Why The Signs Hate To Miss You

“I miss you” when they tell you, you feel that tingling that crosses any distance. However, if you’re the one muttering it while sighing, it really is cruel. It is much more than remembering that person. Without a doubt, it hurts so much that you break and feel as if the other has taken part of your heart. Sometimes it’s nice to remember those who leave, especially those who are no longer in this world. But, the signs hate to miss those souls that they know are doing them harm and despite everything, they keep appearing in their thoughts. Surely, you already thought of your unmentionable person. Why do the signs hate missing you?


What annoys Aries the most is that he got hooked on a person he built in his mind. He made you up in such a way that you became the perfect company, when in fact from the beginning you showed red flags that he did not want to see. You are not a good person and you took so much advantage of his love that you did not care to see him torn to pieces after your departure. He hates missing you because you had no compassion, you broke his soul into pieces and he decided to say goodbye with love anyway. Not everyone would do that for you.


Yes, Taurus is smart, you don’t know how many times he’s looked in the mirror to wonder why he’s so stupid. His logical part tells him that he should no longer think about you, but his emotions are very intense and they do not intend to settle for a goodbye. Taurus hates missing you because he doubts your feelings too much, something tells him that you don’t feel the same and that while he lives with the hope that their hearts will one day meet again, you’ve already moved on and that hurts. It hurts because even if you’re with someone else, Taurus, they don’t know how to get you out once and for all. He’s upset with himself and it’s something that only he can fix.


Sometimes, Gemini is perfect at disguising, because he doesn’t like to be seen to let his guard down for anyone. She feels very vulnerable when someone controls her thoughts and tries to continue her life as usual, but when the night comes she finds all that she avoids and that is when the tears are present. He hates missing you because deep down he knows it’s over and he has to tear out the page, but he’s not quite ready. That person has already closed the cycle and although Gemini continues to smile, inside he continues to imagine the moment in which he returns to his arms. It’s one of the worst feelings.


Only a Cancer knows how hard it is to say goodbye to someone who left indelible marks on your heart. It is very difficult to accept that you will no longer be part of their adventures and that it is best to cut off all kinds of communication for the good of both. You can be sure that Cancer is not going to beg you because when his pride is activated it prevents him from losing his dignity and that is thanks to the fact that he has a very intense character. However, there are times when her melancholy side takes over her emotions and that’s when pain is unavoidable. He hates missing you because he knows you don’t deserve to be a part of his life and he just doesn’t want to give you another chance.


Leo is a soul of instincts, of course, he likes to listen to his emotions and when he is warned from the beginning that something is wrong, he does not waste time next to someone who does not have the courage to give him the love he expects. Of course, he is not made of stone, and it is difficult for him to cut a bond because he is not one of those who share his private life with anyone. He not only misses the lover but also the friend who was always there to support him. He hates missing you because you are making him lose his energy, he has so many things to do and it makes him angry that he is giving you valuable seconds. You are not for that.


Bless the proud and assertive side of Virgo, because when he decides that he will not continue to shed tears for someone who fills him with anxiety, there is simply no turning back. He is a very intelligent sign, he does not let his emotions dominate him and even if he has to cry a couple of nights to grieve, he does. Don’t expect Virgo to run to you asking for an opportunity. He hates missing you, but he won’t lift a finger to change the situation. You have to give time to time, but the Virgo who was with you no longer exists, do not try to dominate him because you no longer know him.


It’s time to bloom, to pick up all the little pieces of the cracks that person left you. You know that life is like a wave and it is never certain how it will surprise you, but that is not reason enough to sink into denial. You are not going to allow the past to define you, much less the remains of a love that had you at its feet and did not care. Libra hates missing you because she knows you never really committed and it makes her angry to realize she trusted so little. There were more sorrows than beautiful moments that he lived by your side. He knows he shouldn’t come back and that he’ll get over it.


Do you really think you mocked the heart of a Scorpio? Please don’t be naive, he knew from the first moment, but he gave you a chance because he is a kind and emotional being. Perhaps it was very difficult for him to say goodbye and he did not want things to end this way, but that is not going to stop him from fighting for what he has always wanted and you did not meet expectations. He hates missing you because no matter what he does the past will remain the same and he will not be able to forgive you, so there is no point in going back to someone who has so little love for each other and is unable to put your relationship on his list of priorities. That is not love and Scorpio does not deserve it.


Yes, the one with the short fuse, the one who can say the most hurtful things to you today and regret it tomorrow. But… make no mistake, that does not mean that you can come and trample on their emotions at will. Sagittarius is not here to stay in toxic ties, he is tired of the lack of reciprocity and that his individuality is not respected. He may have fallen in love until he forgot his last name, that he has given everything for you, but with the same desire, he turns the page. He hates missing you because you come to his mind without warning and you become a stone in his path, but he knows that it won’t be forever and that gives him calm.


A reserved love like Capricorn is not one of those who go out of their way in the first few months, they need time to analyze their feelings and really define their importance. It is difficult for him to shout from the rooftops what is in his heart, but his details do not lie and when he gives himself up, he feels, he does not need to say much. That is what gives him peace of mind because he gave what he had to give in the relationship, if the other did not receive it with gratitude, it is his problem. He hates missing you because he opened up to you too much and that makes him feel guilty, but luckily his head is always over his heart and that has helped him not to beg anyone.


There is a certain fear in the steps of Aquarius when it comes to love because he knows that there are many people who hurt and then have the gall to ask why you cry. Romanticism is not his forte, but that has nothing to do with the intensity that is delivered. When he falls in love, he does not run away from commitment, on the contrary, he looks for a way to include the person in his plans. He does not regret what he gave, because he loves to live to the fullest and keeps the good moments. However, he hates missing you because living in the past makes him feel uncomfortable, he wants to focus on what his breath offers him and it annoys him that you make yourself present, but he knows that it will not be eternal.


It costs you triple this of goodbyes, even when love is over, but you get so used to the person, that there comes a point where you don’t see the end of anything. It hurts because your mind makes you remember the way it all started and that makes you feel very vulnerable, a part of you blames yourself and you even feel that if you had done something different everything would be better. Pisces is not worth it, things happen for a reason, and the only thing left for you is to let go. You hate missing that person because your resilient side made you believe that it was already over and you had focused on other things so as not to return to the past, but it is just a sign that you have to face it and say goodbye to the root. It’s now or never, you can.


Why The Signs Hate To Miss You

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