Happiness is not the same for every Zodiac sign. Some things make them happy and others. Some signs are happier if they are surrounded by people, others are happier when they are alone or on their own, others having a good job and money in the bank, and others if they have a lot of LOVE in their life. Or with love, or buying whims, or traveling, or having a good house … Neither does one thing make us happy, but a little of each, prioritizing one over another according to our values, our beliefs, our personality … and our sign. Know why you are not entirely happy according to your sign. And learn how to improve it to get a little closer to happiness.


You push yourself too hard to be the best, the fastest, the one who has to do a lot of things in a very short time. Aries, for you, getting material things doesn’t make you as happy as getting to be good with yourself. You put a lot of pressure on yourself trying to be okay all the time … and that’s not always possible. It is true that you carry in your veins to always go forward and organize everything, and leave your skin in everything you do, and be at 200%. And the day you are a little down, it seems that the world is sinking. And you question everything. Do not do it, do not torture yourself, accept yourself as you are when you are not the most of the most. You seem to scold yourself for failing ONE THING, or for not always somersaulting with joy. You have failed in one thing, but successful in ten more. You’re down, okay, but what about all those days when you’re the one who cheers everyone up? Well that, superman. Take a day off. You deserve it.


You think that only with a partner you would be totally happy. Taurus, you are capable of enjoying life but you don’t think you can be happy at all if you are alone, without a partner, let’s go. You detract from thinking that you are incomplete if you don’t have someone by your side. Taurus, another person could complement you (not complete you), but happiness is only within you, not in anyone, no matter how much you are a good partner. If you manage to relax with that dissatisfaction that eats you inside, you will be better, you will send off good vibes and complacency with your life, and that perhaps even that will make you more attractive to attract someone. Your best partner is you (and if someone else comes, well a threesome, Taurus is a joke, if someone else comes to enjoy them as if there were no tomorrow).


You spend your time and energy with people who are not your true friends. Gemini, you have the power of words thanks to Mercury. You are the quintessential conversationalist of the entire Zodiac, but you may waste your gift in frivolous and unsubstantiated conversations. And you know it because many times, alone, you wonder if you are really happy surrounded by so many people that you think they do not bring you anything. Well, surely you could feel much better if you surrounded yourself with fewer but more chosen friends, friends with whom you can trust and with whom to create relationships of loyalty, sincerity, and true trust. Acquaintances may still be there, but prioritize your true friends over those. Your energy, your time, and your good vibes must go first for the important ones, and if you still feel like it, you already have a party and enjoy all those others.


You surround yourself with fake and flattering people instead of friends who really love you. Cancer, you have a great facility to relate and create bonds of affection and respect. Although not all the people close to you give you what you need. On the contrary, they suck your energy many times or take advantage of you. To feel really good, what you need are more generous and loyal friends, who support you in everything, who understand you when you are bad but also who help you understand when you make mistakes. A good friend is the one who tells you the truth, not what you want to hear. Those so-called friends with whom you vent, they hear you but they don’t really listen to your feelings, they don’t help you much (only in the moment). Know that you will be a little happier with friends with whom you feel that you can go to the end of the world and face your darkest thoughts.


You settle for your job and your partner and don’t take the big step to do something big for others. Leo, you live as you want, surround yourself with the people you love, choose your friends well, travel, work, and enjoy life feeling in control. People like you who know what they want and don’t expect anyone to bring it to them are always successful. Why then do you sometimes not feel good? Why are you not entirely happy? What do you feel you lack? It could be that you need a project of true surrender to others. Something humanitarian, or supporting your partner in their life project, or leaving for the love of living far away. You need something important where to put your energy and your time, your courage, and your big heart. And your amazing generosity. You were going to feel more proud of yourself than in your entire life.


You give too much to others and you pamper yourself little. When you stop pleasing others before yourself, you will begin to understand that happiness is within you. You can continue helping everyone because you are good at doing it, you are a handyman, you are intelligent and you know a little about everything, your advice is priceless. But you have to learn to say NO, and of course, to feel good after doing it (instead of guilty and selfish). You have to set limits, Virgo. And when they ask you for something, think: do I want to do it? Am I going to feel better doing it or saying no? The answers are in you, just like your happiness. Do not act thinking that it is your duty, but what you feel and what you want. Maybe others, when they see that change in you, will also stop asking so much of you and give you a little more.


