anyone who comes to know and nothing else smiles pretty at you.


Why You Hate Talking About Your Emotions According To Your Sign

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