Why You Always Make The Same Mistake According To Your Sign

Again. The same thing has already happened to you. You swore you would never make the same mistake again, and here you are. It’s not that you don’t learn, what happens is that there are always weak points and this is being human. However, perhaps the time has come for you to realize something… Why do you always make the same mistake?


You do not listen! To nobody! It’s okay to go your own way a little, or a lot. But, the truth is, you have super good friends who know you like the back of their hand. And you, there, without paying attention to them. They warn you and they warn you. And you, to yours. Perhaps the time has come to pay more attention to the advice of others, don’t you think? Other points of view can help you not always fall into the same. But you have to be predisposed to listen, to understand.


Oh, that stubbornness! You know that as a general rule you have clear ideas and it’s great. But maybe you should stop and think a little more often. It is true that you give things a lot of thought, but perhaps you do not focus on what really matters. Analyze all situations! You are intuitive and realistic at the same time. Listen to yourself more, listen to reason and logic but also to your heart. Not everything is black or white.


You are a special Gemini person. You love talking to people and always giving your best. But why not have talks with yourself more often? If you don’t listen to yourself, you will always keep falling into the same mistakes. You will only learn when you are true to yourself.


You are thoughtful and intuitive, but… You lose sight of the world when the rules of the game are altered! And there are those who know how to do it very well. Use your intelligence to see when others are just teasing you. They will go their own way once they have gotten what they wanted from you… Don’t be so nice and take care of your needs a little more!


It is clear that you are a sign with a lot of light, and you need to attract attention. And it is that you shine even without wanting it. But sometimes you go too far. And this is your big mistake. You’re always going to stumble over the same thing until you realize you don’t know everything. Listen a little to those who are close to you! Learn from everyone who appears in your life! They are there for something. Life always puts them in front of you for some reason.


Give and give and give and give! You never know when to stop and this is your biggest flaw. You always fall into the same mistake, because you don’t stop to think that not everyone is worthy of your efforts. Mark some clear lines: you are going to give up to a certain point; if they want more, let them earn it. Stop demonstrating and wait for them to demonstrate!


You make bad decisions because they are not yours. It’s that simple in your case. You look around a lot, you don’t want to harm anyone and when you make the decision you almost feel pushed by the pressure. It is very difficult for you to decide for yourself and you already know that it is because you give a lot of importance to things. How many times have you done something because “someone” thought it was the best? Well, here, you have your big problem. Trust yourself more, live more and think a little less!


Although it may not seem like it, you care what others think of you. And, when they are special people, even more so. However, sometimes you are wrong and very wrong. Don’t do anything to please anyone. You usually think this way, but sometimes, you get sidetracked. Never, Scorpio never stops being yourself. You make bad decisions by trying to prove something that is not necessary. If they challenge you to demonstrate, they are not the right people. Don’t fall into this mistake again! Also, you have an incredible instinct, you know where you have to go without the need for anyone to tell you anything.


You are confident. And this is your problem very often. In addition, you are also noble and do not usually think poorly of others. You open the doors of your heart to anyone and this is what cannot be. In addition, you are very upset by what others may think of you. Deep down, you know! And this leads you to do things for which you have no need. Don’t do anything for the rest, especially when you know that it goes against your Sagi principles.


It is very clear that a sign like you loves to be busy and that in your life there is no room for “doing nothing”. But, Capri, this is what leads you to make the same mistakes over and over again… When something goes wrong, move on to something else, ok, but… also think about why it went wrong, but don’t stay there nailed please Life goes on and you have to try to turn the page as it is.


You care a lot what your people think but damn what the rest think. And yes, a way in which you live happily, of course. And it is admirable, by the way. However, there are those who know you very very well too and do not fit into that inner circle of 3 people. Have you thought about listening to what they say? We know that you have certain limits in relationships with others and that you do not like pressure. But you can listen, analyze and decide, right? Those who love you won’t hurt you… Don’t make the same mistakes, express yourself and then listen a little when you have problems, even if you end up doing what you want.


No doubt. Yours is a box. You fall into the same mistakes because you have a noble heart. You go out of your way for any reason and others take advantage of you. But hey, you already know this, right? Before offering everything, offering everything you are and what you have, think carefully if this cause or person is worthy of it. Would I do the same for you? Experience will help you a lot.


Why You Always Make The Same Mistake According To Your Sign


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