You beat yourself up by comparing yourself to others instead of believing more in your personality. Libra, you greatly admire people with a very strong character and a great capacity to undertake or to decide. Well done, they are good virtues. But you underestimate yourself because you are not like them. And thinking like that prevents you from being happy in some way. You forget that your character is what makes it possible for many things to happen because you put people in agreement to unite and work together. You also forget that there are times when you do know how to pull out your nails to fight for something. And you also forget that although it is difficult for you to make decisions, you are making them, with the help of your many friends, your family, or your partner (because you can boast that you surround yourself with the best). Really, the problem is not that you lack anything but that you have to believe everything you have (and you have a lot, be proud).


Grudge prevents you from showing your true heart, and it obscures your kindest part. Scorpio, that resentment that is born when you are hurt, when you feel unfairly treated, does not do you good. When you hold a grudge against someone, you feel like it’s you in essence, but it doesn’t feel right afterward, acknowledge it. You like the way you are and you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses alike. You assume them as yours, whether you like them more or less. So you assume with a dignity that you are a spiteful person. But that prevents you from being happy at all (because you don’t like being that way). Try to be less radical: you can enhance your virtues but moderate your defects. Especially when they don’t do you any good. The first step would be to try not to think about how bad anyone has done you. Because that feeds your grudge. You have mental strength, use it not to think about THAT. When you can think and not get angry, How about you forgive? And if you forget, it is to give you the best grade.


You like winning so much that you spend too much energy arguing to impose what you want and what you think. Sagittarius, nobody doubts that you are someone sociable, very moved, and with great gifts for conversation. You put your intelligence at the service of your life to make it more stimulating, with plans, relationships, and intellectually. And that leads you to grow too much in relation to others. And you get lost with the forms when you want to impose your criteria. And you argue too much with every living creature. Why then are you not entirely happy? Because deep down in your heart you know you are overreaching and abusing your power. Loosen up, give in, speak without raising your voice, listen to the other… do all these more times. You don’t have to convince anyone that what you think is best. Respect what they think. Speak without arguing. You don’t have to dramatize so much or face everything that is not what you think. You can listen, you can give your opinion and in any case say: I do not agree. No more.


You focus too much on your responsibilities and the most practical (and least fun) part of life. Capricorn, being so clear that you want to be something in life is a coin with its face and its cross. Because being ambitious is good, (as many as you are). But blindness following a path and a goal prevents you from enjoying the things that are on the side of the path. And deep down you know that this prevents you from being completely happy. You could feel much better if you knew how to disconnect from all your obligations, delegate responsibilities, not beat yourself up so much. Focus more on your relationships, enjoy life more, and leave work second (a little at least). Relax, turn off your mobile and email, and go out, go on a trip, see friends, find a crazy plan to do with your partner, laugh … You will feel much better.


You let what others think affect you because you end up believing that they are still right. AquariumWhen you are alone and you think about your life (thinking is your favorite hobby, your way of living) you feel that you are a good person, you help those who ask you, you enjoy life and you feel moderately happy. When others criticize you or belittle you, you sink in (and that does not agree with someone who is so sure of himself most of the time). Being so different from others is a treasure; you must not let anyone make you feel that this is bad. Because they are wrong, and so are you if you listen to what they say and take it seriously. Deep down it affects you because you are more sensitive than you think, and what you want to show. Be proud of yourself when you are alone with your thoughts but also when you interact with others. For others to accept you, the first thing is to accept yourself. From there,


You live in fear of losing someone in the future and that prevents you from enjoying yourself to the fullest in the present. Pisces, you are the dreamer of the Zodiac. And that gives you a special capacity to be happy because you unite reality with your dreams. Why aren’t you entirely happy then? Because when your dreams come true, terror and insecurities take over you. Because you are afraid of falling for what you have achieved. You stop enjoying the present because you have your head in the future. TODAY is your moment. Tell me what you are today, not what you can become tomorrow. Nor if in the past you did that or that. Say goodbye to bad memories from the past (when you lost love, for example) and jump for joy at the present (when a new love has come into your life). When you want, nobody wins you in enjoying the moment. Well, live that moment, don’t be afraid to lose anyone tomorrow because in the future you don’t want the same as today.


Why Are You Not Completely Happy According To Your Sign

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