Why You Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales Anymore

Why You Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales Anymore


You were the one who gave it your all, Aries, the one who didn’t worry about a sad ending, because for you the thought of ending didn’t even cross your mind. Your heart was so risky that it went wild without fear of the consequences and that’s when they took advantage of your kindness. You are a very strong sign, no one knows what you have been through, because you hate being looked at with sadness, so you shut up. You are no longer old enough to believe in fairy tales, you want true love. One of those who accept bad streaks and don’t go away. You’re the kind of couple that fights unreachable because you’re betting on all or nothing. However, you are no longer ready to put your dignity on the line. If someone does not respect you, let them go,


It even seems unbelievable that people judge you without knowing a bit about your history. You are called exaggerated, the one who constantly demands, the one who is not satisfied with anything. What they don’t know is that you too fell in love like crazy, you thought that this person would accompany you until the day when they were telling stories to their grandchildren. They don’t know but assume you’re bitter by decision when you’re not bad to love. However, a bad experience has taught you that it is not good to open your heart just because. Now whoever wants to know your best version has to work really hard to earn it. Definitely, you don’t believe in fairy tales anymore, because you don’t want someone who is only appearance, who looks good in photos, but between four walls an immense silence separates them. You don’t want that anymore.


No need to think too much about it, your vulnerable side has become something extremely sacred and you are no longer going to allow anyone to step on it whenever they feel like it. For a long time, you thought giving in was a way to love, but you’ve discovered that doing something you don’t want is the biggest sign of heartbreak. Your commitment is now with yourself, feeling valued and supported. A partner who promises you the sky and the stars is of no use to you, if in the moments when you need them most he leaves. The day you believed in fairy tales, they showed you the cruelest side of human beings and you don’t think you’ll live anything like it anymore. People are good at lying to get what they want, and often they’re just looking for fun. This is precisely what you are running away from, if this person is going to take more from you than he is going to give you, let him go, you don’t want him.


Your intuition is so precise that it is frightening, Cancer, the unfortunate thing is that when someone takes hold of your heart, you don’t always listen to them or maybe you don’t want to listen to them. You are not stupid, deep down you know when something is wrong, but you insist that the other change and that is where you inevitably end up with a very broken soul. When you feel butterflies in your belly, you don’t scare them, you caress them and take care of them so that many more will come. I wish everyone thought like you, that they didn’t call you crazy just for your feelings. It hurt you, the way they minimize your emotions is something that hurts you and often you don’t even say it. That’s why you stopped believing in fairy tales,


Just because you’re not looking for the person doesn’t mean you don’t miss them. It’s just that you had to look in the mirror and teach yourself the lesson of your life because you didn’t want to keep looking sad and haggard. Back then you got carried away and relied on what people were saying, you just ignored the red flags. Now you know love exists, but it’s not your responsibility to fix empty hearts. Standing next to someone who doesn’t know what they want or who is always trying to hurt the other person is the worst thing you can do. You don’t hold a grudge anymore, the past has stayed there, but now you’re not going to easily get wrapped up in a fairy tale, that the Lion no longer exists. If they want to love you


You are not the type to run away from love, but you are doubled in skepticism because you have dealt with very false hearts. Virgo, naivety is not something that sets you apart, on the contrary, it is your analytical part and also your intuition that keeps you away from negative energies. At the time you let things slide and honestly the result was not pleasant at all, you ended up with one more scar and now you doubt everything. You don’t believe in fairy tales anymore because you’ve seen how someone can lie to you by looking you in the eye while telling you they love you. They suddenly turned off your light and that forces you to go through life on the defensive, that’s how you gained respect and you don’t plan to change.


Wow, you’ve had your ups and downs when it comes to love. There are people on your list that you don’t even mention because it makes you sad to remember how you put yourself at their feet and they treated you with such indifference it hurts in memory. Honestly, you are not someone who is afraid of the consequences of your actions, you don’t like to play the role of victim and you prefer to let go of everything that does not serve you. If you’re sure of something, you’re not going to be resentful of someone who isn’t worth it. Your soul is pure, even after having lived through so many betrayals. Thanks to them, you learned not to give up on the first try, because love is not without it, even less live in fear that your partner will end up in other arms at any moment. That’s the reason you don’t believe in fairy tales, you want facts.


There came a time in your life when you had to give your pride a vacation and maintain your self-esteem, it was the only way to get back on your feet after a traumatic breakup. They say now you don’t believe in love anymore, that they taught you to hurt and you run away from commitment, that’s not true. It’s just that you don’t present yourself as the all-out Scorpio anymore, you don’t intend to put yourself out as the rug the world uses to wipe their feet. There are people who may have good intentions, but you won’t trust them the first time, even if they beg you. You don’t want to hear nice words or someone who promises to fill your day with surprises, you want their actions to speak for themselves. You are always the bold Scorpio,


If before it was very difficult for you to believe in love forever, over time your fear only increased. It’s not that you’re a superficial sign, or that you run away from happy endings, deep down you hope they still exist. However, you are no longer going to get carried away just because someone compliments you or gives you details. Unfortunately, in the past, they treated you like a trophy and at the slightest opportunity left you in a corner. You have already realized that people to satisfy their ego are capable of becoming the sweetest person in the world. You don’t want to share your time and energy with someone that fake. Your heart has suffered enough already, you’re not going to allow them to keep filling it with cracks like it’s normal. If that doesn’t give you confidence, you leave, period.


People see the dry Capricorn, the one who has become hard and the one who has to put up a thousand obstacles before letting someone into his heart. Undoubtedly, it’s a cover that has worked wonders for you and that you don’t intend to change to please anyone. You don’t care if they call you intense, you prefer to put your cards on the table from the first meetings because you are no longer there to jeopardize your emotional stability. What you hate the most is being put on their waiting list. What if at that moment you fell in love and the other person at the end says no. If someone is emotionally unavailable, they have no place in your life. It is impossible for you to continue to believe in fairy tales because you have experienced the most beautiful and terrifying episodes with the same person. So you can’t trust it.


Sure, you have the courage to acknowledge that life can’t be perfect, but neither are you going to stand next to someone who makes you bitter all the time. You used to think that if you opened your heart a little more things would be more beautiful, but no, it wasn’t. Just when you exposed your best version and were there for that person when they needed you most, that’s when they broke you. She felt sure of your love and did not hesitate to upset your feelings in order to be victorious. It made you analyze that even if someone tells you they love you, they might tear you apart. Fortunately, you are a strong sign, you do not allow yourself to be defeated easily and although the tears pursue you for a while, you end up getting up. It hurts, but you leave fairy tales to remember your childhood and nothing else.


Although the world thinks you are the first to dive into love, the truth is that you prefer to take it as slow as possible. Maybe that person takes over your thoughts and you get nervous when they’re around you, but you’re not going to fuss anymore until you get to know them thoroughly because everything is more beautiful in your mind. When you face reality and see its flaws in detail, you realize that you can end up living a nightmare in the wrong hands. It’s not so easy to trust, appearance can tell you that everything is fine, but sooner or later their wounds will be present. You know that how much or how little a person has suffered is no reason to be cruel to their partner and you are no longer there to take on the role of savior. If they want to be by your side, they have to work on themselves first. With you, fairy tales no longer work


Why You Don't Believe In Fairy Tales Anymore

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