Why Do You Become Someone Unhappy According To Your Sign

We all seek happiness, each one his personal, although almost all of us agree that what makes us happy is having someone who loves us (in addition to family and friends), health, money, and work (and some other whims). When it comes to being unhappy, each of us is made unhappy by the lack of the above and SOMETHING ELSE. If you want to know what is “that something else” that makes you unhappy according to your sign, keep reading. And learn to turn it around to stay happy.

Why do you become unhappy according to your sign :


You, Aries, get very damn off by people who are false to you or cowards with life. And it makes you more damn off knowing that many of them are not only like that but they don’t think to change. If you care a little about them, all that makes you unhappy. Mainly because you hate lies, falsehood, betrayal. And you don’t understand cowardice and weakness either. And that people you love are like that hurts you.

You will have other defects, but you always go with the truth ahead and you are also brave to death. And in what you fail, you try to improve yourself, your desire to improve is another of your great virtues. Well, the solution is in you Aries: do not give them the power to get angry and less to make you unhappy. Not worth it. Tell them what you think and turn around. And pass them, indifference hurts, let them suffer too.


Taurus, if you live thinking about a relationship that happened a long time ago that will prevent you from being happy. Blocking yourself because a situation from the past has you hooked makes you unhappy. Of course, it hurts to lose someone, but you do more damage to yourself wondering what happened, why it happened to you, and if you had done this or if you had stopped doing the other … Do not continue down that path. Taurus, it doesn’t do you any good. Don’t think that any pastime was better. On the contrary, think that the best is always yet to come.

The past is part of us, it made us enjoy and makes us mature. But nothing more. The present is what counts for the future. It is good that you remember a lot of someones who was in your life, that you miss him for a while, but then STOP. There are times and new people who want you to be happy NOW. Do not miss it. You cannot imagine how good it is to come to your life.


Gemini, you are optimistic by nature, happy, and enjoy daily. And you think your life is wonderful. But sometimes you think that you don’t deserve to be who you are and have what you have. It is as if you believe that your life is so wonderful that it cannot be true, that something bad is going to spoil it. And you attract the bad, of course. You get depressed and let pessimism rule your life. That is why you become unhappy. You fill yourself with negativity.

Why don’t you think that you still deserve that life precisely because of who you are? What you have is because you’ve earned it and it doesn’t have to go bad. And unless you are your own enemy. Boycott yourself. What was missing? You are great and your life is almost always great. And when something doesn’t work, you change it, or if you fail, you try to change yourself. What is the problem? None, can’t you see? Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the present. Thinking about what is going to happen (and what is bad) may be preventing you from living in the present, a wonderful present that YOU have created.


Cancer, you become unhappy because you focus too much on others instead of thinking about yourself. It is worth that yours, your people, are the most important thing for you in life. And they have to continue to be. But before them, you should be. Think more of yourself, pamper yourself, enjoy yourself, indulge yourself, forgive yourself … You are the most valuable thing you have, as valuable as others. Don’t think that you are less valuable than them. If you are good with yourself and you take care of yourself, you will be good for the rest. If you give yourself and live for others, you feel that you fulfill, but deep down you are sad. Something is wrong. Flip the topic. First you, and then all of them. It will be perfect. And you will avoid becoming unhappy.


Leo, you always take care of everything. You are made to lead. You are in control of your pack and you like it. But when something goes wrong, you blame yourself and that’s not fair to you. Because you become unhappy. They say that whoever has a mouth is wrong, of course. Well, in your case it’s the same. If you manage or take charge of situations and your people, if something goes wrong, of course, you will have your share of responsibility, but not to blame for everything. Don’t beat yourself up or judge yourself so brutally. Problems go with life, but you are not always to blame for them.

Wouldn’t it be better if you stay in command of everything, because you’re the one who does it best? And if something goes wrong, solutions will have to be found, but not guilty. And if you have made a mistake about something, YOU will have the solution at hand. And you will strive to seek it as you always do.


