Each sign has a way of acting in relationships, but in the end, if things work, everyone ends up giving everything. Some almost from the minute one, others, when they begin to really trust, others do not know what it is to be hard and give nothing … Here we show you why you give everything in a relationship according to your sign.


ARIES: If you give everything in a relationship, it’s because your emotions are super intense. You can’t give something halfway, you can’t do something halfway … Your feelings are often extreme. WE EXTREME TO THE MAXIMUM. So, or you don’t want to have anything to do with someone, or you feel it’s the best thing that could have happened to you in life. Come on, if it were for you you would bet everything on a letter with that person. It is called impulsivity. The one you have for everything.

TAURUS: You are in love with love and honestly, you think it is the most beautiful thing in the world. And that’s why you love being in love with Taurus. And yes, although at first, you may seem too independent, deep down you are not, and when they give you a little confidence and you think you can trust the other person, you give EVERYTHING. With fears yes, but EVERYTHING.

GEMINI: You’re one of those who gives everything in a relationship even when you don’t want to give it Gemini, even when you say you won’t and that you’re stronger than everything. You like to be in love and if someone gives you the least treatment of affection, you fall for granted. In addition, you do not regret living things so intensely Gemini, you do not regret it because only then do you feel really alive.

CANCER: Deep down, you don’t like casual relationships. Crab, rather you are one of those who goes straight to the point. And you, if you like someone, you dream of him/her. Also, you only have eyes for those people Cancer. The others, go completely unnoticed for you. Sometimes, it seems you want casual relationships but no, those notes fill up for nothing.

LEO: You’re a super optimistic Leo person, and you also get your hopes up all the time with almost everything in life. When you meet someone special in your life you always expect the best, maybe you even think that it may be the love of your life … That’s why you give it your all, you look supernatural and as you are without fear of anything. And if others get scared, it’s not your problem.

VIRGO: It often gives the impression that you want to settle fast with the person you like. And you don’t like wasting Virgo time. Sounds a bit weird but things, as they are, for you being of flower itch, is worthless. You don’t feel at all comfortable and you know it’s not your place. In the end, it’s a passing thing. That’s why you give everything in a relationship …

LIBRA: If you give everything in a relationship, it is because you are a book romantic. Even if you hate it, even if you think sometimes it is worthless, although you would love to spend much more of everything and be harder. You are Libra, and that’s why you give yourself so much and give everything in relationships. You always expect the person you just met to be the one… You always have that faith.

SCORPIO: You like loneliness but don’t feel alone / or Scorpio. And often, even if you deny love many times, you get too much for others, and even more so if they understand you and give you that love you need so many times. Therefore, you give everything in a relationship. When you see that someone can add in your life you take any opportunity to know a little more thoroughly. And although it may cost you a little more at the beginning, you throw yourself at the end, and there is no brake …

SAGITTARIUS: If you give everything in a relationship, it’s because you’ve fallen in love little by little. Sagi, you are not one of those who will do everything right at first, not at all. It costs you and is more, you feel that if you do it, you have lost a little control of your whole life. But there is a moment when you give it your all, and that moment is when your heart starts beating much harder … And there is no going back there anymore.

CAPRICORN: You know exactly what you want Capricorn, and when you find it, I’m sorry but no, you’re not going to want to let it slip away. That is why you give everything in a Capri relationship because you will not allow for anything in the world that there is any kind of misunderstanding. You will make it very clear what you want from the moment you start to realize what that person can be …

AQUARIUS: Despite being a super independent and free person, you have a somewhat obsessive Aquarius personality. Once someone catches your attention, you don’t want to put it aside. But it is more, even if you want you can do it. And if things get complicated, you like it better and you feel more tied to that person. It is a bit contradictory and clashes with your usual way of being, the one everyone knows … But it is so.

PISCES: You give everything in your relationships because you believe in love at first sight, Little Fish. Anyway, you trust, you have that ability to give yourself to others, and even if at times you want to be a little more distrustful, you give opportunities, one, two and whatever they are if you feel it should be. You give everything because you are very affectionate and Pisces and because you don’t understand something halfway. Or all or nothing. And more, in love.


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