The people who are looking to spend time with you, are very intelligent people Aries. They know that with your company, adventure will always be more than assured. People looking for the perfect way to spend time by your side are brave people, because to survive an adventure of yours and your hand, you have to have guts.


Now Aries, you have to know that that is not the only reason. You have to know the truth, because the people who go to your place, are not just people who want adventure and have a good time. They are people who are looking for a safe haven and a place where they can find that family heat treasure that comforts so much when it is really needed.

They want you close to him because they know you have guts for EVERY Aries, because they know that you throw yourself into whatever it takes as long as everything is correct …

They love you because they admire your fighting capacity, that is especially because if you have to overcome yourself and put yourself between the sword and the wall to death to defend what is yours, YOU DO it and no, you do not think about turning back a moment …

You are special Aries and the people around you, notice it, feel it, know it and want it … They look for you and do not let you escape because they do not want a typical and quiet life, without emotion and without heat and FIRE. That contagious intensity that you carry in every pore of your skin, for the people around you, is like honey for bears, tremendously irresistible …

Aries, we want you to know that you have followers who would be very capable of unthinkable things just by being with you. There are very crazy little heads that would be willing to cross oceans from your hand, just by being by your side. People greatly admire that ability you have to look at fear strongly … Your gaze conveys very STRONG emotions and that is to LIVE for real.

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