Why men cheat when they are happy in their partnership.

How can it be that a man cheats on his partner when he is actually happy with her? By and large, there can be two main reasons behind this, which can interact, but can also occur individually.

In this article you will learn which two reasons are involved and why one of the two reasons is more likely to cause a relationship to end. 

Reason # 1

First, let’s take a look at man’s biology. Men are naturally endowed with an instinct that drives them to fertilize as many women as possible so that the largest possible offspring can arise. This will ensure that humanity does not become extinct. This means that a man can be romantic attracted to another woman even though he is already in a relationship with a woman with whom he is actually happy.

When a man starts looking for another woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he no longer loves his current wife. It is also quite easy for men to have love without feeling anything for the woman or being in love. So for men, love is less linked to love than it is for women.

But love is usually more fun for men when they love the woman they are having love with. Even so, emotions and affection are rare factors that a man needs to have love with a woman. Women, on the other hand, find it difficult to stay with someone they don’t care about.

This is why women are more likely to cheat if they are missing something in the relationship – regardless of whether it is an emotional thing that they are missing or a romantic one. Men can cheat for these reasons too, but sometimes it happens simply because a man’s love drive is looking for more action outside of his relationship. That is why spontaneous affairs are not uncommon for men. 

When a man says it was “just” love, there is usually something to it. Sometimes men even don’t care whether the woman in front of them fits into their prey scheme or not. For them it is about the romantic stimuli, such as a well-shaped bottom or breasts. A man’s instincts can trick him into flinging this way, but this in no way justifies his behavior.

Reason # 2

In addition to this reason, there is another reason that is a bit more complex, but more often the reason for an affair with men. Men can also be missing something in the relationship and, above all, if they do not address this issue or try to change it, they can find their balance somewhere else at some point. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about love. It may be that the man misses certain caresses or simply misses being able to talk about anything to a woman. Some men no longer like love in their relationship, they lack the tension or attraction and they look for exactly these things outside of the relationship. 

Sometimes relationships fall asleep from a romantic point of view because the couple has been together for a long time or children came along and the burden of the parents’ responsibilities contributes to the fact that they no longer feel like one another. There can be many reasons why nothing works in bed. In any case, this is a risk factor, as it usually increases the stimulus for a romantic affair.

If this is the reason behind the man’s cheating, it is possible that he is primarily interested in prey. As soon as he has conquered his affair, he usually lets go of this woman again quickly. Nevertheless, it often happens that a man falls in love again and can even imagine a permanent partnership with the new one. Maybe he found exactly what he didn’t have in his old relationship in his new relationship. 

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the old relationship didn’t have the potential. In many cases long-term relationships are very stuck, which of course makes it more difficult to change certain things. And it is clear that with a new relationship everything suddenly works out of hand because everything is still so new and untouched. Whether the man is really happier in this relationship in the long run is far from being said.

How can you counteract an affair?

We all know that open communication is important in order to avoid cheating. So if the man is already playing with the idea, try to talk to him. Above all, the man should approach his partner if he is missing something in the relationship or if he feels the urge to stay with another woman.

But the reality is usually very different. That is why you should also make sure that you have an honest conversation with your partner about the state of affairs from time to time. Maybe he’ll manage to be so open and name the things he’s missing. 

Otherwise there are other factors that play a role. Would you like to add a little more zest to the love life of your relationship? How about teasing lingerie or some new love positions? Ask your partner what he likes and what is very important: think about what you like in bed. What do you like? What turns you on? 

Often both partners don’t really know what they want and simply hand over responsibility. Everyone should express their own wishes and in this way contribute something to the love life. 


Why men cheat when they are happy in their partnership.

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