Why The Signs Won’t Trust The Same Traitor Twice

The Same Traitor

Why The Signs Won’t Trust The Same Traitor Twice

They say you never know how brave you are until you have no other choice. Betrayal hurts, it destroys the depths of the soul and you feel that a part of you will no longer fully trust. That person threw your confidence to the ground and that’s when you understood that not everyone who smiles pretty is trustworthy. It is worth loving, it is worth being intense, and it is worth living as if there were no tomorrow, but… unfortunately, it is not worth doing it with just anyone. Why won’t the zodiac signs trust the same traitor twice? 


Betrayal changes you in an instant, it is the pain that ends all the love you had for that person. However, you want complete closure, for him to have the courage to look you in the face and tell you how he hurt you. You are used to handling complicated situations, you are not afraid of your emotions overflowing, and you want to make it clear to him that you no longer want his presence in your life. 


Something that you will never be able to understand is how a person after betraying has the courage to approach them to joke about what happened. Cynicism bothers you a lot, but at the same time, it helps to open your eyes. You don’t want a liar by your side, if he did it once he will surely do it again. Second chances are definitely not your thing. 


Betrayal for you is synonymous with introspection, it is the opportunity you have to go to the depths of your goodness and it leads you to the conclusion that not everyone deserves it. You gave your best version to someone who doesn’t know what solidarity is and still has the nerve to get defensive. He’s scared, because he knows that there’s no turning back on you, that’s right, now that he learns his lesson because he’ll only have your indifference. 


That traitor found the ideal victim at your side, since from the beginning he detected that you are a loyal person, capable of putting his hands in the fire for those he loves. He became one of yours, he pretended to love and respect you, but no, in the end, he was the worst thing that ever happened to you. However, you keep what you learned, he helped you detect bad intentions faster and now you get away in time. 


Of course, Leo, you are not going to put yourself on the ground so that they can walk over it as many times as they want. That person did not take the time to analyze what he would lose, he treated you in a disrespectful way and thought that showing his sorry face was enough. Don’t even think about it, your proud side is not going to allow so much humiliation. It is absurd that he wants to be part of your days again, in any case, trust will never return, let him continue on his way. 


Fortunately, you are too sensible, competent, and intelligent a sign to allow the betrayal of someone who lacks values ​​to plunge you into sadness. It hurts because you are a human being, but you are not going to give him the pleasure of going to beg him to come back into your life. There is no solution, the trust you gave him was broken and now it is better for him to assimilate that the only thing he is going to receive from you is coldness. He’ll be doing you a favor by walking away. 


That person knew your funny soul, the way you always included her in everything you did, shared your circle, your family, and friends, and were able to make fun of your insecurities while claiming to love you. There is no doubt that these kinds of actions hurt you and that there are times when everything gets out of hand because it is hard for you to assimilate that there is so much evil in someone, but when you do, you leave, you don’t have to put up with it. 


There are many who describe you as exaggerated, but the truth is that you will not tolerate mistreatment from people who supposedly claim to be on your side. If someone fails you, you won’t forgive them and it’s not a grudge, it’s self-love. Scorpio, it would be absurd for you to trust a traitor again, you will not have the enemy close. You prefer to stay with few than with a lot of hypocrites, what you want is loyalty. 


Going around the same issue is not your thing at all, you pay attention to the first signs and if someone is a bad vibe you get them out of your way. Life is too short to share it with unstable people who don’t know how to respect the secrets you share with them or worse, use them against you. You are intense when you surrender, but with the same intensity you tear the page, you are not interested in their explanations. 


If there is something that makes you lose your sanity, it is feeling manipulated, Capri, you hate when people use their tricks to obtain something based on their expectations. It is impossible for you to maintain a bond with such a person. You don’t hold a grudge, you simply don’t want to see her again and if you ever meet her you’ll pretend you never met her. It’s not for revenge, but you’re not going to risk your peace of mind. 


You can count your true friends on the fingers of one hand and you have plenty of them since few have the privilege of earning that label. You like to feel that what comes out of your mouth is safe and not have to take care of who is supposedly your friend or partner. You have the energy to assimilate that they betray you, but you don’t get hooked, the faster you get out of your life, the better. He can apologize if he wants, but his lament rarely moves you, you only listen out of politeness. 


Without a doubt, it is very annoying for you to find out that there are people who invest energy in discrediting your image, they want to make you look bad, when they have been eating out of your hand for a long time. These people are the worst, they go through life acting at their convenience and have the narcissistic ability to shed tears to ask for forgiveness and continue doing their thing. Fortunately, you no longer swallow that story, you throw it out of your days, period. 

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