Why Do You Feel Sad And Empty Despite Having Everything

New Year is synonymous with resolutions, hope, and a lot of love. In the environment, you feel the desire to improve, but not everyone perceives it that way and it is very valid. Sometimes, we do not realize that life is not about more and more, we simply have to be grateful for what we already have and work on our best version. Why do you feel sad and empty despite having everything? When work, family, stability, partner, friends are there. What else is missing? What do you need to be happy? Each sign of the zodiac faces it in its own way.


Sometimes you try so hard not to fall for corny that you end up avoiding your emotions and that’s when you enter a labyrinth with no way out. You keep so many things to yourself because you think they are insignificant and you end up drowning. You are very clever, you are very clear about what your goals are and what you are not willing to allow. The bad thing is that your heart and your mind don’t always agree. There are times when your impulsive side beats you and you don’t listen to your intuition, because you don’t want to miss any opportunity and you don’t realize that the present is slipping away from you. Aries, happiness is in you, but it is important that you value what you already have before becoming anxious about what you lack. You are here, why don’t you start by giving thanks for it?


A deep breath for all those times when you want to stay calm, but your controlling side kicks in and makes your thoughts run wild. You are too meticulous and you know it, not a single detail is missing in anything, but it is not always good, because you end up creating stories that only exist in your head. Not everyone will betray you Taurus, there are good people and you know it, but you must start to trust a little more because life does not taste the same without loving. In the end, it is up to you to let go or suffer, you cannot control the actions of others, but you can control your reactions. Living is not a fairy tale, thorns are included, but you have the power to touch them or not. Trust your hunches and dare, you will see that once you get out of the routine your world will change completely.


Your mind is desperate for a breather, it wants a break, stress, anxiety, and depression, they have you with the pressure in the skies and you know it. The key to your happiness is in the little moments that you give yourself. When was the last time you relaxed? I don’t just mean not working, I really mean that you’ve done some meditation, running, dancing, singing, painting. This new beginning is demanding that you put yourself first in everything. That you really love yourself, that you don’t go to a place when you don’t want to, that you say with a strong voice what you like and what you don’t like. Make a space in your agenda to pamper yourself, so that one day a week is sacred, in which it is just you and nothing else. That’s what you’re for Gemini, please stop settling for half-hearted questions. Neither in love nor with friends and much less with family, you do not deserve to be treated with crumbs. Do not forget.


Please don’t be scared to disconnect a bit from the world to save yours. Sometimes, by focusing on protecting those you love, you end up investing all your time and energy without leaving a little for yourself. Is a way to self-destruct your walk cancer, you need a lot more and you do not realize. Or maybe you don’t want to realize it, because it is very difficult for you to face reality. Your problems are not minimal, you deserve to listen to you, give you love and remind you that everything will be fine. It is hard because your emotions are capable of changing from one second to another, making you believe that everything is fine when it is not. It is important that you also throw everything away in order to do what your heart dictates. Stop settling for friends who don’t know what reciprocity is, loves that control you, and family members who are criticizing you all the time.


Do you know the reason why you’re sinking? All the time you go against the clock, your list of activities seems to have no end and when you just think to stop it you find something else to do. It’s not fair Leo, what do you want to prove? You are a leader, you know that you are not here to meet anyone’s expectations and that is more than enough to set limits, but not to others, to you. You don’t have to control everything, or know everything, or do everything. Sometimes, you let your mind fill with a lot of garbage, of things that you don’t even know if are going to happen and you put aside the moments with the people who do love you. You love Leo, do not forget, do not become another machine, which prioritizes the material and abandons the well-being of the heart. You’re breaking down in the worst way, open your eyes.


An extremist from the roots. It is very difficult for you simply to think that things have to flow. You feel that life is not enough for everything you have planned, do you realize? You have forgotten the most important thing, no one has a life assured and you are missing the most beautiful things sunk in work and your obsessive goals. Virgo, you have been the architect of your own prison and it is not fair. You are ignoring so many hearts that they would give anything to hear what you have to say. You are much more than your achievements, you do not need applause or recognition to be happy. Come back to you, to your essence, to what makes you laugh, fills you with calm, and invites you to dream. Do not let the demands of a society cloud you, because your personality is beautiful, only that it is covered.


