The night between November 14 and 15, the Moon will begin a new lunar cycle, therefore, there will be a New Moon. It is a time of personal growth and being in contact with our emotions. In addition, this Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, so we will have to face feelings that have been hidden for a long time. This Moon takes place the day after Mars retrograde ends and we will feel the urge to start something over.


You won’t believe it, but this Moon is going to bring a lot of stability to your life. It is time to feel, to let go of everything that you have been repressing, to face your darkest secrets. But … why is the New Moon going to help renew you inside? Scorpio is always related to the Phoenix Bird, so now is the time to be reborn from our own ashes. The past will be there to help you move into the future. Stay reading to know how the New Moon in Scorpio will affect your sign:



This New Moon night you will feel how everything that was dark is re-illuminated. You will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a light that will give you hope and will reawaken your more warrior side. This Moon marks a before and after in your life because you will start many things from scratch. Aries, for you it is not easy to look within, get in touch with your emotions, and recognize what is happening to you. You don’t like being vulnerable and letting others see you as weak. This New Moon will help you embrace your inner dark side, that side that you always hide. The side you suppress to avoid letting others hurt you.


Thanks to this New Moon, you will have the opportunity to grow your relationships, especially the one that is so personal and close lately. Your relationships will start to be more authentic than ever. And not by magic, but because you will be aware that it is time to be more sincere and direct than ever. You have been putting off that conversation for a long time and, Taurus, you are realizing that you cannot leave it anymore.

From now on, you are going to trade flirting and flirting for real words. Your feelings finally come to light. You are going to tear down that wall that you had built to defend your heart. You are going to renew yourself inside, Taurus. During this night, force yourself to be with yourself and to meditate to be in touch with your feelings.


It has been a very hard year, Gemini, a year full of insecurities, indecisions, and negative thoughts. This New Moon is going to help you realize that you cannot go on like this any longer. Now, you are going to be aware that it is time to change your routine. This New Moon is a great opportunity for you to start being more in touch with your emotions. Mind you, Gemini, I always feel realistic. It is going to renew you and it is going to be a great challenge for you, but now more than ever, it is important, to be honest with yourself.

Do your part and try to commit all you can to meditate, to try not to think negatively, to open your mind and let yourself go. During that night, stand up and think if you are really taking care of yourself as you should.


This Moon marks a new beginning in your life, especially in relation to love and the sentimental. Cancer, also the energy of this Moon is going to be a boost to your creativity, so take the opportunity to find a way to reinvent yourself. You are at the ideal time to commit to yourself, to believe in yourself, and move on no matter what happens.

During these days, you will receive the opportunity to start a personal relationship. Many emotions have to come to light, Cancer. It is time to embrace your hidden side and let everything flow. Stop forcing yourself to be someone you are not. Stop comparing yourself to others when you yourself have so much to offer the world.


Stop hiding so many secrets about yourself, Leo. It is your defense mechanism par excellence, but you do not know the damage you may be doing to yourself. Suppressing pain from past hurts may make you feel stronger, but it doesn’t make you feel better about yourself. You know that, after all, you are not only deceiving others, but you are also deceiving yourself.

This New Moon is going to help you renew yourself and free yourself from all those charges that you have accumulated. It is time to start from scratch. Whatever it is, Leo, trust yourself, because you have the strength and courage to face those wounds. You are someone brave and this New Moon comes to remind you.


You will feel like everything has another focus from now on, Virgo. You’ve been feeling like there’s too much hypocrisy in the air for weeks like no one is being entirely honest. Even yourself, you know that you have not been as clear and honest as you could have been. Thanks to the New Moon, sincerity returns to your life. Also, it will help you get in touch with your feelings a lot more. Although you are a practical person, from time to time you need to look within and this New Moon invites you to do so.

Your most vulnerable side can help others much more than you think, especially a person very close to you. If others stop seeing you as someone serious and start seeing you as someone real, it will be easier for them to connect with you.


It’s time to process everything you’ve been through this year, Libra, and take stock. This New Moon, on the one hand, helps you to get in touch with your feelings and on the other, it asks you to be reborn and put your mistakes aside. You keep looking at the past and feeling guilty for everything you have done and have not done. It’s time to renew yourself inside, Libra. Take advantage of this opportunity that the New Moon brings to clear your mind and turn the page. Now you are going to fight harder than ever to let go of that shame you feel when you look back.

You will realize that it is useless and that everything is already part of the past. Libra, during that night, make time for yourself. Turn off the phone, forget about social networks, and love yourself as much as you can.


This New Moon in your sign marks a turning point in your life, Scorpio. It is time to renew yourself, to put all the traumas of the past aside, and to start from scratch. This Moon asks you to look in the mirror and see yourself as you are. Take off all your makeup, all those layers that you put on top to hide your weaknesses. The Moon will help you to see yourself as you are and also to be much clearer to see the person you want to become.

On the other hand, it is time to let go of all that resentment that you are not able to completely undo. Scorpio, allow yourself to let it all go without having to get back at it. Now more than ever, you have to think about yourself. Your health (both physical and mental) matters more than all that.


You’re in a pretty introspective moment, Sagittarius, but it’s not an awful thing. This New Moon marks a high point in your life. You’ve been focusing on yourself for weeks, preparing for the future, and getting over the past. Now it’s time to put into practice everything that you have been preparing these weeks ago. It is time to set intentions.

If you are in a relationship, the New Moon asks that you get much closer to it, that you are not afraid to bring out your feelings, and that you be romantic, even if only for a little while. Sagittarius, take advantage of this New Moon to say that which you have kept to yourself for so long. Whether you have a partner or if you just like someone, stop being hints and say things clearly.


You become obsessed with showing the world that you are tough and strong and many times you forget that your emotions are there too. Being sensitive and delicate does not mean being weak. This New Moon will remind you that you also have the right to fall, to feel, to cry, to break, and that is not why you are less than others. Being vulnerable at one point in your life does not mean that you are always vulnerable.

The New Moon in Scorpio will help you feel all your emotions without feeling guilty. Now you are going to feel free, Capricorn, whatever happens. You are going to renew yourself both inside and out. In addition, you will realize that thanks to everything that is happening to you, you can help many people. This Moon is going to remind you that repressing your emotions never works.


Thanks to this New Moon you will realize the power of your emotions and your feelings. As much as you try to suppress them, they are always there, Aquarius, and many times you are not aware of the power they have in your life. Especially in your career. All these emotions help you to be much more creative, to be more real when communicating with others.

This New Moon will help you love them and value them as they deserve. You will stop feeling guilty about all that you have inside. Plus, the Moon is going to give you a huge boost to start something from scratch. By being more in touch with your emotions, you will realize that it is time to open one door and close another.


This New Moon is in Scorpio, another water sign like you. Thanks to this, it will help you more than ever to connect with your feelings on a deeper level. Not only that, but it will also help you connect much more with others, with the rest of the world. Just because you are connected and in tune with your emotions does not mean that you focus only on yourself. All those emotions are going to help you connect much more with others, especially with a person.

This new moon will make the emotional bond you have with someone much stronger than normal. Now you are going to start rowing in the same direction as that person. You will feel that you are finally two in one …


Why The New Moon Is Going To Help You Renew Inside



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