Why is dialogue the only way to save your relationship?

Unsuspecting and unprepared, people enter into a two-person relationship, the greatest risk of their lives.

They take too little time for each other, blame each other for the problems in their relationship, become passive and quickly lose their erotic interest.

In short, there is no longer any bond in the couple.

The solution ?

To talk to !

No work, no children, no food, but self…

At the beginning of a relationship, each couple does this by reflex.

Indeed, both partners are curious and they want to know everything about each other.

Erotic attraction develops from increasing intimacy.

But then both of them think they can’t learn anything more from each other because they’ve already told each other so much.

They say they know everything!

However, relationship problems are mainly based on this error.

The rule of dialogue

As an antidote to these relational problems, dialogue is the only tool that guarantees the success of the couple.

It’s entertainment based on simple, but firm rules.

The two partners mutually undertake to respect this rule.

But why is dialogue so important?

Each couple lives in a double reality.

Each partner has their own!

When each learns about the reality of the other, the partnership is enriched.

But if each wants to convince the other that their own reality is better, relationship problems arise and the relationship ends internally.

Therefore, the most important prerequisite for dialogue is the complete equality of the two realities.

In dialogue, both partners learn 5 great truths:

1. “I am not you”

You learn that you know yourself much less than you think.

In a long-term relationship, one partner constantly makes statements about the other.

This is called “colonizing the other” or “couple racism”.

Each is secretly convinced that he is somehow the better of the two.

Honest dialogue puts an end to that.

2. “We are the 2 faces of a relationship”

You learn not to see yourselves as 2 independent individuals, but as a couple whose unconscious has been playing together for a long time.

Your partner’s most uncomfortable qualities, their secrets for you – it’s all up to you both.

You can’t blame relationship problems on each other.

This insight revolutionizes the daily life of the couple.

Because there is no more blame and self-reproach, because both are involved in everyone’s behavior.

3. “Talking to each other makes us human”

You learn that the best you can do is change yourself, not others, no matter how hard you try.

And you learn that when you talk to yourself, you not only establish a relationship with the other person, but also with yourself.

4. “We tell each other pictures”

They learn to use concrete scenes instead of “I think you’re awesome.”

This morning I saw you coming around the corner on your bike with your skirt slightly puffed out and the sunlight shining in your hair. I thought you were wonderfully yourself.

5. “I am responsible for my own feelings”

You learn to understand your feelings as actions of your unconscious.

They do not come from the outside world.

You will learn to express your feelings more clearly and handle them with more confidence.

What to do when a conversation goes wrong?

Don’t give up on this.

The dialogues are optimized!

If a dialogue fails once, the next one will automatically be better.

The dialogues work beyond themselves; other conversations also become more important and open.

Psychosomatic studies have shown that the human immune system is essentially determined by the quality of the couple relationship.

The blood count after a conversation improves measurably.

A person’s subjective feeling of happiness also depends to a large extent on the couple’s relationship.

A good partnership is also formative for the children of the couple.

Later, each child unconsciously imitates the couple quality of its parents.

The communication between the couples, improved by the dialogues, ultimately also enriches the love life of the couple.

It’s a misconception that there’s some weirdness to good love.

Mutual understanding and intimate familiarity are the best ingredients for achieving eroticism.

The rules for an effective conversation

  • Set time

Make one date a week and an alternate date (if something happens during the first) where you can talk quietly “alone as a couple” for 90 minutes.

  • Fixed process

Sit opposite each other, because the main thing is conveyed visually and not by language.

Turn off interference (phone, computer, background music, television).

But don’t shorten the conversation!

  • Fixed change

You need a watch to have a conversation.

One speaks 15 minutes, then the other 15 minutes.

The listener asks no questions, not even comprehension questions.

  • Fixed theme

Everyone tells what moves them the most right now.

When talking about the other person (which of course is allowed), he is not judging, but describing his own feelings towards the partner.

This is the difference with the arguments during which each wants to make the other believe what he really is.

Why is dialogue the only way to save your relationship?

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