You don’t even realize how much eye candy you steal from your Aries gait. You are someone who, even if he tries, does not forget, even if things have ended badly. You have a knack for reaching places no one else has reached. Your stubborn side is very tempting, you like to learn from everything and that’s why you never stop. You like to be a thinker, restless and courageous. It definitely makes people obsess over you, you’re the perfect mix of aloof and loving. They miss you when they want to do something out of the ordinary and there’s no one else to support them.


How beautiful the madness with which you do everything Taurus. You don’t like to settle, much less look down just because someone isn’t happy with your actions. These kinds of comments do not break you and it is very gratifying to see you in action when it comes to defending an issue that interests you. You like the company of people, work for your dreams while maintaining a well-defined line. You are a contradiction, between letting go and setting limits. It definitely makes you adorable and makes people desperate to listen to your advice and want to get back together with you.


Your personality is magnetic, you have the gift of loving and nurturing. You like to leave beautiful traces, those that cannot be bought with anything. However, the reason they become obsessed with you is that you are someone who brings enthusiasm to everything they do. When you’re in a relationship, you like to see the one holding your hand shine and you do whatever it takes to inspire them to be better and fight for what they want. Your support is very sincere and doesn’t ask for anything in return, you give it because it was truly born from you. You are always looking for a way to break with conventions. You assume you like going against the grain and that’s an obsessive magnet for many.


The sweet lover of the zodiac, the one who listens to you, understands you, values ​​you. His love warms you in the middle of a winter night. It’s Cancer, the sign that is capable of anything to help the person in your life. However, with the same intensity that he adores you, he is able to let go, do not put his resilient side to the test, because you will even think that he never loved you. The reason you can become obsessed with a Cancer is that they are very unpredictable, their emotions are unpredictable, and it becomes intriguing to everyone. It is the lover or the friend who will defend you and protect you from anyone. But don’t expect him to keep doing it after saying goodbye.


When you get into the love business, there’s no stopping you. The more adrenaline for you the better, you’re not afraid to put your soul into someone who gets your heart pumping. You have an uncontrolled thirst at the moment and you often find a way to infect your partner. It’s so much easier to savor the world with the right person. This is what becomes obsessive for the other, because you are passionate about not letting the small details slip away and working hard to climb to the top. It’s clear that you refuse to give up, you like the insatiable and when you end a relationship, they look for you again, because it is very difficult for them to find so much energy in someone else.


Virgos are usually singled out in the worst possible way, it’s much easier to say coldness is the one in their hearts, than to try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment. They care about who they are and who they relate to, which is why they cannot take friendship or love lightly. However, only those who get to know a Virgo know that sensitivity reigns in them. His displays of affection are so genuine that you don’t mind if they’re infrequent, because that’s not a sign that he’s on top of you all the time. He is ungovernable, he loves his independence and by not having him in your life you can fall into a terrible obsession.


It’s you who shines, you don’t need to do much to gain people’s trust. Your cheerful, charming and at the same time calm side becomes the best refuge for the people who love you. However, you have secrets that fall in love twice as much. For example, the rudeness and gentleness with which you defend everything you believe in. Inside you there is an insatiable fire, you have so much to do, many dreams that continue to accompany you, and even if there are times when you want to throw in the towel, in the end, you get up. This is what becomes a temptation for the obsessed. They get so used to your light that they don’t want to be without it.


The fierce, the interesting, the mysterious is the Scorpio you can’t help but fall in love with. He has such a subtle way of entering deep into your heart, that once he does, you have to get used to living without him, because you will hardly erase his memories in case the relationship would not work. In his soul there is magic and it cannot be discussed, we want to wrap ourselves in each of his words and hugs. Scorpio understands you so much that when he’s no longer a part of your life, all you want to do is run and tell him everything. Scorpio, it is very difficult for someone to replace you in this sense, so they have no choice but to become obsessed with the idea of ​​you coming back into their life, even if it is only possible in her dreams.


It’s very clear that your character isn’t one of the cloying ones, you like to feel like you’re a free sign in every way and the first moment they show ties you know that’s a red flag. Fortunately, you have learned to say goodbye in time to loves, friends and family who only want to see you in the cage. However, not everyone is ready for your goodbye. In fact, it’s very common that you have to stay. Your aloof humor and those wings thus torn off become the greatest attraction and even obsessive. People miss your way of saying things, your openness and that need to let go when you’re not happy is admirable. Don’t be surprised if they try to come back again and again.


From the first exchange of words, your firm and unloving personality is very present. You are not someone who is content with pretty stories, you want realities, live in the present moment and don’t get caught up in ideas that only exist in your head. It makes the other person more secure, they trust giving you their heart because your seriousness shows them that you are someone different. However, when you say goodbye, you don’t become complicated, no matter if emotions are involved. You are not one of those who get used to living with stress and confusion, you already live this with your daily plans so that your partner becomes another stone in your shoe. So much determination becomes haunting for those you leave behind.


Good and bad, it’s obvious that you’ve defined both sides of the coin well and you’re not comfortable where your smile fades. Usually, you’re not the type of sign that lets itself be won over by lies, you want more than appearances, you practically need to immerse yourself in the essentials. Perhaps your stubborn side when it comes to pursuing your passions is the most attractive thing about you. And it is that you do not allow yourself to be manipulated by anyone, you like when you are in control and if it is possible for you to help the other, do not hesitate to do so. That’s why they come back to you, because they don’t find all that rush of desire in other people.


You like sensitivity, distance, creativity. You are a bit of a picky eater at first because even though romance runs through your veins, you go about it with caution. Plus, you have this slightly dramatic touch that adds tension to the situation. People often get lost in your intensity, but they’re not always able to handle that much love. When they leave, they think they won’t come back for you, because they don’t know they won’t find everything you gave them in other arms. However, it takes them a while to come back with regret and that’s where you don’t let them in. No matter how devastated you feel, you’re not going to let your so-called soulmate shake you down every time she feels.


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