It would be enough if you were just a fun person to hang out with, but you are so much more.
You enjoy every minute of life and are constantly looking for new challenges and new ways to improve.
You inspire people to live their best lives and your enthusiasm is something everyone wishes they had.


You are one of those people who are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.
You have style and stand up for what you believe in.
You are the magnificent, strong, and capable warrior with a little nerve.
You make people feel safe and inspired at the same time, but that’s what appeals to you the most: this dichotomy of personality traits that don’t seem to go together but do.


In many ways, you are the perfect friend and partner – you are bright, creative, social, communicative, and you make every social situation better with your presence.
Why wouldn’t he like to be with you? You are everything and no one will ever be bored when you are around because you would keep them laughing and puzzled all the time.


You have many gifts especially the gifts of intuition and empathy.
You know what people need before they even do it. You care deeply about people and are incredibly caring and selfless.
When he is with you he feels like he is home and loved. You are the protector of his heart and he knows you would never hurt him.


In your case, the subject “why wouldn’t he like to be with you?” Is the most difficult.
Everyone loves being around you because of your outgoing, effervescent and dazzling personality.
You are a human person and you thrive by being around them. You are just as wonderful when it’s just you and one other person, as it’s with you and a group of people. You attract him again and again with your awesomeness.


You are excited to learn how some people are excited to acquire a new car.
You like to expand your mind and you also like to teach others.
You make people want to improve and never give up on learning. It’s very appealing and it’s easy to see why it would like to be a part of your expanding mind.


You are fun, flirty, funny and you make people feel special.
One of your talents is making people feel good about themselves.
If someone as wonderful as you think they are amazing, then they must be. He knows that being with you is magic and he wants your magic to rub off on him.


He knows that no matter how much time you spend together, how revealing you are, he will never completely solve the mystery of who you are.
He is more than intrigued, he is addicted; in fact, he’s addicted to you. He just wants to be with you and explore everything about you.


You are such an upbeat and positive person that you make her happy when she is with you.
He feels like he’s always experimenting with new things when he spends time with you and little by little you show him the world.


You are really good people. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for a friend or loved one.
You are responsible without being boring, and you are stable without being inflexible.
You are the perfect combination of qualities and it’s no wonder he enjoys being with you.


He likes to be around you because he can be himself and you won’t judge him; in fact, he knows you like his quirks and quirks better.
We all want to share our authentic selves and when we find someone who not only allows us to but encourages them, it’s pretty hard to resist.


You make him feel loved and appreciated. You understand him and show him compassion at every turn.
He inspires you to be creative and do whatever is right for you, which makes him feel like he will live on forever.
You are intelligent, loving, artistic and sensitive and he knows that if he doesn’t hold on to you he will be so sorry that there is no one else like you.

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