Why divorce is sometimes a good example for your children

Is it a good idea to stay married for the sake of children? That’s what they often say. But today this is no longer the golden rule. And in fact, many parents who get divorced set a good example for their children.

Why? Because staying in a marriage that is toxic, emotionally or physically abusive, and lacking in love, is not healthy for you or your children.

When parents are constantly in a bad mood, angry and annoyed, unhappy from a bad relationship, it’s time to let it go and set an example of self-love.

Even psychologists often admit that children often tell them that their parents would be better off separating. Because no matter how you try to hide your problems from the child, he understands everything. Therefore, here’s how a divorce can even become a good example:

1. You are helping your child learn to adapt to unexpected changes in life.

It is not divorce that harms children, but the conflict between parents after the divorce. But if you keep working on your relationship even after your divorce, your kids also learn to adapt to change. Minimize conflict and everything can go well.

2. Divorce will help you avoid negativity at home.

Whatever you think, the child feels when there is a tense relationship between the parents. And often children in such a situation simply do not want to go home. They can even run away from home, hang out with friends for longer, start their relationship with the opposite person earlier, just not to be at home, where parents are always at odds.

3. You are saving yourself from a bad relationship with your child.

When a child sees a parent in a fight, he can make one of them guilty and ruin the relationship with him. Children usually take sides: dad or mom. Therefore, it is better to avoid conflict and resolve peacefully to disperse and maintain normal relations.

4. This is how you teach your child personal boundaries.

When you have personal problems, you don’t need to tell your child about them. Otherwise, he will feel responsible to help you, he may again take the side of one of you. At the same time, the child probably has his own experiences, and because of your own, you may not notice it.

5. People after divorce usually become better parents.

Finally, you no longer have a reason to quarrel with each other and you can pay due attention to the children, spend quality time with them.

6. You show the children that it is okay to let go.

If something doesn’t work out, no matter how hard you try, sometimes it’s okay to just let go, not force.


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