Why They Repent To Leaves You According To Your Sign

Letting go is easy to write, but requires closing one window to open another. It is confronting yourself with your pain, which, at times, shakes you to the core. However, everything gets worse when they leave you. That’s when your world falls apart, when your self-esteem is fragmented and you feel like you’re not enough. The worst thing is that there are those who have the courage to return as if nothing had happened, why do they regret leaving you according to your sign? 


Aries is the one who is always thirsty for clean air, when it comes to spicing up the relationship, no one beats him. That is the reason why when they leave you they regret it, it only takes a few days for them to miss you. Adventures and new experiences no longer exist in your life. Now who are you going to break the rules with? They feel that something is missing, the absence of spontaneity makes them think of you, their life is filled with boredom and that is when they want to return. The bad news is that you rarely give second chances.


Taurus is very careful when he gives his heart, but once he makes up his mind, he is very determined. It is the sign that follows logic, that he wants a healthy and stable relationship, so he is not afraid of formality and commitment. Although some do. Taurus stands out from the crowd, does not go around wasting time, and hates mixed signals. The reason they end up missing you is because they realize thatit is not easy to find someone who is willing to get involved in such a deep way. There they realize what they lost.


Gemini is the person who comes into the life of a love to open up the panorama in every way, he is the one who always wants more, who is not overwhelmed by new people, new places. Geminis always take every opportunity, they are the one who enjoys learning and melts away for all things intellectual. Those who have been with Geminis know that they always teach you in all aspects. That is the reason why they are overwhelmed when they feel their absence, it is very difficult for someone to fill that void, what a pity not?


Unconditional love, without fears, with the soul to heaven and the sensitivity in each pore, this is how Cancer loves , it does it much more than anyone. In the moment you can feel safe, but when you leave it you will realize the mistake you made. Cancer is the one who cares, who is always there to give you a hand, to make you feel better, to heal. That’s when they discover that you loved like no other being on this planet, that you were the refuge that filled him with life, that’s when they miss being by your side, but it’s too late.


Leo has no time for filters, he goes through life showing his essence without fear of criticism. He is proud and enjoys the attention, the demanding sign that makes your mind and your heart tremble. He is the one who teaches you what is honesty in your partner, abundance and trust each other. After they leave you they regret it because they realize that you were a wonderful soul, the perfect person, who filled their days with love. They find that life without you becomes monotonous, distressing, and unclear. However, you don’t have time for anyone who doesn’t know what they want.


Virgo is the one who glorifies perfection, he is the type of partner that always motivates you, inspires you and reminds you that you are capable of achieving everything you set your mind to. Virgo demands himself at every step and is happy to know that the person next to him likes to keep up with him. At first they can classify it as overwhelming,but after they leave you they realize that you were the person who kept them with faith,who always believed in their projects and who had the precise words for the bad times. Virgo turns the page and there is no going back.


Libra is the one who goes out of his way, the person who loves you above all else, the one who listens to you without judging you, who always tries to put himself in your place, the one who steals smiles at the least expected moment. Having a relationship with Libra is synonymous with tranquility, is to find the balance between giving and receiving. When they leave you, they realize that you gave everything, that you put your partner as a priority, that you were protection, tenderness and a touch of intensity. That’s when they want to come back, when they miss you and try to fill the void with someone else.


Scorpio is more than a stroke of intensity in your heart, he is the one who makes you tremble from head to toe, he knows very well how to make your skin crawl and your breathing accelerate. He is the one who teaches you what it is to love as if there were no tomorrow. Scorpio is the one who makes every day worthwhile, that is the reason why they miss you when they leave you, who else can put so much passion in the way they love? There they regret it, they know that there will be no one like you to make their heartbeat explode.


Sagittarius is the couple that comes to your days to fill you with adventure, happiness and eager to go out and explore each space around you. Sagittarius is the one who encourages you no matter what happens, who has the ability to see much beyond superficiality. He is the one who does not take life very seriously, he wants what is refreshing, what really vibrates. Your charming way of being is missed after a few days, that’s when they realize that few have the courage to breathe like you do. 


Capricorn is unattainable, loyal, dedicated. It’s the kind of love that gets you to put organization in your days. It has the gift of making you feel good, it can become the most romantic and at the least expected moment. When he falls in love, he likes to take care, love and give himself up to the guts. However, if you say goodbye, he is not the type of partner who will beg you, his pride is greater. They regret when they leave you because they discover that they did not value your way of being, the way you improved them in every way, what a shame!


Aquarius is the one who comes into your life to awaken your soul, your thoughts, your fantasies, he is the one who reminds you that you are more than a beating heart. Aquarius is synonymous with new ideas, with a different way of looking at life . He is the one who does not overwhelm you, but when he is with you he makes you feel the most loved person. It is not for everyone and he knows that when they leave him, after a while they want to return, because they miss loving without ties, without fear, with sadness and with wounds. That’s when they want to come back to you, but you don’t have time for someone who is not sure they are by your side.


Pisces is the partner who is always by your side through thick and thin. He is the one who teaches you what it is to love with sensitivity ahead of you, who pushes you, who has the empathy to realize all that you don’t tell anyone. He is the one who can immerse himself in the power of romanticism. It is a hug to your emotions, the shoulder that is always ready to support you when tears are present . It’s funny because when they leave you they argue that you give too much, but when they miss you they miss your patience, your dedication and that part of you that always listens.


Why They Repent To Leaves You According To Your Sign

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