Why Do You Stay With Someone Even Though You No Longer Love Them According To Your Sign

Sometimes it is sharper than water, you know long ago the flame went out. You make an effort to pretend nothing is wrong. Then you pretend that his kisses still turn you on, that feeling his caresses raises your adrenaline and that so much time by his side is enough to save what once was. It hurts, but why do you stay with someone even if you no longer love them according to your sign? 


If there is a stubborn, adventurous soul with risk in every pore, without a doubt, we are talking about Aries. A person who knows what he wants, likes stability and is not easily bored, is one of the reasons why he does not let go of relationships overnight. Aries can fall into the temptation of nostalgia, they do not have the heart to say goodbye to a love that gave them so much. It is difficult for him to face the drama and, for the same reason, he often prefers comfort.


Taurus is the stable sign, organized and who enjoys being in comfort. Why do you stay with someone even if you no longer love them according to your sign? Taurus when you start a relationship is because you really have already analyzed the pros and cons meticulously. It is difficult for Taurus to say goodbye to a love, although he no longer feels the same because when he falls into routine it is difficult for him to enter chaos. Deep down, he recognizes that he is no longer happy, but he is not ready to take the step. Sometimes, you are left holding on, receiving negative energy, because you have such a kind heart that it is difficult for you to break someone else’s.


Gemini can be a very demanding sign when it comes to choosing the person they want to accompany them on the road, but it is difficult for them to make decisions overnight, because they do not always trust their changing instincts, let’s remember that it is a sign that is easily bored. However,he stays with someone he no longer loves because he is afraid of making a wrong decisionand regretting it over time. Also, you are not one of those who waste so much time in the garbage. Deep down you know that you are no longer happy, but you wait for the other person to open the door.


Why do you stay with someone even if you no longer love them according to your sign, Cancer? Because love moves you, love blinds you, love is the one who does not allow you to let go. Deep down you know that your relationship has been in decline, that your heartbeat is no longer the same when you feel your partner close, but it is difficult for you to say goodbye, because you are afraid that it is just a streak. You are one of those who have faith in rebuilding, you strive to save everything, the problem is that you often justify when it is not necessary. It is as if you put one pretext after another, not to face your emotions, because breakup duels tear you to pieces.


A Leo hard to say goodbye to him from someone, though he no longer loves, because they simply do not want to admit he was wrong. Suddenly, they see themselves analyzing everything they have given for that person, the times in which they celebrated their victories, relied on their sadness and were inspired by their dreams. Sometimes Leo runs away from the drama so much that he often prefers to hide it even though his heart desperately screams that he can’t take it anymore. Leo doesn’t always have the courage to finish, because remorse becomes part of his thoughts.


Virgo is so intense when it comes to meticulous analysis, that it is hard for him to accept that the relationship has ended. In fact, he generally blames himself, because he does not have the ability to fix it and that is against his nature. Virgo is used to winning at everything and lowering his guard is one of the worst things that can happen to him. If we add to that that he is very controlling, the break becomes an ordeal. So he hangs around the situation for a while, even though he knows deep down that he no longer feels the same way.


When it comes to matters of the heart, Libra prefers to be cautious, not wanting to take a step that they regret later. Remember that Libra bets on balance, on genuine love, it is a faithful sign and stays where harmony is visible. Sometimes Libra prefer to run away from conflict, pretend nothing is wrong, and repress their emotions . You have a hard time dealing with breakup and confrontation. The problem is that Libra is very empathetic, he always puts himself in the place of the other and does not know how to avoid breaking the soul of the other.


If there’s one thing Scorpio hates with his whole being, it’s losing . He is a lover of risk, of going against the rules and showing that even though the storm is present, he is capable of dancing in the rain. He is a mysterious soul, you never know for sure how he will react to a situation. Why do you stay with someone even if you no longer love them according to your sign? Scorpio stays because it is difficult for him to let go, even if he no longer loves the person, because he hates feeling vulnerable, he does not always trust the change of his emotions and he feels insecure about taking such an important step. Apply that known demon is better than angel to know.


Sagittarius is able to see qualities that no one else sees. It is the type of sign that, although he no longer feels anything for the other person, he is capable of admiration, he is the one who sees beyond superficiality and when it comes to accepting that he no longer wants to be in the relationship, it is difficult for him. Sagittarius loves their independence, but once theyfind someone they can share their lifestyle with, it is very difficult for them to leave. For Sagittarius it is very common that habit is stronger than love.


The sign that enjoys organization, who glorifies practicality and who takes relationships very seriously. Capricorn is one of those who does not let go of a love even though they no longer feel the same, because they think of all the energy they have invested, the way their emotions have gone up and down. Capricorn has to analyze in depth before finishing, he wants to feel sure that it is the best. His intention is to balance time, effort and dedication. That’s when he has a hard time saying goodbye, he somehow ignores his true feelings, because he hates to admit that he wasted all his energy.


Aquarius is the type of person who normally does not let anyone into his heart. It is a distant sign, he likes to give himself only to those who have the courage to appreciate their wounds, their fears, their dreams. Why do you stay with someone even if you no longer love them according to your sign? When Aquarius decides to have a relationship it is because he really values ​​that person and, therefore, it is difficult for him to let go . Aquarius flees from breakups, because he knows that it is synonymous with an emotional, mental and physical change . You are the person who prefers to stay in comfort, even though the magic has long been lost.


Pisces is the person who is used to giving love, the one who has the gift of empathy and can be the most loving soul that has ever crossed your path. Usually, he becomes the escape valve for his partner, that’s why when he no longer feels the same, it is difficult for him to say goodbye. How do you make him look into his eyes and tell him that you can’t handle this farce anymore? Pisces stays longer because their heart is huge and many times the manipulation is present, the couple knows that they have it in the palm of their hand and prevents them from leaving.


Why Do You Stay With Someone Even Though You No Longer Love Them According To Your Sign

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