“Strong people are often destined to enter into many soul-relationship relationships”

I’ve seen spiritually awakened, amazingly strong people get into relationships that are sometimes insulting, stressful, manipulative and often wondering – why?

There are probably many reasons why this happens, but it seems that strong people are already so good at working on themselves and searching their own luggage that it often takes a relationship to really get them out of their comfort zone ,

Although I’ve never been in an abusive relationship, it definitely feels like I’m being asked by the Universe to discover things that I believe could only be revealed through a romantic partnership.

I was great at being independent and had worked a lot on myself, but it seemed that starting a relationship that was really important would unexpectedly turn my life upside down.

Relationships often teach us the most about ourselves, especially if we are already strong characters.

If you have problems in your relationship, if you wonder why everything else in your life seems to go smoothly, except for romance, this could be a sign that you have a strong soul that is here for deeper, transformative work to experience through “others” “.

That is why strong people often encounter difficult relationships and how to deal with them:

You have to understand that relationships are part of something bigger.
Strong people are often so good when they are alone, but suddenly they enter into an important relationship just to discover a suitcase of luggage that they did not even know they had.

It’s one thing to work through one’s own “corpses in the basement,” but when someone else does that, things can quickly become chaotic.

It is very important for people in this position to remember that their relationship is part of something massive and helps bring about growth, change and revolution.

For strong people to grow, their relationships often have to be challenging to get to the other side.

This does not mean that strong people are forever doomed to fail, but especially at a young age it can be typical to attract such challenging relationships.

By focusing on the overall picture and growth to be achieved through the relationship, it can sometimes be helpful to keep an eye on things.

Strong people often enter into relationships that serve a higher purpose that may not even be revealed in this lifetime.

This is because strong people attract these relationships:

1.) Soul Affiliation Relationships

Strong people are often destined to enter into many soul-relationship relationships.

Soulmates come into our lives to challenge and grow our souls. A relationship with a soulmate can be very difficult, painful and amazing at the same time, but the ultimate mission is the growth of the soul.

Through these relationships, strong people often do their best to heal and discover themselves. This is because they are so good at being independent that when they merge with another person, most of their weaknesses are highlighted.

So , soulmates do not have to be forever, but in terms of growth and development, the effects of the relationship are likely to last a lifetime.

2.) Healing Relationships

Many strong and powerful peoples are also healers and therefore attract partners who need a lot of healing and attention.

Strong people are also generally able to deal with the pain and emotions of people who need healing, emotional support and comfort. That’s why the universe brings them together.

But healing is never one-sided. If you do a lot of healing work in your relationship, it is likely that both parties will experience the benefits.

Strong people are also often sent to help other souls to process similar patterns or a past that they have dealt with either in this life or in past lives.

The only thing you should pay attention to is not getting involved in a one-sided relationship. If you feel exhausted from all the “healing work”, this can be a sign that you also need to change your mindset and your relationship to it to grow.

What strong people can do in challenging relationships:

1.) Give yourself permission to be weak. Often, strong people experience that they must always support other people, but challenging relationships can help promote the opposite. Do not let yourself be held in a relationship and resist being always the strong part.

2.) Learn to soften and melt all the barriers you have created for receiving love. Often, strong people can give very well, but they can not receive so well.

3.) You need to understand that all relationships are just experiences that help you grow and develop to your highest potential. Take on the challenges that come your way and remember that this is all part of the journey.

4.) Focus on self-love. If you really love yourself and make decisions based on that, it will help you move forward in the relationship.

5.) Remember that challenging relationships can sometimes be the most valuable. Moving through the issues and into a clearer space can create a strong relationship that often lasts for life.

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