Why Do You Have Problems To Cure Your ANGUSTIA


Nobody likes to have to deal with the anguish but the most important thing is to know where it comes from and why. Only this is how it can be cut in some way. Some signs cling too much to people and when things do not go well, anguish comes, others blindly trust and others do not know how to ignore. Each sign is a world and in this article, we show you why you have problems to cure your anguish depending on the sign you are.


Aries: From March 21 to April 20

Sometimes you hold on to what you feel so much that you refuse to lose that person that you know doesn’t do you good. You fight, you fight, you give everything of yourself Aries. And that, to show you that you can have what you want, that you have control of everything and that you will not lose anything. You have to change the chip, you don’t lose anything, you earn a lot, a lot by getting rid of that kind of person. And when things are not right do not do as if they were, please.

If they don’t work, they don’t work, we just have to leave them behind if we don’t want them to spoil the future. That is the reason why you have trouble curing your anguish Aries. Hold on to what you don’t owe, to what is toxic to you, to what is long over and not to let you know other things. In addition, staying in a place that you know you do not deserve will not only bring you anguish but also anxiety, depression, stress … Care Aries, care.


Taurus: From April 21 to May 21

Your anguish comes from the disappointments that other Taurus cause you. You put a lot of faith that everyone will act like you and when they don’t do it, you will come very low. Also, in love, you think that when you start with someone it is possible that you have found your soulmate and when you lose it, you think you have missed a huge Taurus opportunity. And unfortunately, thoughts like this come to your mind: “I will never be able to love so intensely or I will never find someone like that.” And deep down, that’s why a lot of your Taurus anguish comes, for making your mental mess thinking about things that are NOT and never will be.

Please, Taurus, first you go, then you and later you. And then love will come when you love yourself first. And the loves of the past, those that in the end did not end well, are not the real Taurus, the loves of the past are past. The best is yet to come.


Gemini: From May 22 to June 21

When you enter that loop of anguish and anxiety, you trust that everything will happen soon if you ignore Gemini, or if you do as if nothing happens, if you turn around instead of facing it … It’s strange but run away from what it hurts you, it only softens things, does not make them disappear Gemini. And that is your problem often, do not face them, let them not you, to play with you and as bad as you may have on the issue of revenge, do not come.

That is, in the end, they hurt you, you try to ignore and you end up much worse than if you will let go of everything you have inside. And no, don’t go to the bad life or things that don’t do you well just for trying to forget. It is the last thing you should do. Love yourself very much Gemini, look for positive energy but first of all, release what you have inside, and start from scratch, like that with everything, without absurd distractions, knowing what you want for your future Gemini.


Cancer: From June 22 to July 22

It is insecurity in you that slowly kills you Cancer, in you and in the rest. Already in case you are a very sensitive person and that in the end is a strong trigger for everything to affect you more than the account. So, from that, comes anxiety, stress, and anguish. But heartbreak is what costs you the most to digest Crab, the hardest thing for you to accept that it may have an end or that it may end overnight. But Cancer ends, and it doesn’t always have to be your fault.

On the other hand, you also have trouble thinking that maybe you are better off without that Crab person, you start emparanoiarte with everything. You think if you deserve what you have, if you don’t deserve it and you have to run away, or if you should start a life outside. You are a bit complicated Cancer and that is why you have to work on these issues. Think that what happened in your life has happened, you have ALWAYS managed to get ahead. For something it will be, don’t you think?


Leo: From July 23 to August 22

Leo, anguish usually comes to you because of anger and despair, when you don’t find something logical in what is happening to you when the person you love does not act logically with you. You give everything in relationships, and everything is EVERYTHING. And when the other person gets doubts without even knowing how to explain why it is when you start to turn off. You consider yourself an extremely clear person in every way Leo and all you ask is that others do the same with you. And when it’s not like that, when they also blame you for no reason and with excuses for everything, you start to get distressed.

You think of everything you have done for that person so that he or she is paying you this way. Because besides, what really screwes you is when yes but no when somehow, they still hold you by the hand so as not to let you go and make your life. When that person does not close the chapter, it costs you the double Leo. And that is what screwes you … That you know that it is not entirely in your hands to be able to move on, that you know that others have to close that door because it costs you triple.


Virgo: From August 23 to September 22

Anguish comes to you because you over-analyze your past Virgo too much. A lot, a lot. You try to understand why things have gone wrong, in what the hell you have failed, why others are so ungrateful and even how you can help them. F*ck Virgo, let each one heal himself, let each one take care of his back, ok? You are not anyone’s mom or dad and you, you have to keep going.

