It’s up to you that they don’t come to you with these superficial loves, you want that when someone caresses you, they can release sensations in your soul. A partner who has the pants to rock you from head to toe, someone who doesn’t panic every time you want to break the routine. You like strong emotions and it’s no secret that you don’t want anyone to freak out all the time. Your heart is soft, demanding and loving, because you know your worth and you are no longer willing to accept leftovers in anything. For that, you’d better stay alone, finally you and loneliness don’t get along so badly. It was she who taught you to give yourself your place, and no one will make you change your mind, now you are your priority.


You are fed up with these loves that rob you of your calm, Taurus, those that give you goosebumps and are the cause of your insomnia. You don’t want that anymore, because for you it stopped being love a long time ago. A partner who causes you anxiety and fear does not even deserve your attention and you know it. You like loyal people, those who don’t shy away from commitment and those who have the courage to recognize their emotions. You are a person who gives everything and expects nothing less. Of course, you value your independence, but also the company. That’s why not everyone is ready to love you, because they can’t find the balance. You’re not there to become anyone’s puppet, if they don’t respect your essence, you don’t want anything.


What you hate the most is that they come into your life with the intention of changing you, as if you had really asked for it. You don’t wait for someone to solve your life, on the contrary, it suffocates you to know that people confuse love with control. Not everyone can love you, because you’re not ready to accept conditioning love, you want someone who respects your freedom and is able to cheer every time you fly. Your autonomy is not a game, you need to feel in control of your life to be happy. You want someone you can share your craziness with, not someone to turn it off. If these are your intentions, it is better that you continue on your way, because you are not going to change anything. Life is as fleeting as a laugh,


For you, love is synonymous with enjoying life and enjoying every moment, because it flows like water through your hands and what you hate the most is wanting something. Your love is very sincere, Cancer, you are not one of those who go out of their way to fake something that you are not experiencing. On the contrary, when you feel attracted enough to think of a serious connection, you say so. The clearer things are, the better. They may say that you are a little strange, but you don’t care, you will do everything possible to protect your heart and your love with all your intensity, because you know no other way. It’s clear that not everyone is ready for something like this, there are people who need to learn to love beauty and you are not going to be their bag of negative emotions. Let them heal first, because those kind of lost souls don’t interest you.


The person who truly loves you is the one who gives you the strength and gives you the courage to fight all your demons and become your magical version. It is you who shines. When you strive to do something, nobody beats you and this gallantry makes you very attractive. The bad thing is that there are those who want to approach you just for convenience, because they want to absorb your energy and that’s when you stop. You are not there to beg or settle for something that does not fully fulfill you. Your love is not difficult, it is true and few are those who have the courage to face the truth. You don’t want to be pressured or criticized. You’re not looking for a father figure,


Sometimes they think you are afraid of love, but life is not about staying with a partner who fills you with disappointments. Virgo, you are a perfectionist and you love it, it has helped you identify the weak points of your new conquests and leave on time. You don’t cling to something that drains your energy and makes you feel vulnerable. It’s a lie that you are looking for a love from the movies, what you want is a person who listens to you, who does not minimize your fears or your dreams. Someone who is able to put themselves in your shoes and not be afraid. A true love, who takes you by the hand when everything goes wrong and who also knows how to have fun with the little things. That person who doesn’t have to tell you they love you every time, because their actions speak for themselves.


They say you learn to love when you find the perfect person, but no, you do when you have the ability to fall in love with their flaws and hobbies. It is an authentic bond, in which the spirit and the heart agree to give the best of themselves and let themselves be carried away by the feelings that arise. There are those who believe that you are too idealistic and that your dreamy side is the one that gives of itself in relationships, but the reality is that deep down you are very suspicious and you don’t like to feel that you are giving everything to someone. ‘one that has no intention of linking to the future. Not everyone can love you, because few understand that it is two individual beings who decide to share life.


If you’re clear on one thing, it’s that there are people who are magical when they love, they don’t even make the effort to take a place in your heart, because they take it in a way. so sweet that you forget everything. You’re the sign that favors intensity when you fall in love, but that doesn’t mean you lose your independence. If you are in a relationship, you put your fears aside and remember that you are capable of anything to see the person who accompanies you happy. However, you don’t want to be the part that always gives without receiving the same in return. Nice words don’t turn you on anymore, it doesn’t equate to confidence and that’s where you get picky, because you’re not going to let them wrap you up in lies. What you don’t forgive


There is a lesson that was very hard for you, but you understood that you have to be careful when you give your heart, for a very important reason, everyone is not replaceable and there are loves that don’t give a second chance. This is your case Sagittarius, you are not one of those who allow themselves to rub shoulders with people who know how to take on the role of victim. You are a sign that does not tolerate loneliness badly and that is why you are not going to settle for those that drain your energy. Not everyone can love you because your essence knows no limits, you always want more in everything and you don’t care if you are demanding, you prefer that to having to lower your eyes to stay next to someone that takes your inspiration away. You’re not going to give in, if they don’t want you to succeed,


How funny it is when people call you weird just for asking for respect, quality time, love, and honesty in a relationship. You know that your controlling part drives you crazy many times, because you expect to receive everything good you give to the other, but unfortunately it’s not always like that. You may not be one of those people who express their emotions all the time, however, you show through other actions how much you care for the person. You are not one to let go, you are one to support and it is not worth that when you open up with someone the only thing you receive is their little understanding. Your silence says it all, when it gets hard to get a word out to you, it is because you are moving away. It is better that they start to overcome it, because when you leave, you don’t even come back.


You’re not romantic with just anyone, Aquarius. You have demands, and you’re not going to give your best to someone who barely devotes the rest of their time to you. Your soul is noble, but that doesn’t mean they can come and shake you as if your heart isn’t filled with beautiful emotions. You’re hard to love because every time you put yourself at someone’s feet you fell apart in the worst possible way. Every time you tried to do your best you got a horrible response and it helped put your priorities on a scale. You are not going to burn yourself out for anyone anymore, now whoever wants a place in your life is going to have to prove it with facts and not with a lot of pretty phrases.


There are many reasons why you deserve to be loved as if you were the only person in the world. This does not mean that you are looking for possessive love, on the contrary, you want something healthy, to be sure that your partner will not seek what he already has by your side in other arms. You are no longer to be treated as a second option, you are not satisfied with half-messages or canceled outings. You don’t have to beg to be granted a place on their agenda because many would love to earn your love. The fact that you are sensitive and empathetic does not mean that you will forgive everything. The last thing you want is drama, someone making you lose control of your emotions isn’t worth it


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