Finding someone special may or may not be crucial. It counts a lot how each of us is, it counts what we believe in love or if we are one of those who trust in being able to achieve it or we back down from any problem. There is always, always something that we do wrong or that we could do better to find love. Either something we don’t do or some mistake we continually fall into. If you want to know why you still haven’t found someone truly special according to your sign, read on and find out. It is never too late to shot again. And a thousand times more.


Aries, how do you think a partner is going to limit you to do everything you want, or is going to be a threat to your independent way of being, then cut your losses. And you stop working nothing if you don’t see it clearly. As brave as you always are, you shouldn’t let your negative thoughts stop you from relaxing and falling in love. When you want you can, so do not beat yourself up, or let other relationships that have suffocated you make you believe that it is always the same. It doesn’t have to. And if it happens again, you fight it, nobody beats you in this.

You can find someone special, live the experience, enjoy, and yes, making it clear from the first moment that you are someone independent. That you like to go your own way and that there are many moments in the couple to do things together and others in which each one should be able to go on their own and do other things, or go with friends.


Taurus, if you wonder why you have not yet found someone truly special, the answer is in your way of thinking and doing things. ALWAYS THE SAME. You cling to your way of doing things, to your way of seeing life, and there is no one to move you. Instead of giving options to other ways of acting. If you always go little by little when you meet someone, and then you move on and then more, and then it goes wrong, why don’t you change the method? At least to test.

Go ahead, be riskier, don’t try to rationalize feelings (it’s impossible, love is unpredictable), not everything has an explanation. Break the rules, Taurus. No more. Do it, try to bring out that other-self, you have the capacity to do it, and above all, you have a lot of strength and courage to face the setbacks of life. What is the problem, then?


Gemini, really, you are someone difficult to predict. You have an amazing ability to flirt. There is no one who can resist you, the truth. You spread joy and a will to live … but you boycott yourself when you meet someone special, and suddenly you get insecurities that do not go with you. And you see yourself thinking that you do not deserve that love, that you will not be able to create a serious relationship, that you were happier with some and with others …

Why can’t you have important and lasting love stories? Because you like your freedom? Why do you think that when they are over it hurts? Welcome to the world of love with capital letters, Gemini. In which everyone loses or wins, but plays, and always ends up winning something, which is learning. And if there is something you like, it is learning. Go ahead, you can.


Cancer, the first thing you have to do is stop blaming yourself for not having found that special someone yet. And the second thing is to believe that your past stories prevent you from doing it. Missing someone from the past clearly influences you, but you learn a lot from each heartbreak even if you think not. The real problem is that you are open to love, always, you proclaim it to the four winds, and when someone appears, you submit them to an exam that many / as run away.

You have to like this and that, get along with your family and your two hundred friends, you have to understand your mood swings over the moon … and of course, you put a lot of pressure on it as soon as you start dating and it scares weak of character, but come on these better go). Relax and enjoy, if the person is special and there is chemistry, it will flow. And when you realize it, you will have by your side someone you have always waited for.


Leo, you know that when it comes to relationships, your Achilles heel is pride. It is very difficult for you to recognize when you have made a mistake, and apologizing is that it does not occur to you. Someone with a heart as big as you, someone who values ​​people as they are, respects them, and loves them, how do you allow yourself that defect that you don’t even like? If you wonder today why you haven’t found someone truly special yet, think about whether your pride is not to blame. And if out of pride you have not given in in those first conflicts with that person you had been with for a few weeks and yours looked so good.

Relationships are a matter of two and it is difficult for you to relinquish control many times, and from there come disputes with which you blind and mess up. And then you don’t know how to back down. And the damn gives everything. Reflect.


Virgo, the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, neither are perfect people, and neither are you. If you wonder why you have not yet found someone truly special, start by believing yourself what you are worth, and when you meet someone, go with confidence, do not feel that they judge you as you usually do. The second step would be to stop giving that person fault because if you liked him so much it is because he had the appropriate requirements to notice him. Do you think you have to have them all? Impossible. Nobody is perfect. And the third step is that you stop boycotting the relationship because it is not how you expected, you make mistakes, you feel bad because you want to improve it but you don’t know-how. Are you not aware of the problems you create without actually existing?

