Why You Fall Over And Over In Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

Why You Fall Over And Over In Toxic Relationships

Sometimes this gives your heart frustrates you, it makes you wonder if it’s really worth exposing yourself emotionally over and over again. It hurts because you give the best of yourself hoping that things will work out and when you least realize it, you stumble upon the same stone. Why do you fall into toxic relationships over and over again? Each zodiac sign has certain characteristics that prevent it from saying goodbye. Deep down they know that it is not healthy to continue there, but it is very difficult for them to turn the page. Has it happened to you?  


Loving is not possessing, you have it very clear. However, many times you stay next to people who take away your freedom because they do it in such a subtle way that when you want to set limits it is impossible. The reason why you get involved with toxic couples is because of your impulsive side, you love to feel the adrenaline rush from head to toe and uncertainty accelerates your heartbeat. That prevents you from really knowing the person, you fall in love with something that only exists in your head and by allowing and allowing, they end up horribly manipulating you. 


Yes, you have a thousand flaws and you are not interested in pretending perfection before the rest. However, when you love to do it from your roots, you really hope to connect with the other person at a level capable of breaking all dreams. When you fall in love you are serious, wasting time and exposing your heart just for a while is not with you. However, the reason you end up with toxic partners is because of your stubborn side. You are too intense to let go, even when the love is over. Your pride doesn’t allow you to say goodbye easily and you hold on to make it work. You think about everything you have invested and that does not let you let go. 


Look at you Gemini, but really, when did you let the bad intentions of others tear you apart? They have been in charge of breaking you down so much on an emotional level that you no longer even remember the last time you really smiled. The reason why you fall into toxic relationships over and over again is because you have become used to superficial love, the one that does not have the courage to let its tears peep out and let the heart take control. Gemini, that’s not loving, stop settling for unhealthy relationships. You know you’re not happy, but you’re terrified that life doesn’t have something better for you. Do not hesitate, something wonderful awaits you. 


Do you know what your Cancer motto should be? Read well, stop justifying the other person’s actions. When someone begins to shake your soul, you are a lover of embellishing their qualities, you do not allow yourself to find their defects, why? What is it that scares you? You are falling into a maze with no way out and the worst thing is that you have already normalized the fact of repeating patterns. You fall over and over again because you get attached easily, you let the goodness in your heart be the one to decide and that’s when you end up feeling sorry for the other. It’s hard for you to let go, even though you know you’re not happy there. Until when Cancer? Stop now. 


It bothers me that we have already reached the level of romanticizing relationships that lead to nothing. It is not worth it that your brave attitude is the one that decides for you, when you stay in toxic relationships it is because your pride clouds your thoughts. Since you were little you grew up with the idea of ​​winning and shining, you are not the type of person who stays away from problems, on the contrary, you enjoy when you find the solution to everything. But, Leo, loving isn’t like that, it’s not about competing, you don’t have to show anyone that you’re happy. Don’t stay next to someone who doesn’t fulfill you just by meeting the needs of others. It’s not fair. 


The problem with you is that you got used to being treated coldly. Your rational side tells you that it’s okay, that it’s not always necessary to involve feelings all the time and that’s when the relationship starts to fade, but you don’t dare say anything. And it is that you have a very understanding side, you are capable of forgiving several times if their arguments make sense. Virgo, love is not blind, you don’t have to keep quiet if you don’t like something about your partner. The couple is to feel heard, loved, and valued. Please don’t let them minimize you like that. 


Have you heard that if love squeezes it is not your size? Yes, I understand you, you don’t get up and decide who to fall in love with. The attraction does not warn and when they touch your emotional side you do nothing but let yourself go. Libra, it’s time for you to start opening your eyes a little more. It is not worth it that you are the one who gives a personality to your loves because you do not have the courage to see their true colors. Although it hurts you to accept it, not all people have good intentions and if you continue to focus only on the good in the other, you will end up justifying all the damage they do to you. 


They say that hating is for the lazy, that people who truly love do it without measure, but perhaps you have taken it very lightly, Scorpio. There are times when your intensity and that deep way of connecting with the other put you between a rock and a hard place. Because you don’t know how to control your emotions and you get carried away by someone who pretends to even the way they love you. You have a very hard time accepting that the person who claims to love you is really just hanging out. Also, your ego gets angry, it can’t deal with the idea that he was wrong and makes you believe that staying by his side is love. 


Definitely letting go of people who break you is one of the greatest acts of self-love. The bad thing about you, Sagittarius, is that you are not one of those who clings to anything and that is when you can fall into vicious circles because you get used to the bad attitudes of your partner. That’s not love, but that idea that everything flows as you think it is. It is not healthy for heated arguments to become part of every day. Nor that your partner celebrates you or is calling you 24 hours a day. When possession is normalized, passion is lost and little by little you feel more and more suffocated. 


Trust Capricorn, because being able to say goodbye is synonymous with growing up. I know it’s hard for you to open up to a relationship and when you do, you want something lasting. However, your determination is not always the same as the others. The attraction may be there and you have many things in common, but that does not mean that he also wants to spend a lot of time with you. The reason why you fall into toxic relationships over and over again is because you challenge yourself to change your partner. You propose that both of you are going to end up wanting the same thing and that’s when you face constant emotional exhaustion. 


I once read that toxic relationships are like good pasta that has been overcooked. When you are immersed in something like this, you hardly realize that it is not healthy and that it is not worth a couple of smiles for days of suffering. The problem is that when you fall in love your logical part falls apart and all you want is for your heart to feel satisfied. It is your emotions that make you lose common sense and you live it justifying the cruel way in which your partner treats you. It even happens to you with friends and family. Enough already Aquarius, you are not anyone’s trash can, as long as you don’t love yourself the rest will not. 


If you walk away from a toxic love, friendship, or family member, what I can tell you is that you are the one who wins. It is time for you to give yourself the place you deserve Pisces, the fact that you are a good person does not mean that you have to allow yourself to be treated with the tip of your foot. I know you wish people would understand what it’s like to be reciprocated, but unfortunately you can’t always. Red flags are so obvious, stop looking away to ignore them. If you stay, it may be too late, go first, because your dignity and self-esteem are at stake. 

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