Why Do You Stay Single According To Your Sign?

Being single for a long time can be frustrating for some people, especially as the years go by … If you are looking for love and you wonder why you are still single, here you can find the answer based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading and take notes to find the key …



Aries, you live life too fast, this makes it seem like you can’t find a little time to go looking for your soul mate. You are always from one side to another and although you are not afraid to take the first step with someone, it is very difficult for you to find time for that person. You like to live life according to your own rules, that’s why you have a hard time committing. Sometimes not only you are not physically available, but emotionally you are also in the clouds, you would like to change in that aspect to find the right person at once, but you see it quite complicated …


Taurus, sometimes you are too demanding with yourself, but that makes you grow day after day. You can meet someone with all those qualities that you have ever dreamed of and wished that your partner had, but if it is not your type, there is nothing to do … You must learn to relax a little more than usual and not judge so quickly . Give a chance, above all, to those people who show interest in you, do not let your stubbornness miss the opportunity of your life. You may be surprised and find the love of your life in the least expected place …


Gemini, you are an unpredictable person with your feelings and your mood swings … You change your mind instantly, this makes it quite difficult for you to commit to anything, especially a person. You are afraid of hurting others and that is why you stay distant. In general, you reserve your feelings and keep them well hidden inside, this makes it difficult for others to understand how you feel and can put yourself in your place. Keep in mind that being open and honest about who you are with others will only improve your relationships, so don’t be afraid and open your heart … people are more understanding than you think and they will love you just the way you are …


Cancer, you are a very compassionate person. You care too much about others and sometimes people take advantage of this to get as much as they can out of you. Being single you have more time to take care of yourself and your own needs. It is a great opportunity to raise that self-esteem and pamper yourself. You should look out for your own happiness as you generally don’t. Once you are happy on your own, you can also be happy with the right person. You need to know yourself to be able to find your soul mate, so focus on yourself and only yourself so that you can be happy once and for all.


Leo, you have spectacular confidence in yourself. Sometimes you are at the top and this can tense up your love life a little. The truth is that you can allow yourself to be single because you don’t need to have someone next to you to feel complete. Of course, Leo, keep in mind that there is a fine line between arrogance and trust … you do not let people confuse you because then the moment you want to take your love life to another level, it will be quite difficult for you to find the person who understands your way of being … Be sure of yourself, but do not let that become an arrogant attitude …


Virgo, you are very perfectionist, you know what you want and what you don’t want at all times and that’s a pretty good thing because not everyone is capable of it. The good thing about being so aware is that you know what you don’t want, but that makes it very difficult to find the right person for you. You are very critical and this sometimes closes many doors for you, you need to open your heart and let people know you. Keep in mind that having expectations is fine, but the best thing about love is to let yourself go, you cannot expect that person you have in mind to existing because it is statistically impossible, so stop eliminating opportunities and let yourself go…


Libra, lately you have felt that love is not made for you, you have had a rather complicated relationship and you have closed in a band. Libra, you are stuck in the past and that is the main reason why you cannot find that special person that you want to find so much. You have to turn the page to be able to open up and express all your feelings if you don’t, the others won’t be able to know you completely. You are a very mature person, it is time that you are also in the matter of the master, leave behind everything that has hurt you and begin to build a future full of happiness.


Scorpio, you have big dreams to fulfill and being single means that you can pursue them without having to worry about how your partner might feel. One of your dreams is to get to know you better and the truth is that when you are single, you take the most of the opportunity to know what is inside you. You know you need to find yourself before getting deeply involved in a relationship because otherwise you would completely forget about yourself and focus all your attention on the other person. Scorpio you are smart enough to know that life is two days and you have already lived one, you cannot waste time with nonsense …


Sagittarius, sometimes you sin from being a know-it-all. You are a very intelligent person and that is great, but sometimes you think that your ideas are better than others and that makes it difficult for you to give your arm to twist. You are a complicated person and you know it, you are a free spirit that in turn wants to impose its rules. It is for all this that it is difficult for you to find the right person because you need your own freedom, but if you cross the cable, that freedom that you need will be limited to that special person. You need to learn to give the same thing you receive Sagittarius, otherwise, you will never have a completely healthy relationship …


Capricorn, your ambition and that vision of the future that you have in mind can sometimes make you look like a selfish person. It is difficult for you to explain this situation, but you feel that you are following the right path to achieve all your dreams. Sometimes you try to force your opinions and ideas on others because you firmly believe that you are right in everything you say. Capri, you need to open your mind and listen to the opinion of others because that is what will make you find the right person if you only listen to what your head says, your heart will be forgotten and there will be no way to repair it.


Aquarius, you are a spontaneous and sometimes somewhat impulsive person, that is not your strongest trait, but you have a very peculiar personality that not everyone understands. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand yourself, you are a person who enjoys their freedom and not everyone can do it, so, congratulations. The problem is that this desire to be free constantly makes others believe that you don’t take relationships seriously. You need to find a balance between your freedom and commitment. You can’t keep doing whatever you want at all times if you really want to find your soul mate.


Pisces, the world should be full of people like you. You love making everyone happy and best of all, you do it in the most selfless way possible. You really enjoy being single because being single means that you can focus on growing as a person and putting all your energy into your own needs and ideas. Sometimes you like that feeling so much that you forget all the good that love gives you … Pisces you are a person who was born to love and be loved … you give much more than you receive and that is the main problem …

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