Why The Signs Stop Loving

Why The Signs Stop Loving

That’s life, there are times when you have to pick up your pieces, you have to rearm yourself and let go of insane loves. The bad thing is that what the song says is true, the custom weighs and although many times it is not about love, it is attachment, it is not easy to say goodbye. You don’t stop loving overnight. It’s a sack that fills up little by little until you can’t take it anymore, it breaks and you break with it. There is no one who gives up at first, we fight for love, for the time invested, for the desire we have to try, but… when it is no longer your size, you do not have to force it. Why do the signs stop loving?


Aries is one of those who fall in love beyond the physical, of those who are captivated by an adventurous soul. When they decide to share their life it is because they found something special in that person, the opportunity to be better and to venture into the unknown. Aries doesn’t let go, she clings to her patient side and is able to show a sweet side when she loves. But don’t get confused, she won’t allow the love she feels to be stronger than her dignity, the moment you start treating him badly, everything ends. Aries can stay by your side for a while, but in his mind, he has already left you, he is only waiting a little longer to say the last goodbye, and nothing will change his mind.


Taurus is the sign that fights to the end. Let no one dare to say that he did not give everything he could in a relationship, because he is lying. He is the one who loves in an incomparable way, he makes you believe again in the loves of before, those in which our grandparents were capable of breaking a lot of absurd prejudices in order to be together. However, there is something that fills the love of Taurus with shadows, precisely when the humiliations are present. He does not conceive that the same person who looks him straight in the eyes while telling him that he loves him, is the same person who takes pains to criticize him in a ruthless way. Taurus breaks, even if he doesn’t say it, and that’s when he understands that he should no longer be by his side.


No, love is not everything. It is worrying how movies, novels, and everything we see in the media has made us believe. Love is not everything, emotional responsibility is required, and independence in all senses, especially emotional, when it comes to having a bond. Gemini wants someone who is capable of making him vibrate in every way. A love of those that fill you with life, of those that show you an unknown world. It’s a sign that he stops loving when monotony becomes his best company, that’s when he decides to turn the page. He does not stay with someone for whom he has become another piece of furniture. That’s not Gemini, so it’s best to say goodbye.


Cancer can be tremendously chameleon, it is a sign that at the beginning of a relationship shows you its best side. He likes to make it clear that questions of love are not taken lightly, he is determined and practically has a sign on his forehead of love for commitment. He is not one of those who goes around opening his heart to anyone, on the contrary, he becomes very selective, because when he falls in love he really does it, wanting to have something in the long term. However, when he realizes that the bond is not reciprocal, everything changes. That is when his essence becomes cloudy, he is no longer born to be so dedicated because he is very afraid that his heart will be broken over and over again. When Cancer becomes hurtful and indifferent, it means that he is already broken, that this relationship has already given what he had to give, and that he will not trust again.


Leo is brave when he loves, he has pants left over to tell the person he likes that he wants something more. He is very determined and works very hard for what he wants. It is not new, we know that he is a leader and that he is used to shining. However, he does not take love lightly, when he decides to have a bond he looks for what is real, what fulfills him in many ways. Although it is an impulsive sign, he tries to remain calm and avoid arguments, but that does not mean that he will tolerate being half-loved. When Leo realizes that the person is about to be, he loses interest. He doesn’t want one of those relationships where they pretend everything is fine and within four walls it’s hell. Leo wants something genuine or better he doesn’t want anything.


What Virgo hates most in a relationship is falsehood, they don’t want to have that feeling that they’re with someone who doesn’t even know their favorite color. That’s when her whole castle crumbles when she discovers that by going in a hurry they forgot the most important thing, to know and understand each other. She doesn’t want to be with someone who has to hide to be happy. Suddenly, the late arrivals, the messages at midnight, all those attitudes that end up becoming a secret. A barrier that separates them and even if they try it is no longer the same. Virgo realizes that she shares her days with a stranger and that pain is like nothing.


What pressure Libra has, saying that it is the most balanced sign when in reality people have no idea how many times they have lost their ground. It is a brave sign, but when it comes to love he faces a lot of fears, that desire he has to run away repentant because he does not want to be hurt. However, there is something that can push Libra away. Once she gives in and feels that the other party is sincere, everything seems to be going well. The story is honey on flakes, but what drives him away is when that supposed love becomes suffocating, there she feels that her space is invaded, and she can no longer act without thinking first, for fear of feeling judged. For Libra, that means love is over.


The love that tastes of passion, intensity, long love, and nights without end. Scorpio surrounds you from the first caress, teaches you to love from the roots, without fear of what they will say, and eager to immerse yourself in the other. It is a very vulnerable sign, it may seem that it can do anything, but there are times when they themselves do not know what is happening to them. Their emotions are like a roller coaster, but as unstable as they are when they love they are very loyal. It’s hard for Scorpio to let go of a love, unless… the person thinks of lying. That’s like asking them to finish, no matter how hard they try, nothing will ever be the same.


Sagittarius is an expert when it comes to hiding emotions. He is the type of partner who can spend a lot of time next to someone he does not love, but he does not say anything, he is waiting for the right moment when neither habit nor attachment binds them anymore. Sagittarius knows that love is not for him, when that person begins to want to set the rules for him when he does not suggest him, he demands that he change his way of seeing life. That’s when he feels tied down when they ban him. He may be tolerant of many things, but for that, his patience is forgotten. If he is not listened to, respected, and motivated, Sagittarius has nothing to do there.


Capricorn loves in a crazy way, although his personality does not allow him to fully express himself. Because he is usually quite controlled, he likes to have everything in order, and that few notice that he is melting for some love. For him to decide to have something with you you need to be very special, he doesn’t fall in love with just anyone, he doesn’t talk to just anyone, he doesn’t love just anyone. Capricorn looks for loyalty, someone who is able to support him through thick and thin. But the most important thing is to create that genuine bond, in which betrayal does not exist. If you fail him, it is better that you forget about him, he does not tolerate betrayal, much less giving second chances.


A sign that exudes sparkles, criticized by many, but praised by others. Really, his personality is so contrasting that it surrounds you. He has that dark, mysterious, and lonely side that makes you want to navigate his world. But also a dreamer part, the one that dares, the one that breaks with the conventional. It is like that, he always goes against the clock, making sacrifices if necessary. However, he loses the will to live when his partner stops being that beautiful soul he fell in love with. The moment the magic wears off, everything changes. Aquarius can not pretend that everything is fine because nothing is like before and that breaks it. So he decides to turn the page.


Pisces is the love that surrounds you, the one that is capable of understanding you when the rest don’t even try. He is the one who does not let you go, does not judge you, and wants to see you shine, so much so that if he can do something to make that happen, he does not hesitate for a moment to help you. His love is very transparent, he has no double intentions. If a Pisces is with you it is because he really cares about you, he is hardly impressed. However, he loses the desire to love when he discovers that he is the one who is giving more. The moment he doesn’t feel loved or valued, that’s when he puts an end to it. He may be heartbroken to say goodbye, but he’d rather that than settle for crumbs.

Why The Signs Stop Loving

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