Why Cancer Is So Smart That It Knows When To Play The Fool

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Why Cancer Is So Smart That It Knows When To Play The Fool

A coat for the heart, Cancer is the person who comes into your life to remind you of the importance of love. He is the one who puts prejudice aside in order to support the people he values. He is the one who gives you protection, and makes you feel safe and loved. However, they are extremely intelligent. Why is Cancer so smart that he knows when to play dumb?

They say that there is no greater satisfaction than pretending to be a fool, in front of a fool who thinks he is being intelligent, and, boy, does Cancer know very well what I am talking about. It is a very emotional sign, but the way he reasons overcomes everything, that’s when he can control himself in the middle of a crisis. He is a person who is carried away by intuition, but he also has a conscious side. 

Why is Cancer so smart that he knows when to play dumb?

Cancer is a sign that puts diplomacy first, it does not need to use force to make its arguments clear, and it knows very well how not to lose its sanity. In addition, the understanding and caring part of him keeps them away from this type of situation. It is one of the most intelligent signs you will meet in your life, it analyzes each of its thoughts and these are the reasons why it surpasses anyone. 

5.- They recognize their emotions 

Without a doubt, intelligence goes hand in hand with emotions. A person who is not able to recognize her own emotions does not have the power to control them. Cancer is not afraid to show his vulnerable side, it is the sign that gives love without fear that he will not receive the same. Also, he lets the explosive, sad, and frustrating side of him come out. Cancer always has the heart to understand the other, regardless of anything else, that sets them apart from the rest. 

4.- Imaginative 

Another point in favor of Cancer’s intelligence is his creative side. It is thanks to the mixture of the sentimental and intuitive, that they can let their imagination fly as if they were children. He is the one who has the ability to create, think and carry out. Cancer focuses on only one thing, which is the reason why little by little he goes up the steps until he gets to where he wants. 

3.- Open mind 

Another characteristic of intelligent people that Cancer has is that they are open-minded. This means that they are very tolerant, they know that they cannot agree with everyone and they accept it. Hence, Cancer is the type of person with whom you can talk and say anything. His goal is not to judge you, but you have to know that they are extremely honest, so maybe he will tell you something that doesn’t hurt you. Cancer is very empathetic, he doesn’t hurt you. 

2.- Receptive 

If there’s one thing Cancer can let go of, it’s their ego. He is aware that everyone around him is synonymous with learning, you never know the lesson that others can give you. He is the type of person who is always willing to receive new ideas, analyze them and draw the best conclusion. This is thanks to his sensitivity, he is able to put himself in the other’s place. 

1.- Solidarity 

They say we’re here to help others, but if we can’t, at least let’s not hurt them. It is clear that Cancer has led his life based on said thought since he is characterized by being a caring being. He is the one who gives you a hand when he needs it most, he recognizes your effort, and your skills and believes in you. Cancer was born to help others and that increases his intelligence.

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