Why Sagittarius Ruins The Opportunities In Love

Sagittarius, it is time to recognize that in love you are a little exquisite. You are a very independent person, but at the same time, you are also very passionate. And in love, you seek to find someone who knows how to understand you and who knows how to find the perfect point. But because of that independence, Sagi, you often ruin your chances of falling in love. Love for you is not something primordial, it is rather in the background. These are the three ways you ruin your chances to love:

1.It’s hard for you to commit yourself, Sagittarius. Even if there is a special person and with whom you know there is a future, you keep looking and exploring other options instead of focusing on the one that matters so much to you. For you it is very difficult to close a relationship because you think you may lose the opportunity to find someone better or to meet someone else who touches your heart more. But you do not realize that this way, you can ruin the opportunity to love and be loved.

2.You keep sabotaging your love relationships, Sagittarius, because you are afraid to find peace and security. You hate routine, you hate feeling stuck, and you’re afraid that once you find love and everything stabilizes, your life will become boring and monotonous. You have a very wrong idea of ​​what love is, Sagittarius, and that is the problem. So you end up ruining the few chances you have to fall in love. Because you yourself would rather say no to love than say yes to happiness.

3.The chemistry you have with a person when you meet them is very important to you. You are not superficial, but physical attraction is very important to you. Face it, Sagi, it’s not a bad thing. If you do not get to connect physically with a person, you reject them directly, without giving them an opportunity to get to know them emotionally. Sagi, you should learn to know people both inside and out. Physical attraction is very important, but ultimately what is going to make the relationship last is mental attraction. You ruin many of your chances of falling in love because of being so demanding …


Why Sagittarius Ruins The Opportunities In Love

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