Why The Signs Are No Longer To Beg Anyone

Why The Signs Are No Longer To Beg Anyone

Prepotency? How easy it is to judge when people don’t dare to put themselves even for a moment in your shoes, it’s not that you want them to have compassion for you, but it would be nice if they take a bath of empathy from time to time. Your strength is unique, that’s why you prefer to ignore it than wear yourself out with closed minds. In the end, you are very clear that life is cyclical, loves, friendships and even family members leave. That’s why you don’t worry anymore if they stop talking to you, because you breathe air, not people. Your zodiac sign is very clear that there are times when there is nothing left but to ignore, take a deep breath and move on. Why are the signs no longer there to beg anyone?


To be honest, begging has never been in your repertoire, you are pure fire, and it would be absurd for you to put your dignity at stake in that type of situation. You like to see life in a very intense, active way, you never stop. In addition, the planet of war, Mars, is the one who shelters you, that’s where your impulsive, proud character comes from, the one who prefers to be alone than to be surrounded by a lot of double-faced people. You can love, but also forget, don’t be underestimated. 


There is no doubt that the Earth greatly influences the way you see your context, you are very realistic and do not let yourself be manipulated by anyone. Blackmail bores you, you are not here to maintain harmful ties. Also, loneliness has never scared you, you have the guts to be with yourself and you are committed to being better. Perhaps it is your hard and foolish head that does not let you humble yourself. Taurus, you trust that life puts each piece in its place and if it’s time to let go, you do.


Of course, your element, air, greatly influences your personality. Gemini, you are a changeable sign, a lover of freedom and you are not afraid to say what you feel. Definitely, your communicative and intelligent side is not for everyone and if someone thinks it’s time to get out of your life, you’re not going to stop them. This is what it’s all about, loving, learning, and being ready for new things. His absence may hurt you, but it won’t be forever, sooner or later, everything will return to normal.


Your element is water, it is clear that your emotions go at their own pace, there are times when you yourself do not understand everything that happens in your heart. However, you are very firm when it comes to defining if someone is doing you more harm than good. Fortunately, there is a part of you that is very abrupt and when you feel disappointed, you know that it is time to end the relationship. Nothing is perfect, if a bow does not work, it is better not to force it.


Behind that bright sign also hides your anxious, impetuous soul, ready to put anyone who wants to make fun of your feelings in their place. You are very direct, probably, it is your intense side that helps you in that, because you know that you should not depend on anyone. If someone gives you good vibes, and strength and inspires you to be better, they are welcome, but if their intention is to waste envy, it is better that they follow their path. You are not going to waste your time with people who love each other so little.


If something is firm in your life, it’s your ideas, they don’t make you lose ground easily. Virgo, you have the gift of listening, but more than analyzing, you can detect bad intentions at a glance and that’s when you raise your barriers. You don’t care if they say you’re conceited, you prefer to be held in that concept before continuing to share your energy with someone who just wants to see you fall. You are reserved by nature, but when you feel tension and negativity in the air, you become completely silent.


I admire you, I mean it, you are the sign that can be knocked down a million times, but you dare to embrace your scars and keep moving forward with a smile ahead. You love to learn new things, knowledge melts you and you also value your beauty in every way. Without a doubt, you stand out for honoring justice, and at the same time, Venus asks you not to forget about love. Definitely, if you start to feel uncomfortable with someone, you know it’s time to turn the page, you’re not going to stop.


Although many think otherwise, you are always in contact with your emotions, and you tend to change your mind quickly, but it is not because of a tantrum, it is because you listen to your intuition and you are rarely wrong, inside your life a sorcerer who is hardly fooled. Your mystery is charming, but it doesn’t compare to your determination. If someone turns out to be spiteful, vindictive, and unfaithful to what you offer him, he simply has no chance to continue in your life. You are snatched, and that helps you root them out.


You are not afraid to take the initiative, on the contrary, you enjoy challenges, and any opportunity in which you have to show your dynamic and outgoing side is sacred to you. Perhaps it is Jupiter that invites you to enjoy the moment, see the good side and let go of the bad. That is the reason why when someone wants to leave your life you don’t see it as a tragedy. You have no filters, if that is your decision, go ahead. Life also has bitter moments, but you are aware that they are not forever.


You have a lot to thank for your element, Earth because it makes you see the days in a real way, it does not paint colors where there are none and that prepares you to deal with unexpected separations. Also, Saturn helps you maintain order in the midst of chaos. It is your rational side that speaks for you, because your heart may ache, but that is not reason enough to let yourself fall. Your practical side and your self-control remind you not to depend on anyone.


There is nothing to hide, the whole world knows that you love your freedom and that feeling of not having to explain yourself to anyone, it is something that fills you with life and few understand it because they are not used to being themselves. Uranus is the one that awakens your creative side, but he also prepares you for changes. Life is like that, you can’t stop someone who doesn’t want to continue and that’s fine. You prefer to be grateful for what is beautiful, keep the lessons learned and finally start over. You still need to meet more characters in your story, don’t stop.


Of course, your intuition and your emotions speak for you. There are times when Neptune guides you, he makes your dreamy side get carried away until your imagination takes flight through the skies. It is not that you run away from reality, it is that you prefer to find the sweet and supportive side of everything. You like to see people as a contribution, you recognize that they come into your life and leave great learning. That helps make the parting less dramatic, you don’t want to deal with unnecessary tension.


Why The Signs Are No Longer To Beg Anyone


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