Why You Are So Scared Of Saying Yes In A Relationship

At first glance it seems like the perfect relationship, you get along with the person, you like him, you enjoy when you tell him something, but… commitment terrifies you. You do not want your independence to be forgotten in a moment of passion and love. You feel in love, but you don’t dare, why are you so scared to say yes in a relationship? Each zodiac sign faces it from its own insecurities and it is time to let them go. There is nothing to fear, on the other side maybe your happiness.


Definitely, what terrifies you the most is the idea of ​​saying goodbye to your freedom. For you, the fact of having a partner implies giving up many things, you do not want to fall into those relationships in which you cannot do anything on your own. You are not one of those who are used to letting people know where and with whom you are. The moment you feel controlled, the flame of love will go out. You feel frustrated, because a part of you doesn’t know how to say no, but at the same time you want to run away. The truth, Aries, is that your bad face speaks for you, you can see the annoyance in every pore and you end up being cruel to a person who only wants to be well with you. It is important that you lower your intensity two little lines because you are closing yourself off from Aries love.


It is very clear, with the passing of the years and the damage, life has taught you that there are loves that the only thing they do is break your heart. It terrifies you to know that you are going to put your emotions in hands that can shake you when you least expect it. There is a lot of fear inside you, you don’t want to say yes, because the idea of ​​failure makes you believe that it’s not worth trying. For you, relationships are not a game, if you are with someone it is because you really trust that person’s loyalty. You are not one of those who let their ears be sweetened by a couple of pretty words. Sometimes, it is better to stay with your loneliness than to have something with a person who does not know how to take root. Let Taurus surprise you because that way you won’t know if he thinks the same as you.


What you hate most is sharing your very personal things with a love that you don’t know if it is being completely sincere. You are very changeable and the fact that you want to move from one place to another, can make you look like an unstable person who does not know how to deal with commitment, but it is not like that. The only thing you want is that they respect you, that they do not seek to change your personality or want to keep you in a golden cage. When you feel that you are being suffocated, you put a stop to everything and prefer to run away. Saying yes in a relationship, for you, is to be very sure of the love that the other person feels. You want me to show you that you will be in the good times and the bad. You don’t think to give all your time to someone who wants you to commit when he or she won’t. That’s not how things work with you.


Saying yes, for you, is taking the bull by the horns and not running for anything. If you are going to be with someone, it is to build something for the future, not to say goodbye every time you feel uncomfortable with something. You are one of the most dedicated signs of the zodiac, you do not want to end up in a toxic relationship that makes you feel little all the time. You want something healthy, Cancer, a partner who respects you and returns the same amount of love and attention you give. You have a hard time trusting because you’ve done it so many times and you’ve been disappointed that now you don’t know how to set limits and you end up running away. It is not that you are not going to give yourself the opportunity to love again, but this time you will do it in a slower way. Time will allow you to realize the true intentions of the other. Your feelings are real and you have to protect them, there is no more.


You are a person who always has a lot of things on your mind, you are not to lose yourself for a love. When you like someone, you expect them to reciprocate in the same way, but you are not going to demand attention when they don’t give it to you from the beginning. Before being a couple, you are an individual being with great goals and you do not want anything to distract you from what you are achieving. Sometimes, you prefer to invest your time in your future and not all people are prepared to deal with such a determined being. You are going to say yes when they accept that the couple is part of the priorities, but it is not the most important thing. It bothers you when someone who is manipulative knocks on your door and wants you to believe that working on your dreams is unhealthy and proof that you are not ready for love. If that is what you think, it is better that you continue on your way, because you know that it is not there.


With caution and a little fear, the truth is that you do not like to let things flow because when you have done it the results have not been the best in the world. You are a distrustful being by nature, you have to analyze every detail to be sure of taking a step in a relationship. It slows you down that they don’t give in the first time, if the other feels insecure you will be twice as much. You want your special person, but to be genuine and it is very hard to realize that you build something based on information that only exists in your head. Your feelings are real, but you are not one to show love every five seconds. That person who falls in love with you is going to have to be patient because otherwise, the only thing she is going to receive is a refusal. If they respect you they will meet the most faithful person in their life.


