Which Zodiac Sign Will I Marry? Look At The Position Of The Houses!

Which Zodiac Sign Will I Marry? Look At The Position Of The Houses!

Do you wonder who you will marry someday? Astrology and especially the seventh house tell you more.

Which zodiac sign will you marry? Just look at the seventh house!

Who will I marry?

If you’ve asked yourself this question before, you’ve come to the right place. Because: Astrology, the signs of the zodiac, and above all the seventh house in your natal chart can tell you which signs of the zodiac you are particularly attracted to and often. This means that the chances are relatively high that one of these signs might even become your husband or wife.

What are houses in astrology?

The astrological house system is, so to speak, the division of the cosmos around planet earth. It represents a graphical subdivision that can be used to calculate horoscopes. There are 12 houses in total. These are shown in a circle with 12 sections. Each of these sections is ruled by a zodiac sign and represents a very specific area of ​​your life.

Why is the seventh house important for partner choice?

The seventh house is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra. As is well known, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. This symbol stands for aesthetics and harmony – Venus for love. So if you want to find out which people you find particularly attractive, then you just have to take a quick look at your natal chart. Which zodiac sign do you find in your seventh house? Capricorn? Fishes? Then it could be that these are the zodiac signs that you attract and that you may even marry at some point.

What if I have more than one zodiac sign in my 7th house?

If there is more than one zodiac sign in your seventh house, you may have more than one partner in your life. Multiple marriages are not excluded.

Which Zodiac Sign Will I Marry? Look At The Position Of The Houses!

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