Why Are You Not Bad Or Holy According To Your Sign

Why Are You Not Bad Or Holy According To Your Sign

Your life, your peace, we are not here to please others, it is difficult enough to accept ourselves as to still invest time in absurd demands. It is not worth investing your energy in wanting to conquer the hearts of those around you, because there will always be someone who is not happy with any minute detail. You cannot pretend that everything is fine, nor can you complain all the time, the best thing you can do is let go. Yes, sometimes tears are present without warning, but it is like that, you are not bad or holy and your zodiac sign is the proof of it:

1.- Aries

If there is something that Aries is very clear about, it is that it is not perfect. Please! It is a sign of fire, so he was born with his pants on well and if the explosive side has to be run, he does it. But that does not mean that they go through the world manipulating everyone who crosses them, as many people say. Aries is determined and authoritative because he knows what he wants in this life and he likes the good. But he does not get angry about anything, nor does he hurt people who do not deserve it. Stop lifting fake.

2.- Taurus

Yes, he is stubborn, focused and somewhat superficial. Taurus has never been described as a perfect being, but at least he focuses on the good of his personality, he knows that his character has been a key piece in making his dreams come true and now he does not think to lower his guard just because a few say that he has no heart and that his soul is full of evil. They say he’s too ambitious, just because he doesn’t take his finger off the line . I’m really sorry, but if the rest of the people have not reached maturity enough to understand that in this life money is as important as love, it is their problem. Taurus will not fall for their game.

3.- Gemini

Geminis don’t care if they say a whole mass about their behavior. Anyway, they always talk and there is always someone who is not happy at all. It seems that the free and happy way in which he sees life is a sin. It’s so much easier to judge him before trying to put himself in his shoes, so they say he’s bad because he doesn’t take anything seriously because he puts party before responsibility. With grief, but it is Mercury who sets the tone in his steps, he was born to live today, to communicate every last thing in his head and whoever does not feel comfortable with it, look the other way because he will not change.

4.- Cancer

The problem with people regarding the Cancer personality is that they do not tolerate or rather do not understand the sensitivity with which they view life. They call him exaggerated, just because he dares to let his emotions take control from time to time and that does not mean that it is not a rational sign, on the contrary, his wit has also opened many doors for him, so he is not going to stop. to give explanations to anyone. They say it is dramatic because its mood swings. Too bad if other people have the urge to fake smiles all the time. Cancer will not fall for that hypocrisy.

5.- Leo

As the song says, they say what they want about Leo. The truth is that you are very used to receiving points and comments that nobody asked for. It’s funny the way people feel they have the right to have an opinion as if they really knew it their whole life. Only Leo knows that every morning he wakes up fighting with the ghosts of the past, with the wounds that occasionally open and with the many dreams knocking on his door. Leo can be unshakable, but also very fierce, if you keep saying that he is controlling and self-centered, he will put you in your place.

6.- Virgo

Meticulous Virgo, perfectionist, anxious. Honestly even he could make a long list of his defects without a problem. But… it seems that the rest of the people cannot deal with it and it is better to describe Virgo as an obsessive, someone who has long lost the true essence of life. Just because you don’t accept their standards doesn’t mean it’s wrong . Virgo is more understanding than negative, but only people who have the privilege of entering his heart can understand him. The others keep talking.

7.- Libra

Libra is used to receiving burdens that they do not deserve, but that does not mean that they accept them. You have learned that it is best to dismiss comments from people who only come into your life to hurt. It is Venus who helps you keep your balance and highlights your beauty. Their soul is so genuine that people do not tolerate it out of envy and that is when they begin to criticize them and describe them as frivolous and superficial beings. Please, if Libra is able to remove bread from her mouth for those who need it. He is insecure, indecisive, but never superficial, so much kindness would not allow it.

8.- Scorpio

It is clear that Scorpio is not a bad sign nor is it a saint. You are not expecting people to thank you for all the good you have done by lighting candles, but … you are not going to allow them to say that you do not have a heart. It’s actually one of the sweetest and most emotional signs of the zodiac, with people who deserve it. However, if you spend all the time hurting Scorpio and saying hurtful comments, then you are going to know his impetuous side, the one that is able to put you in your place in the blink of an eye. Scorpio can hurt you without lifting a single finger, don’t underestimate it.

9.- Sagittarius

Yes, Sagittarius is fun, attentive, social, he does not take things to heart, but although he tries to go through life calmly, there are those who do not tolerate his happiness and all they do is put one obstacle after another in their life; then they know their worst side . Just when he sets limits is when people say that he is daring, that he has no respect for anyone and they magically forget all the times in which they attacked and Sagittarius did not say anything. Until the moment comes when he defends himself and everyone judges him. If that’s why it’s bad, then shout it from the rooftops.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn the demanding, the ambitious, the one who does not settle for anything. Yes, it is very easy to judge from the outside, when you do not know how many times this sign has felt that it cannot take it anymore and anyway it gets up to move on. He does not seek perfection as many say, he simply wants to improve himself, he works hard to become his best version and if the rest understand that as competition, it is their problem. He doesn’t want to be on top of anyone, but they can’t deal with his perseverance, but they’re not going to like it. If they want to talk, let them do it, if they want to give him the role of the villain in the story, go ahead!

11.- Aquarius

If a thousand times they call Aquarius crazy, a thousand times he ignores them. The truth is that he is used to having pests speak about him, without even having a minimal approach. It is one of the signs that he does not usually mess with anyone, but people stick to including him in their conversations in a negative way . They say it is too weird, because it does not conform to the way of thinking of the rest and because it is always looking for something new. Aquarius is not perfect, it is revolutionary and if it has to reject people it will.

12.- Pisces

Pisces is not a saint to win the admiration of people, but he is not a bad person either. Most of the time he is focused on helping, he is not selfish, he cares about others and people judge him for that. So what do they want? When he sinks into his own world he is also wrong. Pisces are sensitive, insecure, and some opinions may cause their world to shake overnight, but they are not going to get hooked. He has already learned that sometimes there is no choice but to make himself a priority even if it hurts the rest, there is no more.


Why Are You Not Bad Or Holy According To Your Sign

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