Which season of the year you like the most, according to your zodiac sign

As the year 2021 draws to a close and we move into autumn, some of us may be feeling tired while others are feeling super relaxed – and there may be a star-shaped reason for this: Depending on the zodiac sign, you may feel more comfortable than in some seasons of the year in other.

Most of it has to do with your birthday – the time of year you love the most will be the one that happens in your special month.

On the other hand, there could be a deeper reason based on important aspects of your zodiac sign.

Your soul will react differently depending on the element of your zodiac sign and its response to what the season brings with it (fire, water, earth, and air are more present in certain months), and it will also affect the temperament characteristics of your zodiac sign.

For some zodiac signs, autumn is a reminder that winter is approaching, and it’s the perfect time to curl up and crawl into your subconscious – Scorpio and Sagittarius should make a note of this, because November and December will be your season of the year.

But every zodiac sign has its own preferences, so let’s take a look at which season is best for you.


Spring is the perfect time for you to blossom because it is the beginning of the “new life,” that is, the beginning of a whole series of transitions.

You are a fire starter and can inspire the best in people – so when you think about so much new blooming around you, don’t you feel your own cardinal fire self feeling fresh and valued?

Get a new boost in your steps today.


You are a responsible, cozy soul, and that’s why you want the most stable time of the year to reflect your feelings.

That is the case in your time of year, which is a happy medium between the end of spring and the slow warming for midsummer in May.


You are spontaneous and playful, and you want opportunities to go out and move around freely!

You are a mutable sign that resides in the third house of communication, and for you, the perfect time between spring and summer is when people want to join you on your next adventure. Go out!


Each year you will likely find yourself feeling very open to the warm weather, which suits your pleasant personality.

Be prepared for the hot season to bloom – your personality will feel as natural as the heat waves everyone craves in summer.


You too love it when it’s scorching hot outside and you are in top form in the bright sunshine.

Even if it’s not exactly lion season, you still want to be as hot as possible outside. They love the beach and places where you can bask in natural light.

So choose the best time of year for it – August, the month of the sun blessings.


You are best served when the air is crisper and cools – like now. Traditionally, people start planning for winter in autumn and shake off the haze of peaceful summer.

And you love a good, attentive, detail-oriented mood … you just have to love autumn!


You are looking for poise and excitement so make sure you are still making the most of your season when it comes.

Remember, this time is always the time when people start setting their plans for the rest of the year, counting their crops, and weighing their priorities – and that’s what you always think about!


Thanksgiving time is the time for you to seek the thrill as everyone is thinking more about their life and ideologies during this time.

November is the dark time of year when people seek comfort and comfort, but it might be the time for your fixed watermark self to go out and find new meaning in the eighth house of rebirth and regeneration.


You play with fire a lot, Sagittarius, so go outside when it’s decently cold outside, but that doesn’t stop you.

Let out your adventurous side, especially in winter, because a new year is just around the corner.

Your cardinal fire sign me is the philosophical guy who gets things going! Take advantage of this, especially to keep yourself warm.


They love socializing and rising up in society, and it is no coincidence that January and the coldest time of the year reflect a Capricorn’s ambition.

If you want to make resolutions for the new year, you’re in luck – your zodiac sign celebrates its birthday in the month of the turn of the year, so you can master the harsh climate with grace.


You are a sociable butterfly, because as a fixed air sign with the eleventh house of friendships you are of course always where things are going.

And what could be better than moving around in the springtime when everyone is ready for love?

Schedule a group meeting and show your craziness even when it’s cold outside. Love will help you stay warm.


You are at the end of the zodiac when things turn to the next phase.

The fish are the last, soothing soul sign before we are led into a new beginning.

So it will be cold when you feel the season start in February … but you are the old soul who understands that it is only a matter of time before everything blooms.

Ultimately, you long for spring, knowing that all good things come to those who wait – and you will wait for the flowers to bloom.


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