Why You Can Be A Danger When You’re In Love

You Can Be A Danger

Why You Can Be A Danger When You’re In Love

Loving and falling in love, there is a very long line between both terms. Falling in love invites you to get the best out of yourself, you strive for the other person to see all your virtues. So why can you be a danger when you’re in love? I will tell you next. The good news is that once that desperate desire is gone, the real side of the coin comes along. Facing the essence of the other, without decorations and with the courage to decide to be by his side. That is only for a few.


It even seems that you hide another face inside yourself, the one that dominates you during falling in love. You are capable of doing the craziest things, you reorganize your whole life in order to give space to that special person. You might be a little scared of the idea of ​​commitment at first, but once you trust you want it all or nothing.


Honestly, the changes do not do you much good, for you they are synonymous that you are not controlling your life and that bothers you. Although it seems that you are in your world and that you do not get hooked much, the reality is that when you fall in love, your inveterate romantic version is present. However, you do not take anything to match, a stable relationship is your goal.


Flirtatiousness is something that flows in your personality, you don’t sit idly by, if you like someone you go all the way. You are changeable because you get bored easily, but that has nothing to do with your loyalty, you don’t like to play with anyone’s emotions. If you find synchronization and love in one person, you will do everything to make it work.


Your heart is your guide, that’s why there are times when your fickle side speaks for you, but the bad times don’t last long. Above all, when you fall in love, you take it very seriously and want to build something deep, and sentimental, where intuition is not judged and you feel comfortable with everything that comes out of your mouth. You don’t care if they call you intense.


There is nothing to hide, you are capable of breaking your body and soul as long as things go well for you at home and in your personal life. Therefore, you do not settle for less in matters of love. You are truly romantic and just want to show your brightest side. It is worth trying to conquer and want your partner to admire you, keeping the flame is not easy.


The fact that falling in love shakes your emotions does not mean that your standards have to lower, on the contrary, you are more alert than ever because you know that in the name of love you are capable of doing many crazy things. You think too much, but you end up accepting imperfections that are not always healthy and that’s when it can become dangerous.


It may seem that you get into a lot of entanglements in matters of love, but the reality is that you tend to be very practical, especially at the beginning. You do not like to believe at first, it does not matter if they call you indecisive, you need to be sure that you are not idealizing. For this reason, you are so thorough, you fall in love and a lot, but once they make you feel cared for and safe, there is no more.


Sometimes cold and other times burning to the level of the fire. That is you, a lover who is used to constant changes, but in the midst of all the chaos, you have the determination to commit. You don’t like to feel vulnerable and you have a hard time trusting people. For them to know the pages of your book they have to earn it and it will not be overnight.


Perhaps it is easier for you than the rest to have open relationships, because you like to live in the moment, but that does not mean that you play with anyone’s heart. You are excited about the unknown and playing the hunter, however, when you fall in love, the fear of chains is forgotten. You are expressive, loving, tender, and very loyal. You give up many things, but not your authenticity.


You don’t care if they call you ridiculous just for being deeply rooted in your personality. You prefer a thousand times to be judged exaggerated than to let yourself go with any heart. You are very cautious, you need to be sure that it is a suitable love. Falling in love can shake you up for a while, but your decisions are serene and if something harms you, you leave.


Being with someone is not an idea that goes through your head all the time and not because you are indifferent, it is just that each experience has made you very selective. Also, you love your independence and you are not going to risk your stability for a causal connection. You need something more than living in love. If you are with someone it is because you have already decided to love.


They say that you are the lover in love with love. It’s true, you love to feel all that adrenaline running through every corner of your body. Perhaps it is your fanciful and dreamy side that allows you to visualize a happy ending. However, that can be very dangerous, because you tend to be too trusting, you give from the depths of your soul and that’s when feelings can crush you.

Why You Can Be A Danger When You're In Love

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