1. Lion is angry because he asserts himself.

Due to their flashy nature and wanting the spotlight to be directly on them all the time, a Leo zodiac sign will aggressively transform into the person no one wants to be around.
Once they get the impression that other people no longer feel as intrigued by them, they will become the arrogant “pos” who is not welcome at the party.
They can even go so far as to disparage someone for not giving them the attention they feel they deserve.
Not only does this intimidate the other person, but it can show their demonstration of domination over others.

2. Frustration can drive a Lion crazy.

A Lion will be proud to help others, but sometimes it is not for the right reasons.
They will help a friend but will become very disrespectful if the person does not fully understand what is going on or how to solve their problems.
Never think that you can reach a Lion with love and affection.

3. An angry Lion feels dissatisfied.

These fiery people must be spoiled with materialistic objects and even when you give them the best things in life, nothing will satisfy their desires.
Another thing to note is that you will never be able to compete with a Lion because they believe they are simply the best of the best.

4. A roaring Lion is one who wants to be recognized.

There is no friendly competition against these lions as they will do whatever it takes to be number one.
There may be a Lion out there whose ego can be so fragile if someone dares to try to test it.
They will not forget it and could do something nasty behind your back.

5. Lions are so angry when they feel out of control.

The only way to describe the behaviour of an angry Lion is that of an angry child who constantly kicks and shouts.
A Lion does not seem to be any different from a child who enters the candy store, then is told that he cannot do what he wants.
Anger has no limits when it comes to Lion’s rage.
That being said, I don’t fully believe that every Lion has these super edgy and sombre qualities.
No one is born the same even with the same astrological sign!
But if you ever meet a Lion acting angry, you may want to reconsider your relationship with him.


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