Whether in real life or in the fictional universe of series, we do not all have the same conception of the ideal couple. Some, like Cancer and Fish, love romance and eternal love stories. While others prefer complicated but intense stories like Libra or Scorpio. Find out which series pair fits you according to your astrological sign … So, are you more Blair and Chuck? Tokyo and Rio? Or Claire and Jamie?

1. Aries: Daenerys and Drogo from Game of Thrones

In love, Aries is a fiery and wild partner. He sees seduction as a competition and is ready to do anything to conquer his partner by showing him that he is the strongest and most valiant. Of course, the passionate duo formed by Daenerys and Drogo from the Game of Thrones series makes him totally dream!

2. Taurus: Meredith and Derek Gray’s Anatomy

The most iconic couple in the Gray’s Anatomy series, Meredith and Derek make Taurus dream. And even if they encounter many obstacles, the two lovebirds will evolve with a lot of tenderness and complicity and even build their own family! It does not take more to marvel the sign of family values, Taurus!

3. Gemini: Emma, ​​Jack and Izzy of You, Me, She

Open sign, curious and especially anti-conventional, Gemini never does anything like nobody. And in love, he is the type to try new romantic experiences rather than sticking to a relatively classic couple life. And if he confessed to have a weakness for the triple of the series You, Me, She?

4. Cancer: Alisha and Simon of Misfits

Between these two characters, everything is about complementarity. He is shy and unsure of himself. She is determined and full of conviction. Two different personalities who cross their path and who end up forming an indestructible duo. But what has moved Cancer the most is the romanticism of their love scene. It must be said, this is the most tender moment of the whole series!

5. Leo: Blair and Chuck of Gossip Girl

Who better than this mythical couple to embody the dreamed couple of the Lion? Between the various quests of power, the mundane parties, the heated disputes and the passionate reunion, the Lion sees in this couple, the perfect idyll! Of course, nothing is rosy in the Upper East Side … But despite the storms, love still triumphs …

6. Virgo: Rebecca and Jack of This is us

In love, the Virgin needs a real-life partner. She must be able to see in him a friend, a confidant and a lover. Although she is a perfectionist, she is aware that a couple only works with concessions and that the trials of life strengthen love. And that’s exactly what’s happening between Rebecca and Jack from the series This is us!

7. Libra: Carrie and Mister Big of S*x and the City

Libra is in contradiction: she seeks harmony but can not help but be drawn to complicated stories. It must be said, indecision is his speciality, like the famous couple Carrie and Mister Big of S*x and the City. These two played the game of cat and mouse, turned around and finally found their balance …

8. Scorpion: Elena and Damon from Vampire Diaries

The most mysterious sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio has a rather particular vision of love. He is passionate about excessive behaviour known for his self-destructive tendencies. And often, his relationships are tumultuous. No wonder, then, that the couple formed by Elena and Damon from Vampire Diaries match him …

9. Sagittarius: Tokyo and Rio de la Casa de Papel

Follower of adventures and great thrills, Sagittarius does not support the routine. But above all, it is an individual addicted to his freedom who can not stand to be told what to do. Do you remember someone? We, we immediately think of the duo Tokyo-Rio de la Casa de Papel. Especially when you know that one of the rules of the teacher is: no intimate relationship between the robbers …

10. Capricorn: Maggie and Glenn of The Walking Dead

Here is a fairly classic love story. Certainly, a story invaded by zombies but a traditional story anyway. And like any stable relationship, that of Maggie and Glenn will lead, despite the difficulties, to the construction of a family … What to crack the most conservative sign in love: Capricorn …

11. Aquarius: Nomi and Amanita of Sense 8

From their personalities, these two characters form a shock duo that marked the series Sense 8. Together, the two women are ready to do anything to live their love in the open. And if Aquarius could live this idyll, it’s because like these two colourful characters, it’s a rock sign that has nothing to do with conventions …

12. Pisces: Claire and Jamie Outlander

Renowned for its dreamy, idealistic and ultra-blue flower temperament, the Fish can perfectly identify with the duo formed by Claire and Jamie from the Outlander series. This romance offers a journey through time and borders. And despite an impossible relationship, there is a total and indestructible alchemy between the two characters …



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