Why The Signs Still Have A Broken Heart

Why The Signs Still Have A Broken Heart

They say that the heart never forgets where it left its best beats. Sometimes, new loves arrive, kisses that shake your soul, and caresses that make you feel calm. However, in the secrets of your memory something is missing, that love that was left unfinished, right in the middle of the road, neither leaves nor stays. The love that fractured you, but also that made you live the most beautiful moments. Surely, someone has already come to your thoughts, why do the signs of the zodiac continue with a broken heart? 


Deep down you know that he has never left, you have been finding his smile in other people, but in the end, you have not felt completely satisfied. You refuse to let go of that love because something makes you believe that they still have a chance. Aries, real opportunities are slipping away because you’re too busy dwelling on the past. You are the one who is putting on the barrier and you do not realize that you deserve much more than that. You are loved by the side you see yourself, stop humiliating yourself for someone who has never valued you. 


When you fall in love you are the one who goes inside and investigates everything you can. You do not like to settle for what you only see on the outside, on the contrary, your ease of opening hearts is a key piece for everything. You have a very sweet Taurus side, you get attached easily because you are able to see people with their true colors, even the grayest. You do not want perfect love, you are looking for genuine company and that is why you continue with a broken heart. You think of that person because you have not found honesty in someone else, but do not despair.


A part of you loves the adrenaline in falling in love, you like to break the monotony and activate your hunting instinct. It is clear that what is easy bores you, you keep everything you cannot have and that is the main reason why you have been repeating the same patterns in matters of love. Your desire to chase and win makes you set your sights on people who are not at all interested. Gemini is not worth it, you do not always have to be the one who does everything for the relationship to work. There are those who also want to do anything to be with you, but you are closing the doors on them.


No Cancer, love is not synonymous with giving in, there are people who need to be in your life for a short period of time so that you understand that you do not deserve that indifference. If you are the one who always gives and gives, the only thing that is going to happen is that you are going to stay in a codependent bond. You are not here to fix anyone’s problems, you can accompany, but not solve everything. You are too nice and you know it, but it is not worth it that you continue giving second chances, it is not fair for your emotional stability.


Oh, Leo, I wish one day you would give yourself permission to feel, really let yourself go, and not blame yourself for everything. Love does not have to be without mistakes, it is normal for couples to face ups and downs, as much as you want it to look great there will be times when everything is going to get out of hand. You’re a perfectionist, charming, and loving, but a little tolerance wouldn’t hurt, because you’re breaking your own heart every time you become obsessive about finding something wrong with all of your partners. Why do you have this need to sabotage?


Until when Virgo? It is not worth it that you are the one who minimizes yourself in all kinds of situations. What you do is insufficient to meet your expectations and every time you end a relationship you are an expert in finding out what you did wrong. Relationships belong to two Virgos, stop putting all the burden on your shoulders. You don’t deserve to cloud your happiness like that. There are many people who would give anything to stay by your side for a moment and you are not valuing it, because until you are able to prioritize and love yourself above all else, you will not attract the right person. 


Your heart has taken a nosedive Libra, you have exposed it to so many things that it has learned to survive in the midst of so much pain. Fear does not let you trust and that has become the worst of your ordeals when it comes to love, because as much as the other tries to give you everything you deserve, you will always find an excuse to ruin it. Happiness has become your worst enemy, do you realize? Reaching that is taking you away from what is really worth it, because you are getting hooked on insane loves, which do not really meet your expectations, but you settle for it.


What is the Scorpio rush? First, it cost you a lot to decide to open your heart and now that you did, you have become an expert when it comes to letting yourself go without limits. Nobody is rushing you, but there is something in you that makes you feel pressured as if you really were not going to have other opportunities in love. It is not healthy for you to assume that everyone who knocks on your door is your soulmate, because reality may disappoint you in the worst way. It is worth adding a touch of illusion to love, but do not exaggerate because not everyone presents themselves with their true face, it hurts to accept it, but it is true.


Sagittarius, I need you to be very clear, lately, you have had a very wrong idea about love and it is not worth it that those who arrive only get the best of you to take advantage and then leave as if they had never hurt you. It is not your responsibility to heal broken hearts, that is the dumbest thing you can do because yours will end up in pieces. You want to save them, but when are you going to save yourself? Your desire to control everything is making you lose control and in the end, the worst thing is that you do not feel valued.


No one beats you when it comes to putting up emotional walls. You are a very special sign setting limits, you are so used to your independence that when someone wants to be part of your life all you do is analyze them from head to toe, it seems that you are looking for the slightest flaw to say no. You are too protective of your heart, that’s fine, but going to such an extreme level will only keep you from living exceptional moments. In the end, that’s what we’re here for, to love, listen to each other, enjoy, don’t alienate the people you care about. Falling in love will not make you less intelligent, trust.


Your heart is never far from your sight, you take care of it as the most sacred, and for that reason, it has become a habit not to give yourself completely. Aquarius, you don’t want to be hurt, but the half feeling is not to love. You are hiding your feelings for that person because deep down he scares you that they will hurt you when in reality you are not giving him the opportunity to show what his true intentions are. I’m not telling you to become the most open when it comes to love overnight, but it wouldn’t hurt to start small.


The worst thing you can do is settle in Pisces. You know very well that your love is capable of breaking barriers and that when you give yourself genuinely you do not intend to hurt, on the contrary, you do whatever is in your hands to see that person happy. However, you have not seen beyond Pisces, your true value, because you end up entangled with people who do not give you your place, who make you feel unloved and unheard. You don’t deserve life to go away in a long and toxic relationship, love is much bigger than all that. Sometimes, you have to have the courage to say goodbye so that life puts you with the right soul.


Why The Signs Still Have A Broken Heart

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