Why Does Your False Friend Envy You According To Your Sign

There are those who call themselves friends, who say that you are the most beautiful thing in their life, who kiss you on the forehead and attack you from behind. They are false friends who fill you with negative energy, who want you close to squander envy and jealousy. They are the ones who laugh alone at your misfortunes and pretend to wipe your tears. They stay close to hurt you, to enjoy every time you fall. Each sign of the zodiac has someone like this close to them and the worst thing is that many times they do not even realize it, they open the door of their days to parasites that wear them out. They can’t stand the way others appreciate your light and need to stay close to cast a shadow. Why does your fake friend envy you according to your sign?


Aries your false friend is that person who always claims to be by your side but speaks ill of you to everyone who crosses his path. He actuallyenvies you because you are brave. Because I would give anything to have a little bit of your trust. It infuriates him to see how you achieve everything you set your mind to and he would give anything to be a second in your place. It is the security with which you face life that makes you loathe in silence.


Taurus you know that there are friendships that do not convince you, because when you are by their side they wear you out. It is because they envy that you are so responsible , that you have the courage to take charge of your days. Your fake friend would like to face the consequences of his actions and not have to run away all the time. You are very good at everything you do and cannot stand your shine.


Gemini being so versatile, so full of life, so reckless, bad friends are always surrounding you. And it is that the wolf hides behind the clothing of Little Red Riding Hood. Your fake friend does not tolerate seeing you so abundant, you are so social that he hates that of you. People like you, you earn their attention and admiration, and that’s not easy. He can’t stand you being so funny and charming.


Cancer you are an expert in having fake friends, because you are always helping without looking at whom. Your false friend envies your sensitive part, that ability you have to show everything that is in your heart without hesitation. It angers him that you are so protective,that people admire your compassion. He is jealous of the way your presence fills with serenity wherever you step foot.


You are the one who does not give up, Leo, who sets a goal and it does not matter if it costs you tears and fears, but you set yourself adrift. Your fake friend is jealous because you feel like it, because you never stop working, because you love to shine and become the center of attention. You work hard and you fill everything around you with magic. Your fake friend does not tolerate that you have the ability to cause laughter on gray days. 


You are like this, organized, perfectionist, the type of person who does not lose a single detail in everything he does. Your fake friend can’t stand that you have the solution to everything, he hates that you’re the best giving advice. Hate that people see you as a refuge, as the scale that always knows best. Your false friend would like to have a little of your light and gets frustrated, so he seeks to hurt you without you noticing.


There are such false friends who claim to love you and behind your back they spread the worst of you. Your fake friend does not tolerate that you have so much peace all the time. That way of seeing life positive even in the midst of the storm, causes him envy. You put a barrier when something wants to stress you out and you always look for the reason for everything, in order not to overwhelm you. You are in control and that makes me burn with jealousy.


Scorpio, you are the sign that goes through life with your head held high, no matter if people like you or not, you say things as they are and still people value you. Your fake friend hates that people are able to see your sweet sideeven after being so mysterious and strong-willed. You are synonymous with honesty and trust, that makes envy become present, because no matter how much they want, they cannot be like you.


There is nothing that prevents you from living your days to the fullest, you are an outgoing soul eager to go out and seek adventure. That shows, that is contagious, you are the one who inspires them to break the limits, who embraces their fears and throws themselves into the ring even if their heartbeats go a thousand per hour. You don’t let anyone’s expectations influence your decisions. Your fake friend can’t stand your shine because nothing is stopping you, he would like to have half your bravery but he can’t.


Reason, constancy, discipline. You are the type of person who sets a goal and does not give up until you achieve it. If there is something that others admire about you, it is your perseverance, you try even if the tears are present. Your fake friend envies your organized and dedicated side , you are the one who works hard, you like the good life and you are not expecting anyone to give you things miraculously. Your fake friend envies that you are so determined and that you always cherish success.


You are the one who squanders intelligence, serenity and good sense. People feel comfortable around you because you don’t demand, because you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and talking to you is synonymous with deep conversations. You care about what is going on around you, you have a humanitarian side, and you love your independence. Your fake friend can’t stand that even if you put up an emotional barrier, you earn the admiration and respect of others. They make him jealous to know that no matter how hard he tries, he will not be like you.


Pisces you are an imaginary, creative, sweet being. Living up to romance is one of your favorite hobbies. People value you because your empathy exceeds any limit, you really care about the pain of the other. You are understanding and that is synonymous with people wanting you around. Your fake friend hates that you are so appreciated, that you don’t give up. He can’t stand it when you break down and sink into depression, but get back up stronger than ever.


Why Does Your False Friend Envy You According To Your Sign

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