Who Are The Signs That When They Love, Feel Much More Than Butterflies

Who Are The Signs That When They Love, Feel Much More Than Butterflies

Loving … I wish it were so simple, I wish we didn’t have to put the cracks of the heart at risk. There are those who do not fall in love easily, but when they do they break with all those ideals that they made us believe since we were little. There are those who seek magic, a lot of adrenaline, moments that can be tattooed in their memory. You are given permission to experience each touch shaking your emotions. They are called romantics, but they are simply the brave ones who give themselves without a shell. Who are the signs that when they love they feel much more than butterflies?

1.- Pisces 

The love that takes strong by the hand, the one that stares at you while playing on the grass, the one that admires you without you noticing. Dreaming love, the one that is capable of immersing itself in your fears, in what you tell the walls of your room . Pisces is a caress full of tenderness, it is the one that overflows for you and is never enough . He likes to fill his partner with details and when it comes to persuading there is no one who beats him. He is the one who has the gift of making you feel everything by being close.

2.- Cancer 

Loving Cancer is like jumping into the sea, you get lost between the beauty of its waves and the endless blue. He is the one who looks you in the face and promises you loyalty from the bottom of his heart. He likes to hug you with passion , it is love that teaches you what it is to be a priority for someone. He wants to protect you, pamper you and show you that he will always be there through thick and thin. It is not a love that suffocates you, it is one of those who give themselves as if there were no tomorrow, but calmly.

3.- Taurus 

Taurus is like that soft, captivating song full of honesty. It is the love that learned to love more than with butterflies, because it always puts sincerity first. He is the one who exalts his partners and although for many it can be cold, for those who dare to lose themselves in their emotions it is synonymous with shelter. It is who when he falls in love shouts to the world how important you are in his life. Taurus passion is genuine, he is the one who looks you straight ahead and makes your skin stiff from head to toe.

4.- Libra 

Who are the signs that when they love they feel much more than butterflies? Libra one of them. The love that can throw you into terrible confusion. The one who comes into your life to teach you what it is to love without prejudice. Libra kisses soul to soul, knows no other way to love. He is the one who discovers your deepest fears and immerses himself in them. Libra is affectionate, sincere, but it is also a cluster of fears. There are times when you run away because you are scared of feeling so much and at the same time you are terrified of ending up with your heart shattered. But once he loves you, he promises you fidelity above all else.

5.- Leo 

Romance, passion, darling. There are loves that surround you in such a fiery way that they take your breath away. Loves like Leo, that ignite you with their energy, that fill you with life and remind you of how much you are worth. It is not a sign that is satisfied with a superficial love, it wants something very deep, like that treasure that you hide from the rest . Leo knows no limits, feeling a lot of butterflies is not enough. He wants to experience that cluster of racing heartbeats, endless caresses and conversations that heal the soul.


Who Are The Signs That When They Love, Feel Much More Than Butterflies

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