Which zodiac sign is the fastest to fall in love with? Sorted from difficult to easy.

The ranking: Which zodiac sign is the fastest to fall in love with? 

How quickly you fall in love with someone depends primarily on the personality of the person concerned. The stars can tell whether a person is more likely to be someone you can quickly fall in love with or someone who is more difficult to fall in love with. 

In this article, the zodiac signs are sorted from difficult to simple:


An Aquarius is rather distant and closed. He wants to protect himself from lovesickness. That’s why he’s more of a human being that it’s hard to fall in love with. 

Nevertheless, he is loving and caring. You can trust him and rely on him to be there for you in difficult moments. However, Aquarius finds it difficult to let go of his fear and likes to manipulate the people around him. So he stands in the way of his great love himself.


A twin changes his mind and moods every day. That’s why most people find it difficult to fall in love with them. Twins go from one extreme to the next and are unpredictable. 

On the other hand, they are mysterious and open-minded. These are pluses that can be useful to the twin. He should still work on himself to become more balanced. Then it will be easier for other people to fall in love with them.


Spending time with a scorpion is fun. Because people with this zodiac sign are very passionate and fully involved in everything they do. They take love very seriously and that is also their problem. Sometimes they take things too seriously and are almost going crazy. 

They start to become possessive and let their jealousy control them too much. As a result, they can quickly lose the people they love.


Capricorns are a bit more qualified people to fall in love with. Because they make something of their lives and think ahead. They work hard for their goals and are usually in control of their lives. 

However, some people find it difficult to deal with this perfectionism. You have to be spontaneous in love, dear Capricorn. That’s why you have to let go of your urge for the perfect life and sit back.


With the virgin, love is not the problem, but getting to know each other. They are very closed beings and do not let people get to them so easily. Only when you get to know them properly – if you get the chance – do you see their true beauty.

Virgins are smart and caring, almost perfect relationship partners. You should try to trust people more in order to open yourself up to others more quickly. Otherwise, you will miss some good options. 


The lion is always in the way of the lion. Because that doesn’t make other people damn easy to fall in love with. Lions are not themselves when the ego takes over. Then they suddenly become too dominant and condescending. 

Others don’t like being with someone who thinks they’re the smartest. Nevertheless, there are also pages on the lion that captivate others. Because a lion can also be very generous and loving. 


The fish is also afraid of being injured. He is distant and reserved, especially at the beginning. But at some point, he manages to overcome his fear and shows his passion for the world. 

When you have a fish so far, it is no longer difficult to fall in love with it. Because his personality is very attractive. 


Aries sometimes have a few problems when it comes to love. Because they too are afraid of being let down. However, the ram can handle it quite well. 

A ram is even very suitable as a partner. Because he is sensitive and cares for his fellow human beings. He even pays attention to small details or things that have been told to him at some point – he is so attentive.


Scales are special people. So it’s easy to fall in love with her. You also feel special in their vicinity. You have a lot of fun with them and can experience many new adventures. 

Libra also has the gift of making the humor out of other people, even if the person does not know their own humor at all.


Sagittarius people have a lot of qualities that speak for a relationship partner. The good thing about them is that they communicate openly and honestly. They say when they want something and disclose their honest opinion.

So with a shooter, you feel right at home. Because you know where you are with him. That is why people fall in love with shooters very quickly.


The bull is considered the most faithful zodiac sign in astrology. He makes people he loves his personal priority. Of course, most people find it very easy to fall in love with such a person. 

Bulls have no problem trusting others. They are honest and committed, but they also know what they want and what makes them happy. That is why they are the dream of a partner.


If you don’t fall in love with cancer, you really have a frozen heart. Because crabs are among the zodiac signs that you can fall in love with the fastest. This is mainly due to the fact that they are very honest with their emotional world. 

You have very good access to this world. They understand themselves and have no problem speaking openly about it. This helps others to understand and get to know them. That is why there is usually a very familiar relationship right from the start. 

Another point is that cancer is also extremely empathetic and understands the emotions of others. And that is the core of love – understanding the other and accepting them as they are. You’re in the right place for cancer.


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