Toxic relationships surround each of us and we will all fall into at least one throughout our lives. But there are some signs that are much more prone to toxic relationships than others. Some know where they are getting from minute one but others … Others do not see the red flag until it is not too late …


ARIES: You crave emotion, you like dangerous things and also, you are attracted to everything that is forbidden. And you know. That’s why you often surround yourself with toxic Aries people. Even if you don’t want it, they come to you and the problem is that these toxic people, in addition to the toxic they bring, come with harm. With a lot of pain. Careful Aries, the desire for so much risk can sometimes bring problems …

TAURUS: You’re too stubborn to get away from a relationship that doesn’t work Taurus, even if it’s super toxic. You have to see everything super clear, and the thing goes further: they have to hurt you to open your eyes. Although you know, in a very clear way that everything will end badly. That is why you are prone to toxic relationships because you see them but you think they can change.

GEMINI: You and toxic relationships are almost a classic Gemini. The more complicated everything is, the more you become obsessed, the more you want to discover, to know, to feel, to try. Be careful Gemini, settle for a little more, not only with people who hurt you, please. And cut, so healthy, but cut.

CANCER: You are prone to toxic relationships because you get very fast attached to anyone who gives you a little love and gives you nice things in your ear. Recognize Cancer, it seems that you have a little insecurity in your life and that is what you should work on. Whether you like it or not, you attract many people into your life, including toxic people. Very toxic Crab care.

LEO: You are a person who believes that you should not get away from Leo’s problems, but that you should face them. And so with everything. The problem is that it is not valid for everything. And less in toxic relationships. You cannot fix the minds of others, you cannot feel that you have to cure them when that goes innate in each person. You have to know how to leave Leo because that sometimes is the real victory.

VIRGO: Despite all the cold you seem many times, you believe in the apologies of others, even if they have to work hard. You can make forgive but never forget. But it doesn’t matter, because, in the end, you stay in that relationship that you know is super toxic. Because precisely, you force yourself to give some more opportunity, even if you know that it is not what you really deserve. Not deep down you want.

LIBRA: You are prone to toxic relationships because you always see the best in people, no matter how many times they show you their true faces. You give Libra second chances because you trust that others can change even if there is a part of you that says no, don’t trust because people don’t change. But you like the dangerous, it hooks you … Even knowing that it is not worth it and that everything will go wrong.

SCORPIO: You usually look at the most “bad” people, where you have that “bastard” point. “Good” people bore you Scorpio. Things as they are, you alone / you get almost in the wolf’s mouth. You think you can control everything, you think you know how to make a difference and that you won’t end up falling in love with those kinds of people. But in the end, you fall. Scorpio care.

SAGITTARIUS: You are prone to toxic relationships because sometimes you confuse jealousy with love and passion. To see Sagi, things as they are, you are super fiery with everything and when you give yourself to someone you do it all. And the problem is that the more damage they do to you, the more you get hooked. Perhaps because of the passion, because the discussions put you a little, especially for the reconciliations that come later …

CAPRICORN: You think people can change, and that coupled with your patience makes toxic relationships lengthen longer than Capri owes. You like that challenge that involves trying to change them. But the problem is that it doesn’t always work. There are people who never change. And the worst of all is not that, is that you waste your valuable time believing it is.

AQUARIUS: You are watching Aquarius, you know the first points of a toxic relationship, but somehow, like you think that maybe everything stays there and that it will not go further. But not Aquarius, it ALWAYS goes over. If there are already strange things, think that everything will get worse later. Seriously Aquarius, it always happens … And you should already know.

PISCES: You trust others too much, and unfortunately you don’t see the red flags until it’s too late. Yes Pisces, you go a little hard and you control absolutely everything, but the truth is different. When you fall in love, you let yourself go, and much. And in the end, you end up trusting … And another thing, you ignore anyone around you who probably has more eyes at that moment than you. But no, you are one of those who have to try it for yourself. EVERYTHING.