I wish you could be terribly safe and didn’t struggle every day with the nonsense your head tells you unexpectedly. It is very hard to make an effort so that everything is well and the smallest piece that they move everything collapses. You would like to maintain balance in everything, but Libra, that is impossible and the only thing you are achieving is losing yourself in stress, anxiety, and depression. You do not deserve those companions in your life, everything does not have to be perfect, accept the chaos because many times in what you need most to regain calm. It is very complicated when things do not turn out to be as you expect them, but it is not reason enough for you to give up or get angry. By being upset and focused on not breaking down, you are breaking down emotionally. You have everything to be happy, start to believe it, because when you are grateful the Universe gives you more.


You love having everything in your hands, you like when situations become the perfect puppet to unleash your wildest thoughts. Everything that breaks the monotony and awakens your impulsive side, is something that you like. You are the type of person who does not give up easily, but that can be a double-edged sword because your ego does not understand reasons and makes you believe that you always want more when you don’t. So many goals are too much for the soul, remember that you can do everything, but not everything at once. What you need is a respite you don’t realize, you have used many things to fill that void, but only at times, because when loneliness is present it reminds you that despite having everything, you cannot fully smile. Peace of mind, that is the best gift you can give yourself. Do purification, from the simplest, cleaning at home and then start to remove the garbage from the heart.


When was the last time you asked for something? You pretend you don’t need anyone all the time, but that’s very dangerous because self-destruction can be disguised as self-love. There are times when we do not want to depend and we hold on so much that we put our emotional, mental and physical stability at risk. Sagittarius, you are swallowing so many words to hide that everything is fine, that there will come a time when you can no longer and you explode. It doesn’t always flare up in the worst way, sometimes it’s slow like everything is fine, but inside you’re burning. That feeling that something is missing is the worst enemy because it makes you believe that nothing of everything you have achieved makes sense and is the furthest thing from reality. Learn to name your emotions, because you are the first to listen to them if you want to be happy.


A door with a thousand locks, that is the one that you have placed on your emotions because it has become very comfortable. It is easier to pretend that nothing is happening, that you have everything in order, and that they do not beat you. Capricorn, your strength is not up for discussion, you have the guts to face everything life has in store for you, but avoiding when you feel sad will not make you stronger. It is not weak to cry, that is silly that they made us believe to ignore what matters most. Say what you feel, scream, cry, sing, dance, let your body, soul, and heart take control of everything. A little bit of love doesn’t hurt anyone. Negative emotions are also necessary, let anger, disgust, or anger also have their own. The more you express, the better you will be. Stop masking your sensitivity.


Definitely, no one in this world beats you when it comes to pretending and not because you are a false person, it is just that you hate being seen as the needy ones. You are too picky when it comes to showing your emotions, even with people who are very close. You have been in charge of raising a barrier so high that when they try to enter it is almost impossible. Do not leave Aquarius for later, because life does not forget a single detail and when you least realize it, it takes its toll on you and it is not always possible to pay it. It is in your hands to decide if you want to live an ordeal or a good life. It is useless to have the most beautiful smile on social networks if as soon as you close your room you break. And what does it have? Okay, not knowing what to do with your life from time to time, but don’t shut yourself up, because that way it’s impossible for someone to shake your hand. Maybe happiness has been with you all the time, but you have ignored it too much.


One lap after another, this is how your thoughts live, it is not enough for them to appear from time to time in your mind, they always want more. You are a very emotional sign, it shows when something breaks your heart or anguish takes over in general. You don’t like to pretend, but at the same time, you refuse to be heard. Your biggest problem is that you ignore what you want, by focusing on what others want. You are so obsessed with solving what hurts others that you forgot about yourself. Sometimes, you no longer know if you do something because it really is born to you or because you feel obliged. Pisces, please don’t, you’re not perfect, lows are necessary, but they don’t have to be the reason you don’t give yourself your place. Life smiles at you in many ways, but if you insist on ignoring and only taking care of others, it will not be able to help you much. Give yourself the opportunity to fall and get back up, but if one day you can’t, it’s okay for someone to take you by the hand.


Why Do You Feel Sad And Empty Despite Having Everything

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