Because she still loves you. And very strong.

If she gives you a second chance, it’s probably because you didn’t use and gambled on your first.

It’s probably because you both hurt her and broke her heart and made her doubt herself.

And what I can tell you about her is that she loved you very much, despite the tears and restless nights when you destroyed her and played with her feelings and thoughts.

She loved you after every argument and while you were crying you didn’t follow her.

She loved you even as she watched you give up love for her, and she went out of her way to save your relationship.

She loved you even when you made your little world shake and she was left alone to pick up the pieces.

She loved you even when you left and vowed that you would never come back to her and that it is over between you forever.

For a while, she thought that she would never be well again. She tried to pull herself together as best she could, but she couldn’t. You were still part of her and she missed you insanely in her life.

But life still showed her the way to go on. And the nights she cried on the bathroom floor were replaced by the habit of simply missing you.

Because she knows that people make mistakes.

She went on with her life and met new men, and although she was much better, she still thought of you very often. She still compared every man to you. But she refused to linger in the past and hold onto a lost love that hurt a lot.

But one day it caught you. Suddenly you started missing her. And you looked for her in every woman you met, but none was like her.

Suddenly, it was you who saw your break up in your head. You thought that separation was the reason why she hates you now.

But she doesn’t hate you. That is the fact about women like her. Even in the worst of cases, she still loved you for all the good that you brought into her life. She still accepted you and your weaknesses, as if you didn’t have to pay much attention to them.

She still loved you, but it was you who never returned her unconditional love.

Weeks turned into months as you wrote and deleted messages. You were afraid to send them off. You feared that she continued with her life. You were afraid that she would realize that she deserves something much better. Afraid that she won’t love you as much as she used to.

But then, one day, you took courage and hit the send button.

And I can tell you what she thought when she saw your name on the screen. Shock. Absolute disbelief. Anxiety.

She went on with her life, she thought you would never come back.

But then you were there, after all that time you were back …

But she follows her heart, not her head.

And everyone wondered how she let you back into her life so carefree.

These people didn’t want her to get hurt again. They were the ones who had to clear up the mess you caused when you left their lives. It was they who dried their tears. They didn’t want her to be burned twice by the same flame.

But she wasn’t listening. It’s a fact about women like her. Every decision she makes comes from the heart and follows her, no matter how scary she may be.

Warm conversations and nice dates quickly turned into plans.

As she approached you, you realized how beautiful she was. But, there was something new about this woman who was standing in front of you. There was a strength in her that you never knew she had before. She didn’t mention the past or why you’re back, she just accepted you with open arms, with the same loving heart that you broke.

The talks went smoothly. Everything was so easy with her.

Because it suppresses the pain.

Behind this strength and beauty is something that you couldn’t see, something that she hid behind her smile. Namely: fear. Doubt and pain. She didn’t know why you were back, but she behaved bravely because she had to and tried to forget it.

And then you realized that the woman you thought was so weak who cried when you left, the woman who wrote messages too often and called you when she was drunk, and another chance begged, anything but desperate and weak. It was the opposite of all of these things.

She sat there looking into your eyes and it seemed like she had really seen through you.

You realized that the only thing that changed about her was that she didn’t need you. The woman suddenly learned to rely on herself and stand on her own two feet. She didn’t need anyone anymore.

And there is nothing better than someone who recognizes their strength and value.

You realized that you didn’t deserve it, but from that moment you would do anything to prove that you did.

“I love you,” rolled off her tongue slightly, as she used to say a long time ago.

And you realized that you love her too. But more importantly, after all this time, you realized that she was right for you.


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