Why The Signs Cannot Come Out Of A Toxic Relationship

No one plans to be in a deadly relationship. In fact, if everyone knew that the most important person in their lives would become their worst nightmare, they would most likely not start any kind of relationship. The personality of each person will depend on why it costs so much to get out of such a relationship if you want to find out why it costs you so much according to your zodiac sign continue reading, it may be the words you need to read to make a decision.



It is very difficult and painful for Aries to get out of a toxic relationship because he is very afraid of losing everything he has built with that person. He is a person who loves to always be right, even when he is not present. It can be difficult to admit to him/her that your relationship is in danger or that it is failing. Aries is a stubborn person by nature, it is not easy for him/her to give up a relationship that has given him so much joy because of that, it is very likely that he will stay with that person, even if it hurts him. It is painful, but until Aries does not see that things will continue like this forever he will not take the step of ending that relationship.


It is very difficult for Taurus to leave any kind of relationship, but especially the loving ones, he is a person who is very afraid of change. He is terrified of the unknown, prefers to live knowing what is going to happen at all times and thus be able to control the situation. That is why Taurus will never break that relationship until he has secured a future, it sounds selfish, but it is so. He will stay next to that person, even if he hurts him, he prefers to feel uncomfortable and sad to have to face the unknown.

Taurus is a very familiar person and as disappointing or hurtful as that relationship may be, breaking that link would mean for him/her to start creating something new and hard to find.


Gemini is one of those people who have a hard time getting out of a toxic relationship because of the incredible connection he has created with the other person. He is a person who values ​​freedom and adventure very much, which is why if as long as his relationship is not based on a daily routine he will be happy, but if things start to get boring, you will want to leave that relationship as soon as possible.

Even so, Gemini has a hard time taking the step if he has created a very special bond, it is hard for him to believe that the person who has been so special to him/her will cease to be part of his life. He/she knows that you have to take the step because otherwise it will stagnate and it will never be him/herself and it will, but it will take a lot of effort to leave everything you have created behind …


Cancer has a hard time getting out of a toxic relationship because he is an extremely loyal person. He is a very sensitive person and that has nothing wrong, he needs all his emotions to be perfectly understood or at least respected and that is why Cancer chooses his partners, but as soon as he sees the smallest detail That this special person for him/her begins to disrespect his most sensitive side, the thing changes.

Not every day you can find someone who really makes you feel loved and valued, so it can be very difficult to imagine life without that special person for Cancer. He is a person who will stay in that relationship because he does not want him to have an unhappy ending, in the end for one thing or another, the relationship will end, but surely Cancer is not the first to take the step.


Leo can find it very difficult to get out of a toxic relationship because when he loves, he does it in the deepest way possible. He is a person who loves being in a relationship, has a big heart and a lot of love to give. You want to know that the person with whom you share your life will give you as much love as he/she will give you.

When Leo sees that his relationship begins to not work, he will not mind taking out his claws and defending himself as the Lion he is, but when he leaves and breaks that relationship, it is another story. It can be very difficult for him/her to leave that relationship that has given him so much joy because he has created a very special bond with that person and finds it very difficult to imagine his life without him/her.


Virgo finds it difficult to get out of a toxic relationship because he doesn’t like to make hasty decisions. It is not that kind of people who make improvised or impulsive decisions, especially if it is their love life. When Virgo feels that his relationship begins to fail, he can turn all that into a habit so he can convince himself that there is no other possibility. He stays next to that person, even if he hurts him because he doesn’t like to fail and admit that their relationship has no future for him/her is a failure.

Virgo will take a thousand turns before making a decision, but in the end, he will always end up choosing the best for him/her, it will cost him to let that person go, but sooner or later he will …


Libra finds it very, very difficult to leave a relationship, no matter how toxic it is … it is hard for him to believe that this fairy tale he was living must come to an end. For Libra, one of his main goals in life is to find true love, to find that person with whom he can share everything and be himself/herself without any problem.

When he met that special person, it was all emotion, but when things start to change all that emotion and illusion he felt at the beginning he starts to become frustrated. The reason why Libra stays next to that person is that he doesn’t like conflicts, he prefers to bow his head and hope that all that will end and they will be happy again. Of course, Libra is not stupid and the day he gets tired puts an end to that torture, he simply would like everything to be otherwise …


Scorpio is a person who has a hard time getting out of a toxic relationship because he firmly believes in commitment. It is very difficult for him/her to open up to others, especially if we talk about feelings. He is a person who does not feel especially comfortable when he has to express everything you feel, he does it with very few people, so when he meets someone with whom he/she can be 100% he commits to the end.

Scorpio has a problem and is that when he finds that person that makes him feel safe and loved, he clings to him/her with a lot of outsides and then when things start to go wrong it costs a lot to put an end to that story. Of course, Scorpio is a person who has taken many disappointments and has learned a lot in this life and no matter how much it will not take long to be in a relationship that is constantly hurting him.


Sagittarius finds it very difficult to get out of a toxic relationship because distance makes him forget everything bad. The fact that he likes freedom in relationships very much does not mean that Sagi does not have a heart full of love and affection. When he is close to the person he loves, he feels that everything is on wheels and when they are far away it is impossible not to think about that person so special to him/her.

The problem is that since he is such an independent person, he needs his space and when he takes it, he forgets how badly the other person is doing it and stumbles again and again with the same stone. Sagittarius if you see that this has no solution will remedy you, but even so, it is very difficult to say goodbye to a person who has given you unforgettable moments …


Capricorn has a hard time getting out of a relationship because it is hard to believe there is no hope. He is a very intelligent person, that does not mean he does not make mistakes, but when he finds someone who admires his motivation and determination to succeed he thinks he is the best in everything. Capricorn believes that together with that person they form the best team in history, so when things start to go wrong, he does everything possible so that everything is fixed and clings to hope.

The problem is that Capri often does not realize that the other person is only distorting his peace of mind and distracting him from his goals. In the end, as much as guided by logic, Capricorn is one of the people who suffer the most in love, especially because he does not admit that things have an end …


Aquarius has a hard time abandoning a toxic relationship because he is a true friend. For their relationships to work, Aquarius has to build a base as friends before anything romantic can happen. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with turning to your head when you have problems, but he/she forgets that your heart can also help you, especially in love.

Aquarius stays next to that person so special to him/her because their friendship is stronger than anything, of course, a true friend would never hurt someone who really cares, but Aquarius is not able to see him… Sooner or later he will realize that he is wasting time and will put an end to that, yes, it will cost him a lot to have to say goodbye.


Pisces has a hard time abandoning any kind of relationship because he believes in love. His relationships are very special for him/her because he feels that he is with someone who makes him feel what nobody has made him feel, he feels that all his secrets are safe with that special person. Even if that person so special to him/her hurts him, he will stay by his side because he feels that he has to do, he does not imagine a life without that person and what Pisces does not know is that he was out of that Fishbowl is a sea full of fish that are willing to show you what true love is.

Pisces will take a long time to realize, but in the end, he will listen to his heart and put an end to that relationship that had become real torture.

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