Virgo, that you always want to improve life says a lot about you. Wanting to improve everything around you, including people, is wonderful. You like everything to work, you like perfection … However, you push yourself hard by demanding too much, it never seems enough how something has turned out. You demand and demand perfection of yourself and that leads you to become unhappy. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you don’t deserve it, because you already do 200%. You always try your best, you can’t ask for more. Be proud and lower the level of demand, especially yourself. Recognize that you have a very high level of quality in everything. And that there are relationships, trips, jobs, or whatever, that can’t get any better. Well, what you have already done is VERY GOOD.


Libra, continually comparing yourself to some close people (whom you admire) can make you unhappy. Admiring someone you love is not bad. Surely he is someone very special and you love his way of being, the life that he has set up, and how things are going for him. But as much as it’s worth it, it’s no better than you. Look at yourself and think about how you are: Someone who is generous, who always tries to help others, who help to make everything work, who puts peace and good conversation so that it is not discussed for nonsense … you make life better for everyone .. Take a look at your life and you will realize everything you have done, everything you always do for others. You are an example. You just have to believe it more


Scorpio, you have an enviable capacity for work and you know how to see obligations as a means to have a good life. You are intelligent and responsible, tenacious, and a lot of willpower. But when the circumstances around you affect you a lot, you let yourself go and you no longer perform the same. You are so emotional that you let some people’s attitudes or comments hurt you. Don’t give them the power to interfere in your life. If you want to stop, rest and enjoy life more, do it. But don’t give anyone the satisfaction of breaking your rhythm of life or work. You could yell at him that you can think of ten things and do twelve. But it is not worth it. You have control of your life, from the moment you get up and until you go to bed. Do not forget.


Sagittarius, in your head thoughts and plans, accumulate, and you want to do them all. But that cannot always be. And the frustration can make you blocked. Worse, it can make you unhappy. And it can get worse: that your natural optimism collides with a certain pessimism. And that you begin to think who you are and where you are going. Because when you don’t advance, you start asking yourself millions of questions, you worry about yourself and about life. Turn the matter around.

You can become the most positive person on earth, don’t let anything contaminate your thoughts. And more for some crazy nonsense, not for a reality. Reality is not what we think, but we suffer as if our thoughts were reality itself. Imagine or think, of course, you do, but don’t stop moving forward for it. Because when you stop it’s worse. You are a free being who needs to move and flow. Do not stop.


Capricorn, you are hardworking, responsible, loyal, and honest. You know what your path in life is and you take it from the first moment and you never go astray. So why do you have that feeling of loneliness sometimes? Because you don’t think that anyone can keep up with you and you advance alone. For you, it is important not to stop and get what you want even if you feel unhappy at times. Well, think that there are people who are on the same path as you, and who could go by your side. You don’t have to go alone, you don’t have to be alone. You don’t deserve it, you deserve someone to share the path with and achieve many goals TOGETHER.


Aquarius, you do not know how to live without thinking, your mind is active and never stops. As you can imagine, you have no limits. But imagining other lives and getting frustrated about not having them is not going to make you happy. Let yourself be persuaded by frivolities, it does not hit you. Idealizing some people because you see them with thousands of friends and likes on Instagram is not good for you. You are above that. You know you are different, but they are not better because they seem to have so many friends. Imagine what you want, but let your dreams make you unhappy because they don’t come true. Your great treasure is your imagination because it allows you to live a thousand lives. But your other great treasure is yourself, with an intelligent personality that knows how to dream while remaining on earth. All your happiness is within you. Do not forget.


Pisces, you are a person who flows with life, who moves with total freedom, who does not stop still because it is in your nature. But moving from here to there makes you lose contact with people who have made you happy. And longing for them can make you unhappy. Do not be martyred because you have not lost them because of you. Life is to blame. Life is so. There are people who come into your life and then life takes them to other places, to other people. Just as life takes you to other places and to other people. These people will continue to love you the same as you love them, even if there is no continuous contact. Loves with weight go beyond time. Find them if you need them and you will see how they are there.


Why Do You Become Someone Unhappy According To Your Sign

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