There is nothing that Aries loves more than having the freedom to be, as soon as it regains its authenticity, calm accompanies it. He enjoys going through life without ties, doing and undoing as he pleases. There comes a time when you’re thankful for going to bed without having to stress a partner’s behavior. He likes to feel at peace with himself and has already learned to value loneliness. They are just his soul and silence, analyzing every decision he has made and that is enough. The next person who wants to engage will have to redouble their efforts to conquer, because Aries does not allow anyone to trample on him anymore.


Taurus is not a sign addicted to losing streaks. You may feel quite hopeless and frustrated after letting go, but sooner or later you come back to your heart and that’s when you start to educate yourself. Often times, their ex-partners can be confused, as they believe that seeing Taurus inquiring about the past is synonymous with wanting to come back, but it’s not like that. You only need answers, tie each end to release completely. Over time, her breakups have taught her great lessons. He still has the learning and the possibility of not making the same mistakes. Taurus, knows how to be alone, doesn’t need anyone, has never been addicted and a goodbye will be no exception.


Did someone say serious relationship? If so, Gemini will be the first to run. It’s not that he cares little about the feelings of the people he loves. It’s just that he values ​​his own business a lot. Gemini was once a sign that he thought he wouldn’t make it, he looked so bad in the mirror after saying goodbye to a love that had shattered to pieces. However, over time he realized it was for the best. Sometimes life screams at you that you need time for yourself, to love yourself, to make yourself a priority and to understand that your laughter, your wanting to live every moment and those crazy things that cross your mind, will always be there. It doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. When you understand this, you make sense of everything and peace goes with you.


Never underestimate the strength of a Cancer. You can see him madly in love, giving the best of his interior, but if someone breaks his heart and tramples on his dignity, forget him, he will not stop for anyone. It is a sign who likes the idea of ​​sharing his life on a loving level, but has no problem contemplating his loneliness. When you decide to love yourself above all else, no one is interfering with your affection. This is when you understand that the next person in your life has to be special, someone who respects your emotions and values ​​everything in your heart. Otherwise, he prefers to be left alone. He’s in no rush, the truth is that he has the most fun with himself. When Cancer loves himself as much as he loves others, he understands what he was missing.


Is celibacy only for the weak? Please, this is for those who have the courage to hope for what they really deserve. Forget it, Leo, he is not one of those who mourn the loves of the past and even less if they treated him with their tiptoes. Yes, he’s very intense and loyal, but he also likes to feel free from head to toe. The truth is, the court has never been an obstacle to his person. Leo, is very carefree, is not afraid to come and flirt with the one who attracts him. He’s a lot of fun and his impulsive side has led him to meet people he never imagined. You may miss a relationship, but it’s not something that brings tears to your eyes. Someone worth it will come. For the moment, he does not intend to close the doors to passing love.


The truth is, Virgo is the sign with a knack for drawing boundaries early on in a relationship. That is to say that he never loses his individuality and that he is not one of those who like to depend on a message. They do not want to become their partner’s babysitter, so they are better off alone. Therefore, it is not difficult for them to be with themselves. On the contrary, Virgo, toasts to his celibacy and it is a step that he does not intend to spoil by being faithful to someone from the past. Sometimes it’s much better than being with someone who doesn’t care about your feelings, let alone your plans. Virgo is much more productive, so they are still just as happy if not more. What he wants is to find his essence, everything he loves, what he hates,


Let’s see, it’s not that Libra is addicted when he has a partner, but he’s so dedicated that there is the possibility that at some point in the relationship he will get lost. That is, you no longer know if you are doing something because you really want it or just to make your partner happy. We’re talking about an extremely accommodating and empathetic sign, which often obscures reality and ends up adorning people who are really not worth it. After the breakup, he begins to analyze everything he stopped doing and how he last got on. So being single makes him want to recover, he wants to grow in all directions and regain his balance. He gets stronger and doesn’t stop loving intensely, but now he’s setting limits.


They can think whatever they want with Scorpio. Most people describe them as dark and vengeful souls, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. However, only the one who has successfully conquered their heart knows that their love is genuine, very dedicated and emotional. Scorpio, he’s not the one who throws in the towel the first time around, he does what is in his power to regain the bond, but he does not think of humiliating him either. If you are single then you do. The truth is that he is not disturbed by his presence, he appreciates every moment, place and new person in his life. Don’t put pressure on a Scorpio after a relationship ends because they need time, to explore a little more before they give their heart away. Of course he is very direct, if he just wants to hang around he will tell you no problem,


Make no mistake about a Sagittarius because they are not a sign that shuns love. On the contrary, he is very clear about what he expects from this life and how he wants to enjoy each experience, however, not everyone is prepared for so much freedom. In fact, he has no problem loving, much less being faithful. Sagittarius is one of the most loyal people you’ll meet, but… if life decides it’s time to be single, don’t complain. He knows perfectly well that his smile does not correspond to anyone, it is his and it is thanks to the fact that he lets his heart flow. Sagittarius loves to enjoy with his friends, visit new places and satisfy their whims. Being single doesn’t really mean a duel for him, it’s the time he deserves, period.


It’s very simple, Capricorn is not a needy sign. Sometimes his partners can describe him as cold because he’s not the type to dominate you all the time. On the contrary, he likes to feel that everyone is free to do what he wants, provided that the exclusive agreement between them is respected. When a relationship ends it’s not that it doesn’t hurt, it’s that he loves himself more than anyone else and also uses the job as occupational therapy which helps him get over the stage faster. . Once he becomes single again, he remembers how happy he was and quickly adjusts to his time. It is then that he rests, reflects and understands that everything happens for something. You might suddenly remember it and it hurts, but that’s not why you are begging anyone.


Maybe Aquarius is the sign that is really having a hard time getting over a love, but they don’t say anything. His pride is greater than the pain he carries in his soul. The problem is that to decide to have a relationship is complicated, he doesn’t go to the first one and when that doesn’t work it ends up hurting him twice as much. However, he is not going to beg for love, he might be madly in love and he will let go. Being single takes the opportunity to isolate himself, he does not want to forget the penalties in bars or compulsively go out with his friends. He prefers to face loneliness and go as far as catharsis if necessary. At that moment, the light comes to his mind, the ideas become clearer and he understands that it was the best decision and that it is not healthy to hold on to a feeling that has already expired. Now,


Yes, yes, we already know that Pisces have a heart of gold, that their sentimentality is not going to fade overnight and that is not the intention either. There is nothing wrong with being deep with couples, there are few brave people who dare to show themselves without filters. However, saying goodbye to a love for Pisces is one of the most painful things you can go through, you really feel that breathing is not enough, something inside is broken and it is difficult for you to come back to your senses. normality. But, he doesn’t run away from the pain, he loves her until finally that void in his chest is gone. It is then that he understands that it does not matter, that it is always necessary to give the best of oneself so that the best comes. Not everyone deserves a Pisces by their side, there are those who are just passing by to open the doors to those who are really worth it. Being single awakens your creativity, everything you love and makes you unique. It is the energy that will put you in the right arms.


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