Why Every Sign Needs A Mental And Emotional Breath

Why Every Sign Needs A Mental And Emotional Breath

Focusing on what hurts you can cause the worst lump in your throat, the kind that makes the pain eat away at you. Sometimes, you think there is something wrong with you, it seems that everything has to fail, in love, in the family, at work. Suddenly, your thoughts do not stop, they are like a constant punishment that tears your life away and you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Why does each sign need a mental and emotional respite? Calm is possible, you just have to trust.


Aries, you know that there is no worse critic than yourself when failure is present. You are so desperate to savor success that you let yourself go regardless of the consequences. There is a part of you that always wants more, that despairs when things don’t go the way you dreamed them. The truth is that you are terrified of becoming someone who according to you is not worth it. That’s when you insist on working non-stop,you feel like taking just one day off is like throwing away everything you’ve accomplished. You’re sinking and you haven’t noticed.


Taurus, your stubborn side is the one that won’t let you take a breath. The one who demands and minimizes his achievements, without realizing that you have become the inspiration for many. Be honest, when was the last time you put everything aside just to pamper yourself?How long has it been since you did what you really like? There came a time when you sank into a routine, stress became your best companion and you have even normalized it. That is not life, that is forgetting about yourself, about your dreams. It is hiding your fears and pretending that everything is fine, but you need a pause.


Gemini, why? At what point did you let your cruel side make fun of you? It seems that your addiction to change and that touch of adrenaline has made you lose yourself, you have become someone you are not. Why does each sign need a mental and emotional respite? Gemini, because you decided to let the tide carry you, but you no longer have an opinion, your light went out and now you feel that you do not deserve to rest, as if everything you have tried was not really worth it. You are much more than your job, a car and everything material. Do not get lost in the adventure and do not forget about your interior. Your soul is the one that cries out desperately, when do you think to give it a hand?


Cancer, the bad thing is that you have become a sponge that absorbs the problems of others. Sometimes you feel sad, angry, irritated, but because of something that is not yours. I know it hurts, that you wish you had all the time or all the money in the world to help those you love. But you are not everyone’s savior, let everyone fight their own battle. Life is like that, it has its rough side and it’s worth it, because that’s when you learn the best lessons. Stop worrying about disappointing others, those who really appreciate you will understand when you can’t and that’s it.


Leo, always to the rhythm of the seconds that the clock ticks, you feel that the day is not enough for everything you have to do. You work very hard for what you want, because your dreams are big and you will not give up so easily. However,it has become a vice to think about the future,your schedule does not stop, you always have something to do but you leave yourself at the end of the list. You know deep down that you only need to run away from everything and everyone for a moment, but your obsessive part tells you that if you relax it will be synonymous with that you will lose everything. Leo you are light in every way, don’t worry, you deserve a break.


Virgo, why do you want enemies if your mind is more than enough? You are like that, you worry about what is going to happen, what you imagine is going to happen, what happened and any situation that comes your way. Thinking and thinking has become one of your worst hobbiesbecause you do not give yourself a pause. When it’s not work, it’s a family problem, a plan, whatever! But you don’t give yourself a chance to blank your mind and just allow yourself to enjoy what’s around you. The sound of the wind, the green of the trees, the aroma of chocolate, go back to your roots, don’t be so hard on yourself.


Yes, you are an empathetic, sweet sign and when it comes to giving love to yours you don’t think twice. Why does each sign need a mental and emotional respite? Because there  is your materialistic side , the one that wants to try hard to achieve each of your dreams. It is okay to want more, but not excessively, you are much more than the amount in your wallet, do not forget because you are drowning in a glass of water. Your life is going to work and work. Remember that there are those who love you so genuinely that all they want is to have a conversation over a cup of coffee.


Scorpio, there is nothing that makes you more frustrated than making one mistake after another. The problem is that you are too temperamental and emotional, you tend to have a very intense attitude and aggravate the situation, especially when it comes to you. Let’s say that you are not compassionate, you demand yourself at every breath and you have a bad habit of going back to the past . You start to remember everything you could have done and that’s when you get hurt for no reason. Give yourself a chance to lose, it’s okay to not always be right and things don’t go your way. You are not the first or the last to whom it happens.


Sagittarius, is much more than an expert in leaving a mark, he really likes people to remember him and do something very special. There is a part of your being that cares about being accepted , but there is nothing that you consider worse than being replaced. Why does each sign need a mental and emotional respite? Because it is difficult for Sagittarius to have long-term ties and therefore when he does, he does not want to let go. It is your insecure part that deceives you, the one that makes your mind and emotions tell you the worst. You have to know that you are important, that people admire you even if they don’t always say so and that not all ties have to be forever.


To rest? Please! Someone to explain to Capricorn what that is. It is such a disciplined sign that it invests time and energy in what it wants so passionately that it forgets everything. He is used to always trying , something tells him that if he takes a wrong step the entire castle he has built will end up in pieces. Stop being so demanding of yourself, focus on meeting your own expectations and don’t want to please anyone because that will only rob you of your mental and emotional health. Capricorn doing nothing one day is fine, you deserve it!


Aquarius can forget everything, there comes a point where he loses himself in his own reality and there is no partner, family, friends, nothing for him. His mind never stops, he is the innovator of the zodiac, so he always looks for a way to give the extra in everything he does. Something tells him that he is against the clock, he thinks that if he does not do that right now he will never be able to and that has become very exhausting. You are ending your smile, your emotional relationships and your health in all aspects. It is not healthy to isolate yourself in that way, the only thing you are going to achieve is feeling more and more overwhelmed.


Pisces is the sign that many times is carrying problems that do not correspond to it. It is his empathetic side that prevents him from saying no. When you are not planning something for yourself, you are planning for others. They taught him that resting is synonymous with failure and that is why he is so mentally and emotionally exhausted that there are times when he no longer wants anything when he feels sad, becomes serious and does not want to know about the world. Do not get lost that way, you have everything to shine beautifully and show yourself that all that you have dreamed of is possible without the need to hurt yourself so much.


Why Every Sign Needs A Mental And Emotional Breath

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