That’s where all the anxiety comes from when you stay anchored / or where you shouldn’t when you stay anchored in the past Virgo. And besides, you know that you will never be able to look forward in that way, you know that you can even spoil your entire future by not remaining in your present. Don’t try to turn it around and identify everything that went wrong when you just need to accept that it’s over and now a new stage begins. Virgo is here, from now on.


Libra: From September 23 to October 22

Your anguish usually comes from your doubts Libra, from that insecurity when making decisions. In love, a part of you does not want to overcome ruptures, does not want to overcome that person you have loved so much. It is as if you would like to continue thinking that perhaps there is some kind of possibility for you to be by his side again, some possibility that everything goes well in the end. And that is due to all those doubts, to all those doubts since you are a person who does not stay with the bad of anything.

And that is the problem sometimes, that you do not remember the worst, that you only stay in your mind with the good lived, even when it has been a rather small percentage Libra. Your philosophy of life is very well believed me but not with your ex Libra. If it’s already past, put it in your head, IT’S PAST ok? So, please, don’t mess it up. The only possibility that exists so that everything goes well is that you turn pages, go ahead and do things for and for yourself without thinking of anything or anyone Libra.


Scorpio: From October 23 to November 22

Your anguish in love comes when they make you angry when they tell you that they need some time before really explaining to your face what is happening when they make you angry … You want that person to realize the great mistake he is making when leaving you and the problem is that you do not let it happen you have to ACCOUNT. You are Scorpio, you have pride, and you are also aware of when you have done things right. And if so, you will not hesitate to clearly show that person that you are worth a lot. And f*ck.

Yes Scorpio, instead of moving on, you stay behind trying to show others something they cannot see because they are BLIND. Or that perhaps they will see much later when Scorpio is too late. Leave your anguish and anxiety aside and focus on you, they will end up repenting. Take a look back, Scorpio has always passed, remember it.


Sagittarius: From November 23 to December 21

Sometimes, the fact of keeping in touch, one way or another, with people who should already be part of your past is what creates Sagi’s anguish and anxiety, and much. It is as if it somehow hurts you to let out what you have in your hands. You cannot have something constantly in your mind and do as if nothing. You are a Sagi fire sign, and yes, it is difficult for you to keep feelings and sensations. If you don’t like something, you let go, you spit it out, it has to come out of your mouth.

It’s the same with people, if you want to write someone a message, you write Sagi, and if they have to be twenty, too. Your impulsiveness often wins to reason right now. But think about it Sagi, the problem with this is that in the end, you are always “tied” in some way to these types of people, you are always caught in some way. You will not let yourself do your life at all. And you must control yourself, for your sake and for the sake of all Sagi. Take care to follow who you don’t owe, Sagi ignores, although at times it costs you your life. You can not imagine what you will gain in health.


Capricorn: From December 22 to January 20

You become too attached to Capri people, even though you may be cold as ice and seem super distant. Well, no, to the surprise of many, when you end up with a relationship you have a really bad time, it costs you a lot to overcome, forget and understand that there can be a better life after that. You are a person who when he embarks on something gives absolutely everything Capri, and when it suddenly ends, he is absolute without anything. But uh, just at the beginning. And from there come all your anguish Capricorn.

You give too much without thinking about the consequences. Look that you are a super independent person, but in love, you are not so much Capri. You expected that when you start with someone, that person will stay in your life much longer. But sometimes things get twisted. Stop having such high expectations all the time. And even more without Capricorn demonstrations.


Aquarius: From January 21 to February 19

Your anguish in love comes when you self-flagellate listening to songs that transport you to that old love Aquarius, or watching movies that you saw with that person, or walking where you walked … If you do not want to have a bad time, stop looking for those Aquarius memories because you know it, you constantly look for them. And stop stalking, to see what you can be doing, where you are or what your plans are.

Deep down, you should value yourself a little more. You should think that you have an impressive worth and that, in the end, who has left your life has only lost Aquarius. Let those people go, it’s not like you’re going to stop them but in the end, they’ll be in your head Aquarius, all the time. And that, in the end, will also put you in the way of moving forward. Let it be, let it pass, let time heal the Aquarius wounds, you know perfectly that in the end, everything is put in its place.


Pisces: From February 20 to March 20

You have a soft and delicate heart Pisces, although you have a great genius, that when you cross the cable you are a person even aggressive if possible. But no Fish, deep down, you feel the emotions very intensely, much more intensely than most people. That’s why many times you have problems when it comes to curing your Pisces anguish. You have to spend more than others, you have to try not to take everything personally because in the end, the others let go of something and you are the one who keeps it within days and days.

Do not eat your head too much, ignore at once, even if it costs you your life, even if you burn inside, even if you burst Pisces, and turn around, and pass, and forget and if you do not forget unless it is noticed. And do not talk so much about the issues that concern you Pisces, because you do not let off steam and now, distress often comes when you remove everything …


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