You are the person who wants more than just a bunch of pretty words. You do not want to settle for a love that remains in the wind. Those couples who appear to have everything perfect on social networks, the only thing they give you is laziness and you do not plan to become one of them. Commitment doesn’t scare you, but it does open the doors to unhealthy love. Libra, you are a very honest being, you like to share your secrets, dreams, fears because you also want the other person to trust you. However, you are not willing to let your tender side be manipulated by someone who only wants you to solve his life at every step. It’s okay to let things flow, but don’t overdo it, you want a balance, and putting everything on the scale has helped you stay away from the wrong people.


Never get carried away by what you see on the outside of a Scorpio because in reality there are few who get to know their heart. It is a sign that adores its essence and respects its emotions so much that it decides to put up a thousand barriers so that not everyone finds its vulnerable side. Scorpio is committed, he is not afraid to say yes, but he needs to feel very safe because otherwise, he will show you his cold side. It is a sensual and charming sign, but that does not mean that it will fall at your feet just because you wink at it. Scorpio, when you fall in love you don’t beat around the bush, you want something exclusive, sharing love is not your thing, much less having a relationship in which you doubt everything the other does. You want trust, love, and passion, if there is not everything, you better stay alone.


You are very unpredictable when it comes to love, when they give themselves they make you feel safe, but that does not mean that you are going to open your heart completely. People often get confused because you are very funny and you do not want to miss a single moment next to the people you value, but that does not mean that you are going to commit overnight. You are a being who loves freedom and who focuses on doing everything that increases the adrenaline in your body. However, you hate feeling tied down, when someone starts wanting to tell you to change you know it’s a huge red flag and you have nothing to do with that person. You are not afraid to let go of a relationship, even if you have been dating for a long time. The last thing you want is to normalize attitudes that can be unhealthy.


It is clear that sentimental topics make you feel somewhat insecure because you are not one of those who show what you feel, you like to be very reserved because you do not want to feel that they have you in the palm of their hand. You are a sign that always has a head full of new projects and you are not going to let someone’s company cloud your dreams. If someone doesn’t respect how hard you work, they definitely don’t stand a chance by your side. You like stable relationships, where you don’t have to worry about your partner’s loyalty. It’s been a long time since you let go of those bonds in which they are only passing by, you don’t plan to share your deepest things with someone who doesn’t even know how to love himself. Sometimes it is better to stay alone to analyze what you really expect. You will not lower your expectations for anyone.


The main reason you don’t commit to a relationship is that you don’t want to feel like someone is stealing your essence. You are very meticulous with your friends, family, and partner. If someone complicates your existence, they do not deserve a place in your life and you have no problem saying so because self-control is something that defines you. Perhaps for some, your honesty is too cruel, but you are used to being with someone to build something in the long term. You don’t like ‘for while, if you’re with someone it’s because you’re really in love. You are not the type of person who stays there to not be alone. You commit when you find someone who doesn’t judge you. You are not afraid of formality, but you are afraid of relating to someone who does not accept you completely.


Sometimes, you get lost in the ideals of your mind, you have a hard time saying yes in a relationship because you forget reality and believe that the fairy tale is possible. It is good that you trust in love, but it is important that you look at your partner in a more mature way, because no matter how much you want it, it is not perfect. When you hear the word commitment, your world turns upside down, you feel insecure because it is practically impossible for someone to meet your crazy expectations. You like to focus on a bond for life, but the other is not always prepared for the same and that makes you want to throw in the towel. Not all the time is the person who does something wrong. It’s just that you imagine a castle that is easy to collapse because the other has no idea what you want. The best thing is that you are honest before you end up hurting someone who does love you, but not as you expect.


Why You Are So Scared Of Saying Yes In A Relationship

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