You are one of the signs of the Zodiac that works best as a couple when you can relax and enjoy the relationship. Love is not perfect but it has so much good that you should not miss it for that mania of yours to seek perfection.


Libra, how hard is it for you to prioritize your relationship over other things? Because you have a partner, you don’t have to leave your friends aside, or travel, or be at home on your own terms. You can conjugate it all. And more you, with the experience you have in juggling to do many things at the same time. You start to get overwhelmed as soon as someone special appears in your life, and you block yourself.

If you like it a lot, you withdraw so it doesn’t show so much; if you like him just a little, you feel guilty that you are not giving him false hope. And since your head goes crazy with so much paralyzing thinking, you will surely end up pulling down the middle street. And you will put limits to that possible partner, or you will run straight away. Do not avoid anything, you will know how to do it, but allow yourself to try instead of giving everything for lost at the first change.


Scorpio, if with you he were someone as suspicious and radical as you are, you would not spoil him once (well, once, but never twice). So why are you with some people who come into your life? As soon as you like someone a lot, you start to protect yourself so much that it is difficult for them to get to you. You send him signals that you go through a lot when in reality you are dying to have a more stable relationship, with a lot of commitment and a lot of passion, just as you like.

You find it difficult to trust and you manage to make the other person doubt too. And of course, when you see her doubt, you do not think that it is your fault, if not that she was not to be trusted, that you were not wrong. Not like this, Scorpio. Everything is always much simpler than how you see it. Trust, give the person time, if he fails you, you will act, but do not act before he has done anything to you. Your doubts are only in your head. Think about it.


Sagittarius, you are so used to how easy it is to meet people, to be affected with someone if you want, to make someone fall in love if you feel it, that you tend to let yourself be loved on many occasions. And maybe in one of those, you are missing someone special who turns around when they see your passivity. Deep down, and no matter how confident you may seem, you have your fears and insecurities that it will go wrong, that they will hurt you … and you only act if the other person makes a move, and if they do nothing, then you less.

Learn something, since you like to learn so much: true love is not what just happens, you have to bet, you have to prove, you have to move your back … or you lose. And no matter how much you tell yourself that nothing happens, you know that it does. And if not, why do you miss that person so much?


For someone like you, Capricorn, life is effort and duty. This is how you always do well, and in an enviable way for everyone (those who are not out of healthy envy have it worse, screw them). If you find it difficult to find a partner, it is because you always prioritize work or other responsibilities. You could make it all compatible with Capricorn. Why do not you do it? If you don’t try, then don’t complain about why you haven’t found someone truly special yet. The answer is that you don’t seem too interested in finding it or don’t care if you can’t find it. But you know that it is not so.

You want, but you don’t know how to relax and let yourself go. It is hard for you to let yourself go, and love and romantic relationships ask a lot to let yourself go. Try it at least, then you can give your opinion, right?


Aquarius, something similar always happens to you when it seems that you are liking someone a lot, or that you can fall in love. You get the fear of not knowing how to handle the relationship, you anticipate the present and you see yourself in the future with the story finished and your suffering. Don’t let your mind dominate what your heart feels. There you have the reason why you have not yet found someone truly special.

You try to control everything from minute one, and you don’t want to risk either. The same works, the same no, the same works well at first, the same then it cools All that is spinning in your head. What difference does it make? You have to live it, and then you will see what happens. Don’t analyze so much and let your heart take you. Whoever risks can win, but whoever neither plays nor risks, you already know the result. Zero.


Every time you have to make a choice that you think is important you block yourself, Pisces. And since meeting someone and falling in love seems like it is going to require many decisions, you take the easy way. And you boycott the relationship. You don’t focus on her, you put buts … and you end up losing someone who might have become a very special person in your life. Don’t be afraid to bet on someone, your heart tells you to do it. Why if your heart pushes you, you resist? Why do you want to think better of it? Because if you decide to go for more and then you regret it, you won’t know how to tell that person? Stop Pisces rolls and fears.

If there is something that you are clear about yourself, it is that you like to fall in love, it gives you life. Well go for it, to turn back there is always time. Don’t be so cerebral, you know you don’t know how to be like that.


Why Haven't You Found Someone Truly Special Yet


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