It is very easy to lose the essence during a breakup, not everyone gets along, especially if you are the abandoned person … Some people have a harder time than others, but in the end everyone gets out of that shit hole in the one that you flood when you have the bad luck of having coincided with a person that you really don’t deserve.



Aries is a brave and confident person, but when things don’t go well, your impulses come to light, you can’t control them. Aries, those impulses of yours do not let you see things as they are. You may feel that aggression will take over your life, you will feel that you are angry all day with everyone around you. When a break comes into your life your world turns upside down.

The main reason why it costs you so much to move forward after a breakup is your competitive nature. Aries, you are unable to assume that you have lost in the game of this relationship. What Aries doesn’t know is that if you stop being so stubborn, you may start to win, that you may have already won by leaving that relationship behind, but assuming everything, you will win in all aspects of your life. Aries, realize and fuck …


Taurus, your patience and your loyalty make you a strong and desirable couple. You know how to appreciate the momentary pleasures that passenger love gives you, but when it comes to a long-term relationship you enter another state. When you have a partner, you are happy, not the following. Your world becomes something you never imagined and you begin to experience feelings that make you feel wonderful.

That is why it is hard for you to move forward after a breakup, you think you will not find something like that again and you lock yourself in as if life did not make any sense. You refuse to let your life change the routine that had been marked. Taurus, deep down you know that the decision to break has been the best, but you have trouble not fighting for something that has been so important in your life …


Gemini, you are a very kind, passionate and romantic person when you are a couple. It is true that at first it may seem like a cold person who does not like cursiladas or physical contact too much, but when you fall in love you really give it your all.

When things are going well, you are a sociable, communicative and expressive person, but when things don’t go your way you become a little restless and insecure person. When the relationship comes to an end you have a hard time moving forward because you have no clue what you want in this life. What you should do Gemini, is to take some time for yourself and reflect before making stupid decisions. Gemini, fuck, be nice to yourself at once and do what is best for you.


Cancer you are a very, very emotional and expressive person. Although you don’t have bad intentions with the way you express what you feel, you can be a bit tiring for the people around you. Cancer, you are a very intense person and not everyone is equipped to handle that.

You are a very intuitive and understanding person, but you are also known for holding on to things much longer than you should. You still think of that “special” person because you have not allowed yourself to process your emotions. You have put everything in a kind of invisible bottle to not seem too needy. Cancer, stop silly and allow yourself to be as you are. You need to free yourself and feel, if you are not lost, you will never leave that loop that you alone have created.


Leo you are a brave person, you have a confidence in yourself that is desired by everyone around you. You are one of those people who likes to have a good time, you will always be the life of the party because that is your goal. Leo, you are also something dominant, and although that is not something you should be ashamed of, it can be a reason for rejection for some people.

Leo has always loved being the center of attention, that’s why it’s hard for you to keep going. You refuse to be ignored by that “special” person, you feel that something is slipping from your hands and you don’t know what it is. It has always been you who has ended the relationship, but believe me this will be good for you. You will learn to be more compassionate and empathic in the wake of this breakup and in the end you will be a stronger lover.


Virgo is an incredibly methodological and analytical person in all aspects of life. You know how to appreciate order and reasoning, you have a fairly organized mentality. In addition, Virgo, you are incredibly loyal in a relationship, but very careful Virgo, because you can find yourself with more than one disappointment.

That is why you are still stuck in your old relationship. You are so neat that you need to make sense of everything inside your head. The problem Virgo, is that in most cases the ruptures have no justification. People are not always honest about why things don’t work or about what they feel like you. Virgo, for your sake, learn to put aside things you can’t control. Fuck, that way you will live completely happy and satisfied.


Libra, you are a fair, diplomatic and justified person in all the actions you take. You like to think things twice before throwing yourself into the pool to keep the peace between you and the world around you. Despite the indecisions you have a lot of confidence in yourself, but you hate being alone. You need to be in touch with yours.

Spending too much time with yourself can make you completely dark, so it will depend a lot on yours that you overcome a break. You will feel the need to share life with all those people you love and believe me that it is the best way to overcome a break. Libra, the problem comes when the plans go to hell. Your world is coming up and you think nobody loves you. Libra, fuck, sometimes you seem silly. How can anyone love you? You are admired by the whole zodiac, believe it.


Scorpio you are a bold, brave and stubborn person like nobody else. You are always determined to do what you want to do. You are a persistent and dedicated person with the things that really interest you. That is why when it comes to love, when you look at someone there is no one to change your mind.

Although it seems not, you are a person who loves stability and that is why you cannot move forward when a break comes into your life. You miss all the stability you had with your old relationship, you are jealous of all that, anger inside. Scorpio, when your jealousy appears you have a serious problem because you don’t know how to control them as you should. Scorpio, leave all that shit behind, there are wonderful things that are waiting for you with open arms.


Sagittarius, you are an outgoing and enthusiastic person. You are always open to adventure and you will not stop at anything to achieve your personal goals. You are a soulless soul that you prefer a curvy road to a shitty routine. Sagittarius, you are a curious enough person to grab a thing for a long time.

However, it is true that all this can lead you to a very nervous state. You are a little impatient and seeing that a past relationship still affects you makes you enter a nerve loop from which you will find it difficult to leave. Sagi, you are a person who is always trying to please others, so that can make you always want to fix things. Sagi, leave all the past behind and focus on the present, live the moment as you very well know, so you will leave all the shit aside.


Capricorn, you are a traditional and consistent people, you really like family life. Capri, you are connected to a sentimental value, that of the physicist is secondary to you. You are a disciplined and practical person, you have good manners and that is appreciated. The only hit is that your personality can sometimes seem arrogant and sometimes, with certain airs of superiority.

Capri, you can’t keep going until you clearly and accurately transmit everything you feel to your ex-partner. Sounds a bit weird, but Capri is like that, until you do not you will not be comfortable. Once you take the step, take a deep breath and reflect on everything that has happened. Capricorn, this is the only way to make your head clear and get your thoughts organized.


Aquarius you are a very intellectual person. You are constantly questioning the authority of others and you always end up committing yourself to solve the problems in the world. You are a person with independent thinking. You prefer to spend time alone, but you don’t mind sharing your space with people you really appreciate.

Although you like to share all your academic thoughts when it comes to your feelings you are not so, especially when you are still thinking about that “special” person. It is so hard for you to turn the page because you did not have the opportunity to say many things you wanted to say. Do not worry Aquarius, sooner or later you will have your chance and then that person will remember you for a lifetime.


Pisces, although others do not believe it, you are a person who knows very well to adapt to any situation. You are the last sign of the zodiac and you have learned a lot from all your siblings, so you know very well how to act in each situation. Pisces, maybe this is the real reason why you have that reputation as a lunatic, but you don’t care because you’re going to stay that way.

Pisces, you have a brutal connection with the emotions of your partners and that is why it costs you to turn the page when a break comes into your life. Pisces, you suffer a lot, you think you will not find anyone like that, anyone who understands you as that person understood you, but do not worry. Pisces, you will soon realize that there are millions of people in the world waiting for you, if that person left was not worth it, your true love is coming, believe me.