We have all had doubts in our love relationships. Maintaining a relationship is not easy, it requires sensitivity, attention and sometimes a lot of patience. That is why it is nothing strange that many times we ask ourselves if it is really worth continuing with that relationship or not. If you want to find out what it is that makes you feel doubts in your relationship according to your zodiac sign, keep reading…



When Aries meets someone, he seeks to have chemistry to maintain that passion he/she has for life and wishes to maintain it for a long time. However, as the relationship progresses the spark is disappearing, this can create serious doubts inside. Feeling that the passion is going out is a sign that something is not going well and Aries will do everything in his power to give the relationship a boost and that it doesn’t end. The best thing you can do is stop and reflect on what you want if you keep fighting to spark the spark or let that relationship come to an end.


Everyone knows that Taurus is a loyal person who really enjoys being affectionate and spoiling the person he is crazy about. When someone really cares, he will not hesitate to invest all his time and give all his heart and his world to that special person. However, he is a person who has very clear things and does not want them to take advantage of him/her.

When he starts to see that the other person demands too much, he has many doubts, so he needs his time to find out if the person he is with is the right one or not, because Taurus will be everything you want, but he is not stupid / a and will not let them take advantage of him/her.


Gemini is the most curious person that exists in this world. It is true that the commitment throws you back, but if you find someone who really interests you, then it will open your heart and give you a chance. However, if you begin to feel that this special person for him/her begins to be over-possessive, the thing changes. Its entire interior will be filled with doubts … jealousy is one of the reasons why Gemini flees from relationships, can not stand to be limited because nobody, absolutely nobody has control of his life.

If someone tries to control you for sure, the thing does not end well, but if that person really cares, Gemini will do everything possible to reach an understanding.


Cancer is a person who, when he loves, does it out loud and without shame, and although some people appreciate that kind of attention, with others it does not work so much. He doesn’t mind giving more or less affection to his partner in public, but he makes sure that this special person appreciates everything he is doing for him/her. If there is anything that can cause Cancer to enter into doubts, it is the continuous teasing of your partner. It does not support that person who is so special to him/her is continually getting into him/her.

He is a very intense person and this makes many people imitate him in a burlesque way, but from there to his partner … If Cancer sees something like that, he probably puts the cards on the table, he won’t shut up anything …


Leo is a person who likes that his partner is constantly telling him how good he is in everything. The confidence you have in yourself speaks for itself. However, doubts and insecurities invade their entire interior when they see that their partner is focused on something else. He can not stand that something is more important than he/she and will do everything in his power to be the center of attention of his partner.

Leo is very wrong and must change if he really wants the relationship to work because a relationship is a matter of two, he cannot pretend that that special person leaves everything aside to please him/her. Leo is a very generous person, but sometimes that mania for attention makes him lose his mind.


Virgo is a person who likes to take time to open up to others. It is not of those people who open their hearts to the first change, prefer to know the person on the other side well before sharing all their feelings. If Virgo sees that his partner begins to pressure him to open his heart, he is likely to enter into crisis. All the doubts of the world will take possession of him/her and it is not supported that they put pressure on him.

Before ending their relationship, Virgo will take his time to reflect well on the situation, to see who is right, but if he sees that the other person cannot wait, he will end, he will not be with someone who does not know how to wait for time enough…


Libra is the most comprehensive person in the world, he works hard to make his relationship as happy and balanced as possible. However, although most people believe otherwise, Libra has no fear of arguing with his partner if he sees it necessary. He is a person who fights for what matters to him and if he is really interested in that person, he will make it very clear what his point of view is about each thing they talk about. Of course, if Libra sees that their relationship goes into a loop, that is, they cannot stop arguing, they will enter into crisis.

Doubts will invade your body and it is not for less. It is a time when he/she will use the balance to see what benefits you most if you continue with that relationship or not.


Scorpio is a person who has a hard time trusting others. That does not mean that you do not fall in love, nor does it mean that you do not end a relationship. When he finally agrees to have a relationship with someone, he goes out of his way to make things work. However, when he sees that this special person tries to take advantage of his emotions, his entire interior is flooded with doubts.

He is a person who finds it extremely difficult to open himself to others, so the idea of ​​someone trying to manipulate him is his worst nightmare. Before ending their relationship, Scorpio will stop and reflect to make sure that all that he is seeing is real because sometimes his imagination can have a bad play.


Sagittarius is a person who struggles to keep things happy in his life, that includes his relationships. Enjoy a lot with the beginning of a new relationship because you feel it is a new adventure in which to enter. Sharing your things with someone special sounds much more fun and easy than doing it alone. He is a person who struggles a lot to have a healthy relationship. That is why his interior is invaded by doubts when his partner does not stop complaining about everything, he does not support negative and toxic people and that is why he enters into crisis when he sees such attitudes in his partner.

Sagittarius will not make decisions lightly if he really cares about that person, what he will do is stop for a moment and reflect if all that is happening to that special person is because he has had a bad day or because he is really a toxic person.


Capricorn is a person who in this life values ​​above all success, hard work and trust. Of course, the most important thing for him/her is respect. He is a person who always acts with respect, whatever the situation. You can not show affection to your partner, or have minimal confidence if that respect is not present. That is why the lack of respect makes Capricorn close in-band and doubts become present.

Capri is clear about one thing and is that he does not want to have at his side a person who only thinks for his own benefit and who does not care to trample on anyone in order to get his way.


Aquarius is a rather peculiar person. His interests, his way of seeing the world and his views on everything that happens in the world are very different from those of others. That is something very special and it is what makes people want to be close to him/her. When it comes to having a relationship, he has no problem recognizing that someone catches his attention, but as long as the other person is not afraid to leave his comfort zone and see things from a new point of view.

However, if Aquarius begins to see that the conversations he has with his partner do not stimulate him, they are boring and always end up on the same side, he may have serious doubts about whether that person is right for him/her or not. Aquarius needs someone to stimulate his mind and make him feel alive, he doesn’t like to waste time …


Pisces is a person who is always in tune with their emotions, people do not take long to realize that they are a very special person. He feels everything very intensely and is not afraid to express it. When you are in a relationship, none of that changes, you still feel things with the same intensity as always. Many people appreciate that sensitivity, but many others do not. That is why when he sees that his partner does not appreciate his most sensitive side, he has many doubts.

He can’t stand being with someone who doesn’t have empathy or sensitivity. You need to be with someone who wants to build a better world. So, if Pisces sees that the thing is not on track, it will put an end to that absurd relationship.